Monday, September 17, 2012

Thoughts From Saturday (Plus Tidbits)

Much like the game against Buffalo, we really can't take anything away from Saturday's contest, but there were more than a few opinions/observations that I had from the evening romp in the Classic City. But first I'd like to send a PSA out there for yous who have a problem...

Please don't tell me, or anyone else in my party, that "I'm being too negative and that I shouldn't say anything unless I have something positive to say," because you're "a Gamecock fan, but you've learned to love the Dawgs because your husband went there and now come to all the games and always cheer the team on - even when they suck for the first 25 minutes of the game against crap competition." I'm there, the donation has been given and the seats have been paid for just the same as you, so I, or anyone else can say whatever the hell I please unless I'm being rude or threatening.

So please, I'll (or anyone else) be just as negative a nancy as I damn well please. Now that I've gotten that out of the way...
  • I'm encouraged by the young defensive crew that we had in there starting. Dawson and Jenkins look and play the part, though they do look a little green. With some experience, they're going to be some good 'uns.
  • Defense still looks disinterested in lower competition. It's like a great white that doesn't want to eat the albatross that's been injured floating above him because it's "too easy". This mindset worries me for when we'll play upper-echelon defenses - i.e. Florida, South Carolina.
  • Defensive backs had a pretty rough night.
  • Amarlo just keeps getting better and better.
  • Todd Gurley is clearly the best back right now. Marshall looks like he's slowly getting his feet under him, but who didn't think there'd be an acclimation period for him? Gurley was more ready for reps simply by being fast and huge.
  • Still haven't gotten the o-line sorted out and with Dallas Lee on crutches in the third quarter, we may have some issues there.
And finally....
  • I was curiously intrigued by the flips to the running backs at Mizzou. Why were we foregoing the hand-off entirely? Well, questioned answered this week with the debut of the pistol. I'm a huge fan of the pistol, mainly because of the misdirection and the ability to run spread formations and the power game, but I believe we're doing it because we're more suited to run it based on the personnel we have up front. Chris Ault has been quoted as saying that "we can run it with basically five guards out there if we have to," and it can be argued that we might really only have 1 true tackle able to play. I don't care why, I just am thrilled that we're evolving offensively and matching scheme to our personnel. Really, this might be the most happy I've been with the offensive philosophy in years. The importance of this development cannot be understated. TOTES AMAZEBALLS BOBO! If you're not familiar with the pistol, HERE is a good read.
Even with all of this new innovation on the offensive side of the ball, if I don't here "C'MON DAMBIT BOBO, YOU AIN'T WORTH 2 CENTS!!!" next Saturday night, I'll be thoroughly disappointed.

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