Friday, September 7, 2012

So How Good Is Missouri?

I think it is a common reaction for people to fear the unknown. That is why most Dawg fans -- not counting the Disneys -- are somewhat skeptical about tomorrow night's showdown in Columbia. Sure, you could be skeptical because of Aaron Murray's inconsistency and our defense's mostly subpar performance last Saturday. But I think the bulk of us -- myself included -- are terrified that this Missouri team will come out like gangbusters, racking up big plays, big momentum swings, and will unleash a variety of skill players that none of our coaches have seen. Others think this is a weak Big 12 castaway that will fold like a tent. Personally, I think they are somewhere in between.

The quarterback, 6-2 225 pound James Franklin Jr., is a legitimate dual-threat that threw for over 2,800 yards and added 981 on the ground. And frankly, we haven't exactly faced the best dual-threat QB's in recent years (sorry Tevin Washington).

So how is the rest of the team? Well, they were 12th nationally last season in total offense, so that is scary. Mizzou also returns two of their leading three WRs from last season, in addition to their top two running backs. HOWEVER, they also are likely going to be without two starting offensive linemen, but they should still be potent offensively.

What about the defense? Well...last season they gave up over 500 yards in four different games. And they could be without starting linebacker, Will Ebner, who suffered a stinger last week. Despite our somewhat sketchy offensive line/QB play last Saturday, I say we are able to move the ball against them. We cannot win this game kicking field goals though.

Anytime you face a "new" team like Missouri, it's always tough to predict how Team A matches up with Team B. And one game apiece is not enough reliable information either. That's why tomorrow night...I'll be sweating it out.

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  1. Years? $Cam Newton was only 20 months ago.