Monday, September 24, 2012

Game Recap: My Thoughts, Unfiltered

Get off me, son. 
When you're trying to win a national championship, you beat the hell out of people along the way. Some decent teams, some cupcakes, but you beat the hell out of some people. That's what Vandy got handed on Saturday - an ass whoopin' of epic proportions.

In fact, I believe it was their worst loss since 2003, when someone beat them 48-0 (if anyone remembers who, feel free to drop some knowledge in the comments).

Secondly, Todd Gurley is really, really good. In fact, Marshall and Gurley are really, really good. I heard "Todd Gurley can I have your baby?" from Wes next to me about 50 times.We've got a power back who's fast and a fast back who's powerful.

Then you've got Ken, who's also a back who could find a lot of carries on any other team, probably start. We haven't had a guy who can split the safeties on a carry up the middle in a while, and the fact that we have two is ridiculous.

We're very good on both sides of the ball right now. If all goes to plan, this weekend should bring happy times for Athens folk. I think 10-I-C will score on us, but our offense should have a field day. Big doses of the freshman TBs.


  1. Yes, the vols cannot run the football, nor stop the run - and, that is a very poor position to be in against 1-Florida the week before last, and now against 2-Georgia, then 3-Mississippi State, then 4-Alabama and then 5-South Carolina in succession. Of these 5 games, the vols may not put up a win.


    vols are not ranked, while all 5 of these, are. The only 1 of The 6 SEC teams who is ranked, the vols do not play, is LSU.

    By direct comparison, we've not played a ranked team yet; and, the vols makes 5 games in a row the other direction for us than them - with this now 5 unranked opponents in a row for us.

    Next week, we play South Carolina who admittedly has looked good against their 5 cupcakes, too, so far including Kentucky cupcake this weekend. But, South Carolina, too, cannot possibly run the gauntlet of


    In fact, I am not sure if South Carolina can win more than 1 of those games with their horrible offense and no passing defense. Certainly, after those games, South Carolina will be hanging on to any ranking themselves - maybe finishing about # 20 to # 25. And, that if they do not have any injuries.

    Florida, as well, has a tuff road to hoe :

    South Carolina
    Florida State

    I certainly do not see Florida beating a single one of those teams; obviously, with their utter inability to throw the forward pass : Florida NCAA Passing Ranking # 107.

    -vos are no good
    -Florida is no good
    -South Carolina beats both of them too, but after cupcake-city to start the season, faces to much in Georgia, LSU and Clemson with possible injuries to a thin depth chart of a very poor offense as it is.

    We beat up the vols at home, and that will make us feel good again. Our Waterloo is Alabama, and that our only top team with maybe South Carolina at the back end of the rankings.

    That leaves us the last man standing in The SEC East because we do not face their schedules and because we are better than they and because they in The SEC East, ain't a gonna be ranked where they are