Friday, September 7, 2012

Do We Have Suspension Information?

Read on, maybe you'll happen upon it. First...

There are a few things that concern me about the game tomorrow - namely that we'll lose on the road to another unranked team. Also included in those are the concerns from last week's "sub-par" performance. As I pointed out last Friday, don't read into last week. It's not a predicator of a successful season or another hope drowning derailment of a would-be juggernaut. While I was less than pleased with the effort of the units that I saw on the field, that performance shouldn't be what we see this weekend.

With that said, we still should've smashed the Bulls. There really is no excuse that we didn't, but I guess I can chalk it up to vanilla. Let's not dwell on the past, as Saturday looms on the doorstep.

What we should see this weekend is a few more friendly defensive faces (but who really knows if we will) and a more intense defensive framework. If you look at Missouri's last five years in the Big 12, relatively speaking (cause they really don't play defense out there), they don't fare well against teams that are squared up defensively. One can argue that we aren't after last week, but I'd call you a nut, even without 6 starters.

It may not matter that we are a quality defensive team, but it's just a casual observation.

As far as suspensions, there are rumors that Rambo and Ogletree will play, but I don't see that BR will be roving the secondary on Saturday. What kind of sense would that make? Scuttlebutt is that Ogletree may miss more games than Rambo, but that too doesn't hold water for me given that he doesn't have any other issues with the marijuana (or has he?). Amazingly, I have been wrong before and/or didn't sniff out another drug charge that wasn't publicized.

I guess you'll see Chase Vasser out there after the DOO-E charge, but given that Jordan Jenkins already looks like more of a player, his window may have closed on acccount of bone-headedness.

In summation, I'm not predicting a win. I had almost convinced myself that we'd find one in COMO about Tuesday, but have since hit the ammonium carbonate and recanted. I think we'll get nickeled and dimed to death in the passing game. If I were Missouri, I would do my best impression of Bill Belichick and flood the field with pass catchers. I don't have confidence we can stop it, if that's what happens.

So sorry for the pragmatism.

Here's a spoon full of sugar to help the medicine go down. I hope a change does come and we decapitate some folks. Crossing fingers...


  1. Anyone have a copy of the flight list

  2. my theory bout last week is Grantham told our D-line to let the QB run wild so that MIZZ sees this on tape and thinks thats exactly what they can do... played right into Coach G's trap suckas!! now meet big ol'JJ!!

  3. We don't have to wait till Sat night. just see who boards the buses for the airport today. If certain players are on the bus, then they are playing

  4. Can someone explain this "sandbag" mentality that Georgia is always alleged to be using to dupe our next opponent? I mean once Bobo And Grantham have been around a few years, their really aren't a lot of new tricks. (Well, maybe a few ala the split end pass--oops, we used that on Buffalo!) But why the alleged wholesale hiding of what is known and obvious? I just see Alabama generally kicking butt, not worrying about next weeks opponent discovering that they have good players that run an aggressive 3-4 defense! Are our coaches that stupid, or is this "sandbagging" some journalistic fantasy that covers for inadequacy?

  5. I sure hope no one reports to Mizzu who gets on the bus. That would completely ruin our deception program.

  6. Thank you Mr. Sam Cooke sweet angel...for leaving us with the music we feel Amanda Vanderpool