Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Kind of.

It's game week for the first time in a coon's age, so I thought this momentous occasion necessitated some sort of mentioning. For the loyal fans of the blog who noticed the lights went out around March, we apologize. Life gets busy, everyone with any sort of journalistic aspiration or affectation for the Dawgs starts a blog, and then the waters are muddied with the runoff of a thousand "experts" and "inside sources". Since they had it covered for a while, we decided to lurk in the reeds and wait for the a perfect time to strike.

Instead of striking, we crunched a stick and the potential quarry made it's way back into the lush and heavily concealed confines of the media jungle that is the last week of August. At some point, they'll find themselves back in the open and vulnerable to our trap and we'll snare them.

Maybe that isn't just now, but we're waiting.

Oh, and about that game Saturday....

The whole predator and prey thing I was alluding to earlier, well this is nature's version of what will happen Saturday. You know who's playing the parts.

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  1. In the expedables 2 when arnold say im back, the music in the background sounds like the terninator song. Amanda Vanderpool