Thursday, August 30, 2012

More on the Suspensions

Can the media please stop asking "So, do you have an update on the suspensions?"

I'm not one to think Richt to be the mean guy around, but he's just stopping short of telling everyone to "EFF OFF," which is about as delicately as I could put it at this point. The thing about the whole situation is, do any of the fans really care, or is this all about who's getting the scoop on how many games Baccari might sit out?

At this point, I'm very certain that absolutely no one cares who is wearing the jerseys out there Saturday as long as we have more points than Buffalo at the end of the game. I'd just want to see Shawn Williams out there grinding - the opposing team's bones into the dirt.

On a lighter note, I've heard Ramik Wilson has really shown out of late, so there's definitely a reason that he finds his name in the starting lineup. If I don't see a ton of Jordan Jenkins and Josh Dawson, I'll be very surprised as well.

Here's a little easy listening to get you in the mood for tonight's festivities... I can't hold back either, even though this video is complete crap.

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  1. I like the tempo changes in alot of 80s songs like this. And I miss these heartfelt pop rock/guitar rock songs. There's still good music around now though, forget Justin Bieber & One Direction and look past the Top 40. Amanda Vanderpool