Monday, April 23, 2012

Tony Parker Signs LIVE HERE

Check the live announcement video here...

Tony Parker Decides...TODAY!

2012 Hoops recruit, Tony Parker, will FINALLY announce where he intends to play college ball today at 4pm. His recruitment has been unique in that NOBODY -- not even the H2H guys -- have been able to accurately decipher where he is going. We are pretty sure it is down to UGA and UCLA (although Duke and Kansas are still on his list), but who knows for sure. 

The reasons for him to pick UCLA, Duke, or Kansas are pretty obvious: all are traditionally powers that will likely (even though UCLA has struggled the past two seasons) be National Championship contenders. So how does UGA get on his final cut list? Well, for one, it IS his home state university. I have to admire the fact that he recognizes the value of playing in your home state; he would assuredly be a fan favorite, and his friends and family would be able to watch him in person pretty much every home game (and if he really listens during games, he can hear Van Dawgin heckling Teddy Valentine from the stands). Even though we will be breaking in a new point guard, we still have a nice outside complement (KCP) to Parker's inside game, so maybe UGA can compete as early as next season. After all, I actually like the 2012 class regardless of Parker's decision. 

I would prefer to not further break down the impact of Parker's possible commitment to UGA until it actually happens. We have seen these in-state guys put UGA on their "list", only to commit elsewhere. No, he's not Shaquille O'Neal, Karl Malone, or even Jared Sullinger in terms of talent, but he is probably better than any other big man we have right now. Plus, commitments like this usually snowball, in a good way (we've seen this with football recruiting). 

Hopefully, during the stagnant time after G-day and before fall camp (save for possible arrests) we will have something to cheer about this afternoon...but I'm not counting my chickens yet.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Teck: They Just Don't Get It

If you listen to the radio in Atlanta, you can't help but hear about "Friday Night on the Flats". What is this alliterative abounding assemblage of Atlantans?

Well, it's Georgia Tech's annual spring game, complete with FREE games and concerts and food; just about anything that you can imagine that would attract even your run of the mill housefly to an event. Just see their promo page for it. (Click the picture for a link)

Don't these nerds realize that by offering all of this FREE stuff to people to allure them to see a sh!tty football team cheapens their already comically irrelevant brand? They should offer free trips to a Star Wars convention or perhaps a few sets of free Magic cards. I mean seriously?

What's funny about this whole thing is that these legitimite businesses would want to attach their name to this. Let's face it, there is going to be about 1300 people there clad in puke yellow who's only desire is to get a glimpse of Fish Fry's offensive "poetry in motion". Yeah, whatever.

Another comical aspect of this is that the pre-game concert is TBA. Hell, they can't get Wacka Flocka in there real quick? Maybe a real nice Ace of Base cover band?

A word of advice - hey Teck, you suck.