Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Latest on 2012 Hoops Recruit Tony Parker

As Georgia looks to round out its 2012 basketball class with a bang (Tony Parker), I -- while trying to find the "latest" news -- noticed a somewhat strange occurrence happening with the "world-wide leader"...

I have been frantically looking for information on Parker, who has largely done a good job of keeping his recruitment close to the vest, and stumbled across a very long article on ESPN posted yesterday about Parker's recruitment. Columnist and ESPN basketball recruiting analyst, Jason Jordan, traveled to Parker's home and high school to get the inside scoop on how Parker's recruitment is unfolding. It was a very in-depth and interesting piece, and I would love to give you all the details, but here is the problem: ESPN accidentally/incorrectly/prematurely posted the article yesterday, then promptly took it down within half-an-hour. How do I know this? Because Jason Jordan and I had the following exchange on twitter yesterday:

So, I assumed it was a simple mistake on ESPN's part, and since Jordan was so kind to respond to my message, I won't divulge anything too specific about the column. I will say this: UGA and Coach Fox are definitely discussed in the article and we are absolutely under consideration from Parker. And if you look at the last question I asked Jordan on twitter above, he would certainly agree. I still do not think we are his number 1, but we still have time to get closer.

I'll post a link on twitter (or possibly the blog) when the article is released Friday. Stay tuned.


  1. D. T.-Good info. Welcome back. Where you been? Did you make parole or something?

  2. Anon 7:11,
    HA...something like that.