Monday, March 5, 2012

Hoop Dawgs Get The "Easy" Draw, Avoid UK

Well, if you were to build a bracket that suited Mark Fox's team, you'd probably draw the one above up. We avoid Florida, Alabama, and Kentucky - probably the teams that we least favorably match up with and get UTk (as the #2 seed) MSU, Vandy, and Ole Miss. I won't speak of Tony Barbee's AUful bunch.

Considering the draw, I won't be surprised if we win 3 in a row or get killed in the first game. Other than UK, MSU is probably the most talented team in the conference if not for Stinksbury, who I'm not a fan of at all. So who knows what could happen. I'll predict that we win the first one, then I have to listen to some moron go on about KEVIN STALLINGS, KEVIN STALLINGS, KEVIN STALLINGS during a wipeout foul fest in which the Dores shoot about 47 free throws to our 7.

The only consolation from that will be a loss for KEVIN and his minions in the first round of the NCAA's for about the 13th straight year, even though they were favored by no less than 11.5 points.

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