Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Latest on 2012 Hoops Recruit Tony Parker

As Georgia looks to round out its 2012 basketball class with a bang (Tony Parker), I -- while trying to find the "latest" news -- noticed a somewhat strange occurrence happening with the "world-wide leader"...

I have been frantically looking for information on Parker, who has largely done a good job of keeping his recruitment close to the vest, and stumbled across a very long article on ESPN posted yesterday about Parker's recruitment. Columnist and ESPN basketball recruiting analyst, Jason Jordan, traveled to Parker's home and high school to get the inside scoop on how Parker's recruitment is unfolding. It was a very in-depth and interesting piece, and I would love to give you all the details, but here is the problem: ESPN accidentally/incorrectly/prematurely posted the article yesterday, then promptly took it down within half-an-hour. How do I know this? Because Jason Jordan and I had the following exchange on twitter yesterday:

So, I assumed it was a simple mistake on ESPN's part, and since Jordan was so kind to respond to my message, I won't divulge anything too specific about the column. I will say this: UGA and Coach Fox are definitely discussed in the article and we are absolutely under consideration from Parker. And if you look at the last question I asked Jordan on twitter above, he would certainly agree. I still do not think we are his number 1, but we still have time to get closer.

I'll post a link on twitter (or possibly the blog) when the article is released Friday. Stay tuned.

Tweet O' The Day: THE RETURN! Dantzler is FAMOUS

Watt's Dantzler, half offensive tackle, half renaissance man, and half shoestring journalist has gotten quite the buzz concerning his return from PCB (as those who love it affectionately refer to it) via Greyhound bus. But just how does this buzz translate to actually hits? Well pretty daggum well...

While we're not talking H2H or Google type traffic here (chuckles), that's certainly a nice little hit count on the traffic meter. I mean, I'd certainly take it as such if I were him. Being that the initial posts on his blog were so well-received, I'm sure that he could parlay this type of venture into some sort of cash...

Speaking of cash, you know we're always looking for fresh new content here at H2H, so if you're name is found on the UGA media guide and you're looking to journey to Bogota or Nunavut via AmTrak with a pet lobster or the like, just hit us up. I'm sure the story won't be entertaining AT ALL...

Hey, Watts... you might want to invest in Google Analytics. It even gives you the social security numbers of the folks that visit your site. Wait, was I supposed to divulge that?

Friday, March 16, 2012


Heard he had some star-studded photo shoot down in MEE-AMI.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Branden Smith Popped for Pot

So now we'll have PLENTY of defensive backs for the first two games (per Leather Helmet Blog).

Though we're not 100% sure of the validity of this report, it looks fairly credible given the context of this tweet:

@MF_CashOnli is the guy referenced in the report, who was busted for possession last week as well. Oh the power of good judgment.

Friday, March 9, 2012


I love it when players get arrested right before the draft. HERE are the details on Orson's little dust-up with Johnny Law. I guess my KEVIN STALLINGS, KEVIN STALLINGS, KEVIN STALLINGS SEC Tourney Drinking Game Post would likely be a bit ill-advised at this point. (Dammit. I really wanted to make fun of that guy.)


The Good: No Fulmer Cup Points.

The Bad: Well, it's kinda like me going on a two month job interview, then right after the "feel out" dinner with the big wigs, I drink too much bourbon, throw up on the bosses $600 pair of italian leather shoes, stumble to my car and enter it, fall asleep in the parking deck with the motor running, and then get a DUI because the rent-a-cop called A.P.D.

STUPID. That's all I got.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Saban Makes Annual Cuts to Get to 85

This is a pretty controversial topic that, when looking at it on it's face, is kinda not fair. But, in defense of Saban and all little people in head coaching, the axe has to fall somewhere. I really wish we had the same problem, as the secondary wouldn't be almost bereft of ANY cornerbacks. You don't see Bama's best WR thinking of playing defense part time because he pretty much HAS to.

And yes, I do realize that Malcolm has the POTENTIAL to be a great CB, but he's never played a down at that position in his college career, so do we really know? Please don't give me the, "He's Making A Lot of Future Money for Himself" argument. There's really no difference in the wage scale between corners and WR in relation to where you're picked, so that's a stupid argument.

Anyway, back to the real meat of the story. Former 5 * OL Tyler Love, 4 * WR Michael Bowman, and 3 * WR Ronald Carswell were given walking papers by Nick yesterday. The writing was kinda on the wall for Bowman and Carswell, as they hadn't seen the field much and were suspended for the NC game for undisclosed reasons.

As far as Love goes, just check his hair and imagine the fratness within. Apparently he liked funneling more than blocking.

Yeah, Saban gets hammered for this in public, but you really have to ask yourself, "What else would you do if you were at Bama and it was your job to win titles?"

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hoop Dawgs Get The "Easy" Draw, Avoid UK

Well, if you were to build a bracket that suited Mark Fox's team, you'd probably draw the one above up. We avoid Florida, Alabama, and Kentucky - probably the teams that we least favorably match up with and get UTk (as the #2 seed) MSU, Vandy, and Ole Miss. I won't speak of Tony Barbee's AUful bunch.

Considering the draw, I won't be surprised if we win 3 in a row or get killed in the first game. Other than UK, MSU is probably the most talented team in the conference if not for Stinksbury, who I'm not a fan of at all. So who knows what could happen. I'll predict that we win the first one, then I have to listen to some moron go on about KEVIN STALLINGS, KEVIN STALLINGS, KEVIN STALLINGS during a wipeout foul fest in which the Dores shoot about 47 free throws to our 7.

The only consolation from that will be a loss for KEVIN and his minions in the first round of the NCAA's for about the 13th straight year, even though they were favored by no less than 11.5 points.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Interesting UGA/Kentucky Fact (VIDEO)

As we all prepare for the likely cringeworthy Dawgs/Cats game tonight on ESPN at 9pm, just remember this: the last team to beat UK in Rupp was...

Yes, we completely sucked that year, and Kentucky was very mediocre by their standards (8-8 in conference play). But it was  a shocking moment (in a positive way) for UGA basketball. Terrance Woodbury scored 30 points and a freshman point guard named Dustin Ware poured in 18. Overall the Dawgs were 11-16 on three-pointers as they shocked the Cats in Lexington on their Senior Night.

No, I'm not expecting a similar result tonight, but I thought this game was worth mentioning.