Monday, February 6, 2012

So...About Our Recruiting Class

At H2H, we decided to wait a few days before we published our opinions of the 2012 recruiting class. Sometimes you can jump the gun and make an irrational judgment call (like...after any of our postseason games).

Anyway, let's first examine some of the positives from the class:

  • We got two very good running backs (Gurley and Marshall) which is important because we don't exactly have the best luck keeping these guys. I would expect both of them to contribute immediately (especially Marshall).
  • We got an elite -- arguably the best -- offensive lineman in the country (John Theus). Unfortunately, we also haven't had great luck keeping O-Linemen healthy and/or not suspended so I'm keeping my fingers crosses with Theus.
  • We signed a true fullback (Quayvon Hicks), which is something we lacked this past season.
  • We signed 7 D-linemen/outside LBs counting Josh Harvey-Clemons. Good job by Grantham/Garner. The size and strength of our front seven was a huge part of our defensive success in 2011.
  • I think, although we didn't have the quantity of players of South Carolina, we ultimately had a better class than our intra-division rivals.
Now, the negatives:
  • We only signed 19 players. The only SEC schools that signed fewer players were Ole Miss (who is undergoing a head coaching transition) and Missouri (who is undergoing a conference transition). With the new scholarship rules, we can only sign 25 players a year unless we convince some players to enroll early. We were already short of our 85 scholarship limit so now we will be forced to dump these extras off to even more walk-ons (not that I dislike walk-ons...but I'm just sayin'.) 
  • The area in which we needed help the most was offensive line. Although we got one big-timer (Theus), I felt we needed at least five offensive linemen in this class. We only inked three. Furthermore, we signed exactly ZERO from the state of Georgia and we pulled a big whiffer on Florida's Avery Young.
  • Although hindsight is 20/20, we now find ourselves in dire straits as it pertains to our defensive backfield. We only signed one potential defensive back, Sheldon Dawson, who was a three-star athlete. 
  • Two of our 19 signees were kickers. Although we did need a new kicker, we were prepared to scholarship two kickers straight out of high school...really?
  • Unlike the Cocks, Florida out-recruited us this season, somehow grabbing the #3 overall class. 
Okay, I'll stop with the negatives. If I had to summarize our class in one word it would be: "meh". 

I also think it's interesting to note that Vandy (#29 class) had what had to be their best class in my lifetime (and maybe ever). It will be interesting to see how/if the SEC recruiting landscape changes with the two new guys. The aforementioned Missouri signed a generally underwhelming class while Texas A&M got -- according to -- a top 15 class. 


  1. Another Negative Nelly post ... 'whiff' on Avery Young? Really?

  2. We got some potentially great players. "Ring Team" baby! Negative...Richt needs to take more of a Saban approach to recruiting.

  3. Yeah, that's exactly what we did - WHIFF.

    If you think this is a good class, you've got your head in the sand. Top-heavy, but didn't address our dire need over the past 10 years, OL. For some reason, the staff just can't get it through their head that we've always struggled there - and will continue to until we have any semblance of depth.

  4. I agree...the OL situation went south under Coach Neil Callaway...I kept my fingers crossed when Stacy Searels(Saban had him at LSU)took over but we still went south...Will Friend has a very tough job that a lot of coaches won't touch...something has to give here as Nick Saban,Inc is taking no prisoners as he raids Georgia(and other states)to get the can't miss O linemen...

    When it rains it pours and now Richt and Grantham are a little light at DB...hopefully the front seven will be so good that they can shield the suspect secondary...

    If it wasn't for bad luck,somedays I don't think Richt would have any...

    later,Old Dawg

  5. Richard,

    Did you miss the first half of the post when I described the POSITIVES from the class? And unless you knew something I didn't, I thought we had a very good chance at landing Young.

  6. Hey GENIOUS.... We have 13 scholarship OL for next year none of whom are Sr's. We'll be fine there for the next few years. The DB's that we dismissed are unfortunate but with the strong recruiting base in GA next year for DB's we should be fine just inexperienced in 2013.

  7. Anon at 10:05,

    Do you feel comfortable with the ability of ANY of those 13? Numbers are one thing, but ability is quite another. I think that was the point of the original post. We need quality players in addition to just the numbers. I want the existing guys on scholarship to prove me wrong, but so far I just don't see much to be extremely hopeful about...

  8. Hey GENIUS (cause that's how it's spelled),

    Of those 13 who will be on the roster, 6 have either had serious injury history or have not played due to unnamed circumstances. Two more have never played a down of major college football.

    "We should be just fine"? Um, I don't know how you're getting that.