Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mark Richt: Does He Have IT?

***WARNING: This article will likely offend you. It's a very controversial standpoint on our heralded (and sometimes embattled) head coach. Really, it's gonna encompass pretty much our entire football and hoops program. It's my opinion as a GEORGIA graduate and dedicated fan. If you don't prescribe to it, please don't tell me that "I'm not a fan" or "that I should go root for another team". I haven't been writing this blog for the last year and a half because I'm a closet Gator or Nerd. I write it solely because I love the Red and Black.***

As a Georgia fan, you experienced quite a range of emotion last week. First was the elation over a commitment that came a little earlier than expected. Next came the good news of signing day, but spiked in with it were couple bitter elements that left you a little more empty than you were expecting or hoping.

Then you panicked. What was a "meh" day turned into a possible 12 egg omelet on the face of our recruiting class. As usual, the sharked was jumped and it ended up being a non-issue. Then disaster struck.

Three guys with promise stole some monies from a couple of their o-line compadres. Well, two guys with some promise, anyway. They're booted within the hour without a lot of questions answered.

When the dust settles from last week, we're more than short-handed - the cupboard's almost bare at corner. We also struck out on the big targets left on the board at positions of need (Young/Green/Williams/Patterson). What's worse than being short-handed is the fact that three guys on the team thought it a good idea to steal from anyone, much less their own teammates.

That's a real issue, but some that most fans can go along with in vacuum.

Well, this ain't a vaccum and I ain't "most fans".

I'm tired of it.

You'll hear a lot of stuff like this, though:  "Ten wins is great." "We won the East after losing our first two games." "A ten game win streak, the longest in 20 years." And it all SOUNDS really good. But is there any substance to it? Does it really carry any weight?

I'm not buying into the smoke and mirrors anymore. I'm not happy with "We won the East" or "We notched 10 wins". I'm more displeased in the fact that there are serious issues with our team's depth and, more importantly, their character depth. Yeah, kids will be kids, but stealing from a teammate? And this isn't the first incident coming from those three - they'd been given "multiple" opportunities.

Add to that the fact that we'll likely only have about 73 kids that signed a football scholarship with Georgia out of high school on the roster and more serious questions arise. How did we get to this point? Seriously, that's less than the number of scholarship athletes that USC has been ALLOWED to have over the past two years while under NCAA sanctions. Even if we take the maximum amount of players we can with next year's class, we're probably going to end up somewhere around 78. THE MAXIMUM???!?!? How does that happen?

And I won't even get into the utter disappointment that was the end to last year.

In summation, I'm just tired of being "OK". Ten wins isn't good enough - neither is an SEC East banner over Sanford. It's not ok that our signing classes consist of 19 guys (two of which are specialists) when you need 23. And stealing?

If you're just fine with being second place, keep drinking the kool-aid. If you're fine with players not being afraid of the consequences of their actions, sip away. Guys in his role should command respect, so where is the disconnect?

He seems to be a great guy, but isn't that the first thing everyone always says about him? What about great coach?

There are some real issues here. If you take the time remove the rosy glasses, you'll see them as well. Now that I've said all that, we'll probably win the National Championship next year and I'll have at least one person come back and remind me of this "asinine" post I did like a year ago.

And I'll happily admit I was wrong.


  1. Agree on the 10 wins, only 2 were even mildly impressive, the wins over Auburn and Tech, who were ranked 24 & 25 at the time. The other 8 wins came against teams with 7 wins or less who were all unranked. Consider in the other 4, we we played well in the 1st half, and fell apart in the 2nd half.

    Consider the same problems keep re-occuring and go uncorrected: no special teams coach, too many interceptions, no running game, a defense who cant stop good teams from scoring.

    Mark Richt has become a coach who is ok with 10 win seasons. Even when you should have won 12. Remember, this team lost 2 of the 4 games by a field goal.

    On the other hand, 4 of the 10 wins were by a td or less, could have easily been a 6 win season again, got lucky.

  2. I totally agree, if you cant win a NC with the likes of Knoshon, Stafford, MoMass and AJ Green on the same team then who does it take?

  3. Looking at Mark Richt's performance from 2006-2010, Richt was the only coach in the country to underperform AP Pre season poll projections 4 out of 5 years.


  4. you have hit on the #1 issue: lack of depth. It has been an issue at offensive line, running back, linebacker, etc. Not recruiting enough players, and not retaining enough players. Too many players are leaving early, or getting kicked off the team. Less scholarships than USC? Wow. It's time for a regime change.

  5. Do you guys think that all these years of recruiting 4 and 5 star recruits, has breeded a culture of entitlement?

    And looking at the way Mark Richt has mismanaged QB with both Cox & Murray deserving, at minimum, to be benched due to throwing a boatload of interceptions, have the QB's (leaders) at UGA grown to feel entitled?

  6. I would like to see UGA become a meritocracy like Spurrier is running at South Carolina instead of a culture of entitlement. How does this change happen?

  7. I too can't believe the signing day. Especially if they already knew that those 3 were in trouble. I know for a fact that there were some players out there available in the secondary that would have signed had UGA offered. Recruiting is an ugly business, but some plan B guys could have worked out had there been a "plan". I am a Richt fan, but I saw firsthand this year how UGA could have done some things better and they didn't do it. I just don't understand how we can't find at least 20 guys who want to play for us. I think our coaches need to get off rivals and scout and actually go do some research and find some of these guys. I think those sites can be used also, but a kid in GA who is a player should be known about by the UGA staff before he goes to some scout combine and gets some stupid amount of stars.

  8. If I've said this once on the internetzzz I've said it a million times. Until Rodney Garner starts creating a proper player profile that includes intelligence, mental toughness and leadership we'll continue to recruit thugs. We got our asses whipped by a team full of players (Boise St.) that meet the type of criteria I'm talking about. Until we start de-emphasizing "speed" as the sole criteria for potential success at UGA then we'll continue to recruit turds like Nick Marshall, Sanford Seay et. al.

  9. The most important point you made is this

    Random fan of other team: "We have alot of respect for Mark Richt.. Class act"

    Us: "Yeah he honestly is a great guy."
    *end of conversation*

    I havent told anyone in 4 years that Mark Richt is a great coach AND he is a class act.

    I'm also patriots fan, I'd rather have a coach like BB that everyone thinks is an asshole but the first thing they think when they hear his name is GREAT coach

  10. Wow....talk about a slanted, revisionist post....and the comments below are even worse. First, for the original post....

    1)WR was not, and still is not, a position of need. Just because we didn't get 2 recruits ( a 1-and-done JUCO and a long time Auburn commit) doesn't all of the sudden make it a position of need. Look at the depth chart you are ranting about and that should be obvious to anyone without an agenda.

    2) Your point about the character on the roster would have made much more sense if you wrote it before the whole stealing incident, when these kids had their other issues, but after they have been dismissed I don't see how you can use that as an example of Richt allowing this behavior. Once that came to light the players involved were dismissed, just as others before them have been. That is not a bad thing....it shows our coaches do value character, not the other way around like you try to spin it. If you want to see a program that doesn't care about character look at UF or LSU, but not UGA. 3 kids out of 100+ screwing up does not equal a control issue or some twisted lack of respect or discipline . Kids do dumb things, good kids and bad kids, and there is often no way to tell until after the fact. All a coach can do is stress character and react accordingly when players fail to live up to it. Richt did that here and has done that in the past.

    On to the comments....

    3)Michael, like a lot of fans these days, has gone out of his way to discount anything positive about UGA. First we can't beat a team with a winning record, then after that has proved false, we can't beat a ranked team, then after that is also proved false, we can't beat elite teams. In case you didn't notice, you can play this game with any team that doesn't go undefeated and the ever-changing criteria shows exactly how hollow that argument is.

    4)Anon 5:27, notice all those players are on one side of the ball. Could it possibly be that the defense is the reason those players didn't get their championship? I mean, its not like we failed to score. And, while I like MoMass, adding him in with the other 3 is laughable. He was a serviceable receiver, but not elite by any stretch of the imagination.

    5)The Circumstance, preseason polls are a popularity contest. Our high rankings mean 1 thing, and 1 thing only, UGA is a big name. That is all.

    6)DeerDawg, how convenient that Murray should have had his redshirt burned when Cox struggled, but now, despite ranking near the top in just about every QB stat available, he deserves to be benched. Have you ever heard of an OL or a decent running game to help the QB? Remember his first year as a starter when his great ball protection skills provided the proof for your Cox statement. Do you think that all just went away or maybe there were some other factors that led to the increased turnovers?

    7) Those who are complaining about depth....at RB, we kicked 2 players off the team (oh wait, is that another example of Richt valuing character over ability?)and still had Samuel, Crowell, Malcome, Thomas, and the walk-ons. Injuries can hurt you even if you have appropriate depth, but just to make sure, we brought in 2 more RBs. Where is the depth issue you speak of? And LB....really? We have 2 deep at every position that could start anywhere other than LSU and Bama (and UGA) and brought in a haul of LBs again this year. OL is another one....every guru and expert I have ever seen says that 13-16 OL is ideal. We have 13-14 now. Injuries again and some failure to live up to expectations has hurt, but this is just another example of skewing reality to fit your complaint.

    If you people put half as much effort into supporting your team as you do into digging up reasons to trash the team, we'd all be better off....and you might not be so miserable!

    1. Get your head out of the sand. The facts speak for themselves. Look at Richt's record over the last 4 to 5 years as well as our performance against top 10 teams.
      Second, if you remove the 7 walk-on scholarships Richt awarded last season, we are opearting with about 70 quality players against teams with 85, ie NO DEPTH and less competition. It will take 3 to 4 years to recover IF WE CHANGE.

  11. And Anon at 8:23.....BB hasn't won the big game since he got caught cheating. Last Sunday the Patriots fell victim to several mental mistakes. If it had been Richt and UGA, that game would provide a perfect example of why you discredit Richt. Exactly my point in closing my last post....quit digging for reasons to badmouth UGA. Richt's winning percentage speaks for itself and if you can't see that you have an agenda just as the other commentors and the author of this blog.

  12. SRQ,

    I don't give a damn about "winning percentage".

    That's like a Techie telling me they're the #1 rushing team in the country or that "per completion" Tevin Washington has the best yardage average in college football.

    It don't make a hill-o-beans.

  13. I still see complacency toward winning in the football program because the entire athletic program is complacent. Just check the records in all sports. Winning is a cut throat business and I don't think the UGA administration, regents, fans, AD, coaches, trainers, players, etc., are interested in cut throat. As long as the bank account is good, they're good.

  14. Richt's "winning %" is 0-9 vs. teams that finished in the top 25 since 2009.

    How about 0%?

  15. So you guys want UGA to be cutthroat and all about winning....but also place emphasis on character....and never miss on any recruit (despite the kids being recruited by Bama, UF, LSU...if he picks UGA and doesn't live up, its bad evaluation on our part somehow). Remember Saban losing to La-Monroe? How about all the greyshirt BS...you think UGA should treat kids that way in order to win at all costs? How about those signed jerseys Richardson had in T-Town and never got in trouble for? How about Bama miraculously not having to suspend anyone or having any disciplinary issues (that show up in the media) but many former Bama players get arrested or in some other trouble before they can even make it to the draft? If you think Bama doesn't have these issues because Saban is scarrier than Richt, you're wrong. Its because the police force down there doesn't target players, its because he controls the local media and sweeps these things under rug. Remember 2010 when Bama had the best team ever under Saban but lost 3 games? How about LSU taking in players we have dismissed? Is that because they have more of an emphasis on character? You think LSU fans bitch and moan about the 10 win season they had in 2010 or the 4 losses the year before that? Does not firing Miles after those seasons mean they are complacent? All of these are things you would be on here complaining about if our school did, but since we don't you're on here complaining about that. And winning percentage isn't some skewed, crazy stat and isn't at all comparable to GT's rushing average. They run the ball and never throw it....in calculating winning percentage you either win or lose...not both. That is a completely different argument...one I think you know is absurd and only include here to again fit your argument despite knowing the faults. We improved from 6-7 to 10-4 and all you can do is complain...that is my point. Obviously Richt, the admin, and the rest of the staff are dedicated to winning or else they would not have made the necessary changes that they did. The examples used as teams that do care are UF, LSU, and Bama...well sorry but UGA has won right around the same level as those teams ever since Richt came in. There are several mentions of entitlement in these comments but the only entitlement I see is you all feel entitled to a NC. Only one team can win that per year and a lot of it has to do with factors outside of your own organization. To ignore that fact or to ignore winning percentage is, well, ignorant.

  16. @SRQDawgs

    "spygate" wasnt nearly as big of a deal as people made it out to be. After that happened, the pats had maybe the best season in NFL history going 18-1. without a couple of breaks and the luckiest play in superbowl history they wouldve been 19-0.

    Also, what mental mistakes fell on BB? 12 on the field? drop passes? Mark Richt or BB, neither would be at fault for those things. But here is the difference between the 2 coaches. BB has won multiple times. Richt hasnt won the big one.

    *BB takes team with less talent than most and gets the most out of them. Its astounding that the patriots even got to the superbowl with the talent they have on that roster. Besides brady and 2 TE's, Vince wilfork and jerod mayo the roster consists of castoffs and under-talented players but BB and staff coaches them up and gameplan better than other teams*

    *Mark Richt under-achieves with the talent on his roster. period. Alabama and LSU get good players and get the production out of them. UGA consistently brings in top 10 classes.. why cant we coach players up?

  17. Ah yes, thank you again for changing the criteria PeerlessDawg....so now its gone from a team with a winning record to a ranked team to a team that is ranked at the end of the year. You can make the stats say whatever you want, but, like I said earlier, the fact that you all have to keep changing the criteria to fit your argument shows that you only wish to discredit the program.

  18. UF, LSU, BAMA NC's in last 10 years - 6. UGA's - 0.



    Too bad that doesn't win national championships.

    1. If that's the stance you're changing to then you're original post makes even less sense. Now character and discipline don't matter as long as we win? How convenient....

  19. MVD...could not have said it better. It is old, and I too am tired of it. Good guys finish last.That crap last week with recruiting (love who did get, loathe why that was all)
    wont cut it and should not be tolerated by GM. Its time for someone to step up.....

    1. LSU only signed 21 and is ranked lower than us by some sights....Bama oversigns which we aren't going to do, if you can't just accept that you aren't ever going to get it...... FSU has one of the best classes in the country and only signed 19 too.....you are looking for things to complain about and don't know all the facts....first, we are still recruiting for this year and second, despite popular opinion here, our scholarship numbers and depth were addressed this cycle.....25 is not the only number to consider and when our entire D came back (I assume you guys don't credit the staff with that at all, must have just been a bunch of kids deciding they didn't want to be millionaires yet????)the numbers got tighter than you may think.

  20. If you think the Patriots are less talented than other teams you are sorely mistaken. And, yes, 12 men on the field does fall on the coaches...it would fall on Richt and has to fall on BB as well. But to use your argument, IF Vandy or Kentucky could make a FG Richt would have his championship....IF not for Terrence Edwards dropping an easy TD Richt would have another one.....IF it weren't for a couple of breaks you people would have nothing to whine about! ANd to dismiss spygate goes against another main theme of this post....character and discipline...how can you excuse organizational cheating but blame Richt when a teenager gets in trouble? And, again, like I said before, Mark Richt has won at a clip similar to or better than Bama and LSU meaning our top recruiting classes do perform at a comparable level. While everyone likes to prop Saban up on a pedestal he surrounded that NC at LSU with 4 losses, 3 losses, 5 losses, and again 3 losses...and has had a 7-6 season at Bama along with that 3 loss season when Bama came into the season ranked #1 (sound familiar). Why is this argument used against Richt and ignored with others?

  21. I never commented on the character issue of players..

    but on spygate: much like paying players in college under the table.. Its cheating yes, but EVERYONE does it. its just a matter of who gets caught.

    on terrence edwards: that wasnt an easy touchdown, wasnt he on our 35 or so lol, it wouldve had to be a lindsey scott type play with a long run after the catch. Also the difference in those "what-ifs" and the patriots "what-ifs" is that the Pats were actually already in the superbowl.. You cant say oh richt wouldve won a NC if.. he's never made it to the NC. yes, those plays MAY have put us there. But we may have went to the SEC championship and lost in 07. who knows.

    re: 12 men on the field: Pretty sure that doesnt fall on coaches shoulder, the safety is supposed to be counting the players on the field. yes, there probably is a coach on the sideline that shouldve noticed but not the head coach.

    re: Patriots talent: No deep threat wr, wes welker undrafted and a complete non-factor with dolphins before he came to pats. Branch- good with brady and BB, leaves for seahawks catches 2 balls in 2 years. comes back and is good again. No good running back. Woodhead undrafted and cut by jets.

    defense: no pass rusher. secondary was horrible, having to use a wr at times in nickle. sterling moore was on raiders practice squad till the 8th week of season. bunch of other examples on the last ranked defense in the league too.

    if you know anything about football you would know that the pats were under-talented.

    1. Wrong here too.....first, everyone doesn't pay players and cheat. You're just cynical and willing to say anything to protect your argument. Second,Edwards dropped the ball around the 50 but was 3-5 yards ahead of the only DB in sight. It was an easy TD and I assume a quick youtube search can confirm that for you. Third, 12 men on the field does fall on the coaches...whether right then or in preparation throughout the season. I'm not making a big deal out of it, just saying it would be used against Richt and I don't get why our coach catches blame for things that others are excused from. About the talen, you're just plain wrong about Welker...he had good seasons in Miami and has benefitted from the talent around him in New England...the same talent you say doesn't exist. You go through and name half the team as people who don't count...how about the OL, what about Ocho Cinco producing in Cincy but not in NE...I could go on but what's the point? I guess you see what you want.

    2. when I say everyone cheats I dont mean everyone. I just mean 95% and this includes UGA. I know for a fact that a certain player that was contemplating the NFL last year was approached at the gala and handed an envelope and was told it had 3,000 dollars in it and was told "i'll see you next season right?" the player was pretty set on going pro though so he turned it down. he ended up coming back, though..

      and alot of times its indirectly, girlfriends/daughters/siblings receive and then give to the player.

      12 on the field happens, youre the one who is questioning a coach about it. not me.

      yeah the OL is talented. Ocho is washed up, he barely even played for us. welker did better in miami than I thought, but he only had 1 td in 2 seasons there, 34 catches 1 year and 67 one year. after he got to NE is production immediately doubled

    3. I think you are mistaking "facts" for "unsubstantiated stories" and "opinions" but that's ok. And now you've admitted the Pats have a great QB, 2 very good TEs, at least 1 good WR, a "talented" OL and the defensive players you mentioned. FWIW, I just heard on ESPN that the Pats and Giants tied for the most sack this postseason with 11 (the Pats doing so in 1 less game) so it seems like those defenders may be better than you think, even if they aren't the biggest names out there.

  22. as far as sabans' wins and losses. He also has 3 national championships and is pretty much in contention each year. also you brought up 3 loss seasons.. the one he had when he was ranked #1, he lost 1 in the reg season and then lost the SEC champ and BCS bowl. thats completely different than 08 when we were blown out by bama fla and then lost to GT in the regular season.

    his 7-6 season was his first season at Bama. using the previous staffs players. Mark richt also has seasons like that but the difference is they were all with his players.

    1. Incorrect...you're thinking of the 2 loss season when they lost to UF and Utah (not having his players ready for the game...another knock on Richt that Saban gets a pass on). The 3 loss season included losses during the season to Auburn, LSU, and SC...no SECCG appearance and a win in the bowl.....thanks for playing though.

  23. SRQ Dawg,
    Bama didn't over-sign this season. They had 8 early enrollees and only signed 26 overall. Essentially, they signed 18 that count for the 2012 class. Criticizing teams for over-signing is way overblown. To my knowledge, Bama has had to turn away exactly ZERO signees since Saban has been there. I know this wasn't a huge part of your argument but I thought I'd point it out anyway.

    1. Really......what happened to Justin Taylor this year or Darius Philon? How about the kids who get released for medical reasons that don't exist? And, as I pointed out before, 25 isn't the only # that matters....there is that whole 85 thing too. You can ignore it and create excuses all you want but that doesn't change the facts!

    2. Neither of those guys actually SIGEND with Alabama. In the case of Taylor, Saban gave him many weeks notice that he wanted him to grayshirt. In the case of Philon, it's simply that Alabama got a commit from another player and someone had to go. If every player we offered committed to UGA, we would have to turn away players too. Should Saban have given Philon more notice? Probably, but he didn't turn him away AFTER he signed.

    3. What about the medical stuff...or are just going to ignore that part because, again, it doesn't fit your argument? Take a look at the post linked below and you'll see a few medical hardships and un-renewed scholarships admittedly mixed in with some other stuff that is there just for effect. I highly doubt Bama just happens to have so many non-contributors get career ending injuries. And if you can sit there with a straight face and tell me that Saban didn't completely screw Taylor and Philon (and others in the past) then, let's just say , you live by a different ethical standard than I.


  24. well,back to Richt...does he have IT?Back in 2002,I thought he might just be a better coach than we knew.He seemed to have a lot going for him but the proof...as always...is in the pudding.He has won big a few years and had near misses a few more with an SEC or East title sprinkled in.

    The SEC East(and now the West)are two tough neighborhoods.It seems like Richt wins just enough to stay ahead of the grim reaper.I thought he needed 8-4 and/or win the East in 2011 to stay around...he went 10-2 and won the East.Just like Dennis Felton's team winning the SEC basketball tournament in 2008,you can hardly fire him now.

    I know he's a good man and I know he says he'll stick around as long as Georgia wants him.I want him to succeed just on a higher level.Sometimes I think by 2016 not much will change and he'll still be winning just enough to stay around.I hope I'm wrong.

    The Athletic Board,President Adams and Greg McGarity will someday have to make a call.Do we keep a coach around who is very good but who finds SEC and MNC's just out of his grasp?That should be a tough deliberation for those folks.

    It's a hard job being the head coach at any BCS level school.I'm reminded of the Chinese proverb...'he who rides a tiger must never fall off'...Richt wanted the job and now he has to stay on the tiger or be eaten by it.

    I personally wish Richt all the luck in the world because he's gonna need it.

    later,Old Dawg

  25. Let's break down Mark Richt's record for the past 2 seasons.

    1) Record vs. teams with a winning record
    0-5 in 2010, 4-4 in 2011, so 4-9 vs winning teams

    2) Record vs. ranked teams
    0-6 in 2010, 2-4 in 2011, 2-10 vs. ranked teams

    3) Record v. teams that finished in the AP Poll top 25
    0-5 in 2010, 0-4 in 2011, 0-9 vs. teams that finished in top 25

    Anyway you want to measure it, things are BAAAAAAD.

  26. I LOVE SRQDawgs15! he has refuted all y'alls stupid arguments! Indeed, all the naysayers out there are continuously changing there sort-sited, narrow minded agruments for the simple sake of trying to say something negative. Be patient dawg nation...our time will come and we will do it with class and character. I'm sure then, though, you will find something wrong with it...or most likely you will all lie and say how you believed it all along.

  27. What up Un Kool Aide drinkers? Dealio is, Mark Richt has won 16 games since 2009, so he's da bomb, yeah?


    Look closer.

    12 of 16 wins came against teams with losing records.

    4 of 16 wins vs. teams with winning records.

    2 of 16 wins vs. teams ranked, at the time of the game.

    0 for 9 wins vs. teams ranked, at end of season.

    Help me out just a little wee bit here.

    What's "good" about that?

  28. Martin Van Dawgin,

    Sir, I do not think you are wrong - not at all sir.

    Mark Richt in his 11 years has beat teams finishing top 10 a grand total of 3 times out of 13 games. Those 3 years, he Lost 4 games, he Lost 3 games and he Lost 4 games. He ended up the # 5 team in SEC in every poll 2001, # 3 team in SEC in every poll 2005, and # 5 team in SEC in every poll 2006. Those are the only 3 years he beat a team who ended up in the top 10.

    2005 was 8 seasons ago now this up-coming 2012 season, 8 seasons ago when last we won SEC.

    Brandon Boykin,as a Secondary Player missing for this up-coming 2012 season, whom we most assuredly did have this WASTED 2011 season just over, played here the last 4 seasons since 2008 :

    And, you run in here DISNEYdawgs.com and BRAG in EVERY POST how much BETTER the Georgia Bulldogs have done than Georgia tek, excuse me gentlemen :

    34-19 Brandon Boykin & all of Georgia last 4 years
    34-19 Georgia tek


    Pardon me this is (1) NOT THE PAST BUT THE BLOODY PRESENT



    # 32 in Won/Loss Record over the entire career our 4-yr seniors

    same as South Carolina and

    Georgia tek

    25 Losses over the last 6 years now, more than 4 a season

    What is different now today from what we have been doing the last 6 seasons ?

    What is different for 2012 ?

    A I say great recruiting class.

    Haven’t we averaged the # 7 recruiting class averaging both Rivals and Scout.com over the entire 12 Mark Richt recruiting classes ?


    This year # 11 recruiting class.

    Again, what is different this 2012 season from 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 and 2006 ?


  29. But, we had such a “great year 2011″


    We played 4 teams who ended up top 25

    LOST ALL 4

    The year before we played 5 teams who ended up top 25

    LOST ALL 5

    Over the last Six (6) Seasons, we average over 4 losses every year


    Clemson 10-4 beat :
    Virginia Tech 11-3
    Auburn – listed because that is our best win 8-5
    Florida State – 9-4 when Auburn was only 8-5
    Virginia Tech a second time Clemson beat them 11-3
    Clemson beat 3 teams better than best team we beat

    We did not beat anyone unless of course, you consider that we beat 2 teams that did not make ANY Top 25 list for the 2011-2012 season, Georgia tek and Auburn two 8-5 teams. And, both Auburn and Georgia tek’s wins for their best wins 2011-2012 were far better wins over far better teams than who we beat.

    Oklahoma 10-3 beat :
    Kansas State 10-3
    Florida State 9-4 again both better than our best win

    Kansas State 10-3 beat :
    Baylor 10-3 again better than our best win

    West Virginia 10-3 beat :
    Clemson 10-4 better than any team we beat
    Cincinnati 10-3

    Baylor 10-3 beat :
    11-2 TCU
    10-3 Oklahoma, again our wins do NOT match-up

    Southern California 10-2 beat :
    12-2 Oregon

    Michigan State 11-3 beat :
    11-2 Michigan
    11-3 Wisconsin

    Northern Illinois 11-3 beat :
    Buffalo 3-9 bills listed because that is our next cupcake win
    10-4 Ohio
    9-4 Toledo
    10-3 Arkansas State, far more impressive season than us too

    Wisconsin 11-3 beat :
    11-3 Northern Illinois
    9-4 Nebraska
    9-4 Penn State
    11-3 Michigan State we lost to

    Virginia Tech 11-3 beat :
    10-3 Arkansas State

    TCU 11-2 beat :
    Boise State 12-1 whom we LOST to
    10-3 BYU


  30. Michigan 11-2 beat :
    9-4 Nebraska
    11-3 Virginia Tech

    Stanford 11-2 beat :
    Southern California 10-2, again significantly better than our best win

    South Carolina 11-2 beat :
    Vandie better than we did
    Florida better than we did
    9-4 Nebraska
    10-4 Clemson, significantly better than us whom they beat

    Arkansas 11-2 beat :
    10-3 Kansas State
    11-2 South Carolina whom we LOST to
    Arkansas’ season was far superior to our own, way better

    Oregon 12-2 beat :
    11-2 Stanford
    11-3 Wisconsin

    Southern Miss 12-2 beat :
    13-1 Houston

    Boise State 12-1 beat :

    Oklahoma State 12-1 beat :
    10-3 Baylor
    10-3 Kansas State Good Lord every team in America better wins than us
    10-3 Oklahoma
    11-2 Stanford

    Alabama 12-1 beat :
    9-4 Penn State
    11-2 Arkansas
    Florida a lot better than us
    Vandie a lot better than us
    vols a lot better than us
    13-1 LSU in National Championship Title Game 21 to nothing

    Houston 13-1 beat :
    12-2 Southern Miss
    9-4 Penn State to knock them out of top 25

    LSU 13-1 beat :
    12-2 Oregon
    10-3 West Virginia
    Florida a lot better than us
    Auburn better than us
    12-1 Alabama for their LONE defeat
    11-2 Arkansas

    I-A Win/Lost 2011-2012 Season FBS :

    Win Percentage

    (01) 13-1 LSU
    (02) 13-1 Houston
    (03) 12-1 Alabama
    (04) 12-1 Oklahoma State
    (05) 12-1 Boise State
    (06) 12-2 Southern Miss
    (07) 12-2 Oregon
    (08) 11-2 Arkansas
    (09) 11-2 South Carolina
    (10) 11-2 Stanford
    (11) 11-2 Michigan
    (12) 11-2 TCU
    (13) 11-3 Virginia Tech
    (14) 11-3 Wisconsin
    (15) 11-3 Northern Illinois
    (16) 11-3 Michigan State
    (17) 10-2 Southern California
    (18) 10-3 Baylor
    (19) 10-3 Arkansas State
    (20) 10-3 Cincinnati
    (21) 10-3 BYU
    (22) 10-3 Kansas State
    (23) 10-3 West Virginia
    (24) 10-3 Oklahoma
    (25) 10-4 Ohio
    (25) 10-4 Clemson
    (25) 10-4 Georgia

  31. "I would like to see UGA become a meritocracy like Spurrier is running at South Carolina instead of a culture of entitlement. How does this change happen?"
    Both teams over the last 4 years, for seniors like Brandon Boykin for example :

    34-19 Georgia Bulldogs current 4 years
    34-19 Georgia tek current 4 years
    34-19 Steve Spurrier South Carolina 4 yr

    Mediocrity ?

    South Carolina ?

    We're not ?

    Next time you want to post a post about how mediocre

    South Carolina or
    Georgia tek are

    Might want to consider this. It's not what you said, now is it ?

    Here is why :

    Mark Richt gave Scholarships for 2012 to :

    1.Brent Benedict # 10 OT 4-Star, transfer
    2.AJ Harmon # 10 OT nation 5-Star, transfer
    3.Dontavius Jackson # 23 TB nation 4-Star, transfer
    4.Nick Williams Safety, transfer
    5.Marcus Dowtin # 7 LB nation 4-Star, transfer
    6.Bryce Ros # 22 TE
    7.Johnathan Owens # 39 OT
    8.DE Jeremy Longo
    9.Xavier Avery RB
    10.Toby Jackson # 9 DE nation 4-Star failed qualify transfer
    11.Makiri Pugh, Safety Cornerback, transfer
    12.Montez Robinson # 10 DE 4-Star kicked off team transfer
    13.Washaun Ealey # 15 RB nation 4-Star, transfer
    14.Lonnie Outlaw WR failed qualify, transfer
    15.Jakar Hamilton Safety 4-Star, transfer
    16.Derek Owens Cornerback, transfer
    17.Demetre Baker # 23 LB 4-Star, kicked off team, transfer
    18.Jalen Fields DE 4-Star, failed qualify, transfer
    19.Kent Turene LB Dream Team failed qualify
    20.Chris Mayes DT Dream Team failed qualify
    21.Chris Little OL transfer
    22.Zach Mettenberger # 14 QB 4-Star kicked off transfer
    23.Jordan Love # 21 CB 4-Star, transfer
    24.Sanford Seay. Split End, kicked off, transfer
    25.Chris Sanders, db, kicked off, transfer
    26.Nick Marshall left cb Commings-Sus Love-xfer. kicked off, transfer

    NEXT ?

  32. Steve Spurrier's teams get better every year. Went from 7 wins to 8 to 9 to 11 in last 4 years. Mark Richt's teams went from 11 to 10 to 8 to 6 back to 10.

    Also, Spurrier will bench a QB, or anyone else, that doesn't perform. He's fair. Guys respect him. They know they'll get a shot if they perform.

    Richt didn't bench Cox, Murray and continued to go with Blair Walsh all season.

    Spurrier's running a merit based program, Richt's running an entitlement based program.

  33. SERIOUSLY!!! Are you girls going to argueabout this until next season?? Why don't you do us all a favor and SHUT-UP until next season when you actually have some legitimate arguments and facts to support those arguments! You can't bash next season until next season happens! I'm just sayin....

  34. I do think Mark Richt have an aura of IT! Amanda Vanderpool