Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dawgs Staffer Leaves, UK Coach Inks W/ Kiffykins

I was happy to hear that Thomas Brown landed a full-time gig yesterday. It comes as no surprise to me that it was with UT Chattanooga, otherwise known as the "UTC Mocs"...

I'm sure the fact that Tony Ball is a legend over there probably worked in his favor. Either way, Thomas will be a great addition to that staff and hopefully that will be the beginning of a long ascent in the coaching ranks. Couldn't happen for a nicer guy.

I also noticed last night (per Matt Barkley's twitters) that Tee Martin is joining Kiffin's staff at USC. While this sounds like a good move for Martin, you have to think about what dancing with the Devil will get you in the future. Probably an ass load of recruiting violations that ends badly with another NCAA tent-pitching outside of the athletic facility.

I would assume that Joker's tenuous position as HC was probably a determining factor here, as he could be gone next year, if they aren't "up to snuff".

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  1. I prefer you guys over ESPN Gameday anytime. You visit with the real people..the fans who make it happen.
    Fightin' Geese guy rules! amanda vanderpool fashion