Friday, February 24, 2012

Dawgs NEW COMMIT in Action

Steven Nelson of The College of the Sequoias (formerly of Northside WR), committed to the Dawgs last night on the spot when offered. He currently stands as a freshman who will enroll in December with three years left to play two, but there is some scuttlebutt that we've told him to redshirt and preserve a season, so he'll have three to play three. Film looks very good and if that last little tidbit is the case, Lakatos must really like him.

Judge for yourself...


Friday, February 17, 2012

Knowshon In Good Company

This is a really great picture of Knowshon... making great decisions, like hanging out with Drew Williams and wearing polo shirts.

Hmmm.... irony much? #sauced

Future Dawg, Future Highlights

Derrick Henry is massive... and runs like a deer. He's 6'4 and 242 (per his own admission). That spells trouble for opposing defenses in a few years.

This tape is ridiculous.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Funniest Thing You've Ever Seen

Notice anything funny about this? Well, these are "Dabo Swinney Fantasy" Campers, not actual Clemmons football players. Well what gave it away so quickly? I'd say the utter lack of huge, fast, agile black dudes and the guy falling down almost out of the screen - but just enough where you can tell he fell down and felt even more stupid for going to anything "Fantasy" and Dabo Swinney related.

How in the hell did we get situated between Alabama and South Carolina?

The first guy outta the shoot should tell you a lot about the people doing this. He has receivers gloves hanging from his facemask.


Dawgs Staffer Leaves, UK Coach Inks W/ Kiffykins

I was happy to hear that Thomas Brown landed a full-time gig yesterday. It comes as no surprise to me that it was with UT Chattanooga, otherwise known as the "UTC Mocs"...

I'm sure the fact that Tony Ball is a legend over there probably worked in his favor. Either way, Thomas will be a great addition to that staff and hopefully that will be the beginning of a long ascent in the coaching ranks. Couldn't happen for a nicer guy.

I also noticed last night (per Matt Barkley's twitters) that Tee Martin is joining Kiffin's staff at USC. While this sounds like a good move for Martin, you have to think about what dancing with the Devil will get you in the future. Probably an ass load of recruiting violations that ends badly with another NCAA tent-pitching outside of the athletic facility.

I would assume that Joker's tenuous position as HC was probably a determining factor here, as he could be gone next year, if they aren't "up to snuff".

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yes, Tonight's Basketball Game IS Intriguing

Typically when we are into February of a Georgia basketball season, the interest level from Dawg fans reaches something close to zero. On the surface, this February seems to be no different; we are currently 12-12 (3-7 in SEC) and in 10th place in the SEC...more of the same, right?

This time last week, I would have certainly agreed with that premise. We were coming off two subpar losses against Auburn and Tennessee. Then, for some odd reason, we decided to absolutely hammer a potential NCAA Tournament team (Arkansas) and follow THAT up with an even more improbable win -- arguably Fox's best at UGA -- at #18 Mississippi State. Somewhere in between the Tennessee game and the Arky game, three main things happened:

  1. Gerald Robinson decided to put the team on his shoulders and largely avoid the "stupid" decisions (I'm knocking on wood heavily right now)
  2. Marcus Thornton figured out how to contribute: with solid D and rebounding
  3. We are getting open shots in rhythm, mainly because we are more confident on offense.
Sure, there are other reasons (like Fox unexpectedly installing a matchup zone against MSU) but those three are largely responsible. 

The game against 9-15 South Carolina is a short-term "crossroads" game for our team. I would actually say both teams are pretty even (we're probably slightly better), and with a big home game this Sunday against Vandy, tonight is setting up to be a huge "trap game" (despite S.C. coach Darren Horn being squarely on the hot seat).  No, I'm not ignoring the first 22 games, but the last two have me intrigued. 

So here's the question: Are our last two games a complete fluke or is it genuine improvement? I say a little of both but we should know after tonight's game.

I will leave you with one more intriguing tidbit: by my estimation, the only game left on our schedule in which we have no chance to win is at Kentucky. IF IF IF we win five out of our last six (not that I'm expecting this) we will be 17-13 (8-8) heading into the SEC Tourney. Last season, Tennessee received a 9-seed in the NCAA Tournament after finishing the regular season 18-13 (8-8). Michigan State received a 10-seed after finishing the regular season 17-13 (9-9). We have a top 20 RPI schedule strength...Belmont and Wyoming are currently listed as at-large bubble teams...I'm just sayin'. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Fox Scores 1st 2013 Commit

With the departures of seniors Gerald Robinson and Dustin Ware at season's end, the Dawgs will be left with only junior Vincent Wiliams and incoming freshmen Charles Mann and Kenny Gaines. It looks like Gaines will, most likely play the SG roll, but he does have the ability to run the point if need be.

Thus, the PG position was a large priority - and apparently so was 2013 PG, J.J. Frazier of Ludowici, GA (Faith Baptist). It's my understanding that Frazier committed two days after Fox quietly offered last Wednesday. He averaged 27 points a game on a pretty decent prep school schedule this year, so it doesn't occur to me that the level of competition factors into his production. No matter what the competition, it's hard to shoot 51% from behind the 3-pt line.

Here's a little blurb from Rivals on him at the Elite Hoops Showcase:

5-foot-9 2013 PG J.J. Frazier (Faith Baptist Christian Academy- Hinesville, GA) - The fastest player from end to end with the ball. Can hurt you in multiple ways in transition..pull-up three, stop and pop or basket finish. Good passer. Has interest from Geogia, Clemson, Miami, South Carolina, Georgia State and others.

He's a three star recruit at this point, but I figure that he'll find himself in the updated Rivals 150 for 2013. A little undersized at 5'10 (most sites have him listed at 5'8, but his coach says he's a legit 5'10), he's an extremely good passer and shooter and can finish around the rim. A little under the radar, but nonetheless a good get it looks like.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kenny Powers on Tim Tebow

Yes, I'll go ahead and apologize that he's even making it on our blog, but you can't deny the hilarity of this piece. I mean, this is classic...

"And suddenly the experts don't look like experts anymore. By now, our hero has upset a whole lot of people. There are those who simply don't like the idea of a man being favored by God. They feel his special relationship with Jesus diminishes their own somehow. If Jesus loves the Gifted Young Athlete, what does he think of the rest of us? Bunch of assholes?"

The link for the whole article is HERE and I'd like to send a special shout out to a friend who sent this to me. He too loves Timmy - like Elton John loves Madonna.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tweet O' The Day: Our Players Are Being Parlayed for $$$

I know you'll never beleive this, but one of our players was used last night solely for the purpose of making money (GASP!)... for a very worthy charity.

Well, at least it's for a good cause. You have to wonder though, how long will this go on before the NCAA deems it "an unfair use of their likeness for financial gain"? I know it sounds ridiculous, but it's the NCAA folks. Those people throw common sense out the window.

$230 though? Come on ladies, it's for cancer... Just don't buy 1/4 of that ridiculous purse you've been eyeing.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Knowshon Gets DUI

Well, I wish that I had a convertible Bentley so I could get one too. Wait a minute...

Here's a statement from the Denver five-o:

"Denver police Lt. Matthew Murray confirmed Moreno was pulled over on southbound Interstate 25 around 1:30 a.m. Feb. 1 after allegedly driving 70 mph in a construction zone where the speed limit was 45 mph."

This was followed quickly by a statement from the Broncos:

"We take the incident involving Knowshon Moreno very seriously and are thoroughly reviewing this matter. Our organization will continue to gather information and closely monitor this issue while the legal process runs its course."

This is NFL-ese for "Hey, since you can't stay healthy, now we've got a reason to let you go."

I'm pretty sure that I'd throw the book at a guy if his license plate read -

 How appropo...

Mark Richt: Does He Have IT?

***WARNING: This article will likely offend you. It's a very controversial standpoint on our heralded (and sometimes embattled) head coach. Really, it's gonna encompass pretty much our entire football and hoops program. It's my opinion as a GEORGIA graduate and dedicated fan. If you don't prescribe to it, please don't tell me that "I'm not a fan" or "that I should go root for another team". I haven't been writing this blog for the last year and a half because I'm a closet Gator or Nerd. I write it solely because I love the Red and Black.***

As a Georgia fan, you experienced quite a range of emotion last week. First was the elation over a commitment that came a little earlier than expected. Next came the good news of signing day, but spiked in with it were couple bitter elements that left you a little more empty than you were expecting or hoping.

Then you panicked. What was a "meh" day turned into a possible 12 egg omelet on the face of our recruiting class. As usual, the sharked was jumped and it ended up being a non-issue. Then disaster struck.

Three guys with promise stole some monies from a couple of their o-line compadres. Well, two guys with some promise, anyway. They're booted within the hour without a lot of questions answered.

When the dust settles from last week, we're more than short-handed - the cupboard's almost bare at corner. We also struck out on the big targets left on the board at positions of need (Young/Green/Williams/Patterson). What's worse than being short-handed is the fact that three guys on the team thought it a good idea to steal from anyone, much less their own teammates.

That's a real issue, but some that most fans can go along with in vacuum.

Well, this ain't a vaccum and I ain't "most fans".

I'm tired of it.

You'll hear a lot of stuff like this, though:  "Ten wins is great." "We won the East after losing our first two games." "A ten game win streak, the longest in 20 years." And it all SOUNDS really good. But is there any substance to it? Does it really carry any weight?

I'm not buying into the smoke and mirrors anymore. I'm not happy with "We won the East" or "We notched 10 wins". I'm more displeased in the fact that there are serious issues with our team's depth and, more importantly, their character depth. Yeah, kids will be kids, but stealing from a teammate? And this isn't the first incident coming from those three - they'd been given "multiple" opportunities.

Add to that the fact that we'll likely only have about 73 kids that signed a football scholarship with Georgia out of high school on the roster and more serious questions arise. How did we get to this point? Seriously, that's less than the number of scholarship athletes that USC has been ALLOWED to have over the past two years while under NCAA sanctions. Even if we take the maximum amount of players we can with next year's class, we're probably going to end up somewhere around 78. THE MAXIMUM???!?!? How does that happen?

And I won't even get into the utter disappointment that was the end to last year.

In summation, I'm just tired of being "OK". Ten wins isn't good enough - neither is an SEC East banner over Sanford. It's not ok that our signing classes consist of 19 guys (two of which are specialists) when you need 23. And stealing?

If you're just fine with being second place, keep drinking the kool-aid. If you're fine with players not being afraid of the consequences of their actions, sip away. Guys in his role should command respect, so where is the disconnect?

He seems to be a great guy, but isn't that the first thing everyone always says about him? What about great coach?

There are some real issues here. If you take the time remove the rosy glasses, you'll see them as well. Now that I've said all that, we'll probably win the National Championship next year and I'll have at least one person come back and remind me of this "asinine" post I did like a year ago.

And I'll happily admit I was wrong.

Monday, February 6, 2012

So...About Our Recruiting Class

At H2H, we decided to wait a few days before we published our opinions of the 2012 recruiting class. Sometimes you can jump the gun and make an irrational judgment call (like...after any of our postseason games).

Anyway, let's first examine some of the positives from the class:

  • We got two very good running backs (Gurley and Marshall) which is important because we don't exactly have the best luck keeping these guys. I would expect both of them to contribute immediately (especially Marshall).
  • We got an elite -- arguably the best -- offensive lineman in the country (John Theus). Unfortunately, we also haven't had great luck keeping O-Linemen healthy and/or not suspended so I'm keeping my fingers crosses with Theus.
  • We signed a true fullback (Quayvon Hicks), which is something we lacked this past season.
  • We signed 7 D-linemen/outside LBs counting Josh Harvey-Clemons. Good job by Grantham/Garner. The size and strength of our front seven was a huge part of our defensive success in 2011.
  • I think, although we didn't have the quantity of players of South Carolina, we ultimately had a better class than our intra-division rivals.
Now, the negatives:
  • We only signed 19 players. The only SEC schools that signed fewer players were Ole Miss (who is undergoing a head coaching transition) and Missouri (who is undergoing a conference transition). With the new scholarship rules, we can only sign 25 players a year unless we convince some players to enroll early. We were already short of our 85 scholarship limit so now we will be forced to dump these extras off to even more walk-ons (not that I dislike walk-ons...but I'm just sayin'.) 
  • The area in which we needed help the most was offensive line. Although we got one big-timer (Theus), I felt we needed at least five offensive linemen in this class. We only inked three. Furthermore, we signed exactly ZERO from the state of Georgia and we pulled a big whiffer on Florida's Avery Young.
  • Although hindsight is 20/20, we now find ourselves in dire straits as it pertains to our defensive backfield. We only signed one potential defensive back, Sheldon Dawson, who was a three-star athlete. 
  • Two of our 19 signees were kickers. Although we did need a new kicker, we were prepared to scholarship two kickers straight out of high school...really?
  • Unlike the Cocks, Florida out-recruited us this season, somehow grabbing the #3 overall class. 
Okay, I'll stop with the negatives. If I had to summarize our class in one word it would be: "meh". 

I also think it's interesting to note that Vandy (#29 class) had what had to be their best class in my lifetime (and maybe ever). It will be interesting to see how/if the SEC recruiting landscape changes with the two new guys. The aforementioned Missouri signed a generally underwhelming class while Texas A&M got -- according to -- a top 15 class. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Signing Day: We're LIVE @ Butts-Mehre

Good Signing Day to you! We'll keep you updated with the latest LOI's VIA the sidebar at right. If we're feeling frisky, we might have some highlights posted with their names. You can login with your Facebook, Twitter, or OpenID passwords if you'd like, or just do it manually. Please, at least, give us a name to work with when commenting.