Thursday, January 5, 2012

Yet Another Junior Thinking About the NFL

As we still wait to see what draft-eiligible players will forgo their senior season, we must add yet another possible candidate to the list. Here is what's Anthony Dasher tweeted yesterday:

Well, apparently getting an interception in a bowl game can greatly impact your decision to make the leap. Personally, I think some of these underclassmen (like Williams and Cornelius Washington) are getting "NFL Fever" and may make a very miscalculated choice. Now, with Williams's name floating out there, let's go through the entire list of underclassman who have mentioned an early exit:

  • John Jenkins/Jarvis Jones -- Say they are returning to UGA next season.
  • Bacarri Rambo -- Said he is still "50-50". Personally, I think he is gone. Hope I'm wrong.
  • Orson Charles -- Not that it was all his fault, but he didn't exactly help himself in the bowl game. I still think he will make the jump.
  • Branden Smith -- Sent his name to the NFL advisory board, but I think he will return. 
  • Cornelius Washington -- I THINK he will return, but at this point, I would label him as a complete wild card. 
  • Shawn Williams -- Haven't seen enough quotes from him to get a good read. If I was advising him, I would tell him to return. 
It would make for quite a formidable defense next season if all of them return. I also think Orson could play himself into possibly a first round pick if he returns. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening. But guess what? Having a top-tier SEC defense usually doesn't breed players that stay all four years. It's the world we live in. The elite players only need three years. The question is, are these Georgia players really elite?


  1. It seems like CW faded quite a bit after his great game against Mississippi State. I can't recall him making many impact plays after his DUI arrest. I think he could really use another year at UGA.

    Rambo is one of only two of our guys that I would say
    might be making a good decision by leaving. However, he could probably benefit by staying another year. If so, it is doubtful he would have as good a year statistically but could improve in other areas.

    Orson is the only other one I would say say might be ok to go. Still, I think both he and Rambo could improve their overall game by returning for their final college year.

    The rest would highly likely be making a mistake by leaving early. Of course, that is just my opinion.

  2. IMO all these guys need more seasoning. Charles is going to be behind Clemson's TE and perhaps others in this years draft. He would be best served by another year at UGA to improve his status. The others aren't even close to being ready. Washington was suppose to be a beast this year, did anyone see any evidence of such outstanding play? I know I didn't!

  3. Williams is the only legit db/saf at UGA that will be a MF in the league - heavy hitter, trash talker and decent cover guy. He was typically around Rambo's int's and would have likely taken 2-3 had Rambo not been hawking. I'd love to see SW back....he is going to be a definite star at the next level!

  4. I know im in the minority in this and this isnt what most of you would say outloud, but I never blame anyone that will be drafted for going pro.. I dont know alot about any of these guys except cornelius(who I have known socially since his first summer in athens), So I dont know alot about their financial situation but you have to believe that going pro will be the best choice finacially no matter what round they are picked..

    I know alot of people argue "they should stay in school, get their education" this is a flawed argument to me. These guys have been on campus at least 3 years which means they are all very close to graduating. They're goal though is to play in the nfl, So why not go ahead and go pro, get your money and hopefully have a long career playing football? Worst case scenario their career flames out.. they'll still be in good shape with finances and be able to go back to school for a year or less and get the degree they started before.

    Worst case with staying another year- get injured, football career is over. No nfl money. the money they are going to get with their degree doesnt touch what they'll get in the NFL

    If someone offered me a 70,000(way less than the players get in nfl) job right now to quit school and do something I love, I wouldnt hesitate, you can always go back to school.

    That being said, As a dawg fan I want these guys back... really bad. But I just wanted to give a little perspective to everyone else.. If any of these guys do leave then lets not be bitter towards them. They have to do whats best for them. just like you and I

  5. Anon 12:37,

    I agree with most of your points, but the $70,000 might only be a one year thing. Just because you are drafted doesn't mean you will be with the team for multiple years (or ANY time).

  6. Don't forget, 5' 9'' Murray sumbitted his name to the NFL. I'm serious, he's that delusional.

  7. FordGuy - Murray isn't delusional. However, you are if you really think he is actually considering leaving. He just wanted to get the evaluation that is available to him. Why not get it? It will help him to learn what the guys on the next level think of him.

  8. 5'9"? Are you serious FordGuy? Try 6'1". The first thing wrong with you is your name, Chevy all the way!!!