Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why Everyone Is Mad - The Truth Hurts

First I'll start with the play of the year. Why it's the play of the year, I'll get to shortly.

Bowl games really don't mean anything. They're completely pointless with the exception of revenue and as really a glorified exhibition. Money grab, you might call it. That doesn't mean a damn to me because it's a game that the Georgia Bulldogs are playing and I want to win. Period. So, if you want to win and it doesn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things, what should one do?

I'd posit, just like in Billy Madison, "Let it all hang out."

That's where I come to the video above. It was second and nine, we had to make a play, so someone in the booth or on the field nutted up and called something that was COMPLETELY unforeseen by everyone who witnessed it. Gary Danielson's words, "Not believing they're going to throw the ball - maybe a quarterback draw."

It's not something that we've done (along with beating Florida) in a very long time, so I'm thinking...

We've got a new attitude.

We're Georgia and we're going to WIN games and not PLAY TO AVOID LOSING anymore. Players will make plays. That's what big teams do.

We got hosed.

Let's face it, we all thought that the conservative guy might have bellied up to the bar after a call like that.  Then there's three straight runs and a punt to Michigan State. We've seen this before. 


Pickoff in OT.


Missed FG.


We're not mad that we lost (maybe). We're all mad that we were fooled... AGAIN. I'm not a coach and I usually don't critique play calling, but had you asked anyone on the field with the exception of Richt and Bobo what they'd have done on both of those series, would the same plays have been called? 

Give the guys the chance to WIN; don't snatch it away from them by telling them, in effect, you don't believe in them enough to get the job done and running it up the gut three times or pinning it on your kicker who's had (at best) a rough go of it all season.

I heard it put well after the game by a dear friend of the blog, "It's the psychological part of the game that I can't see any member of the offensive staff understanding." Come out and stick it to someone. Don't wait on your haunches and wait for it to happen - CAUSE IT WILL!

It hasn't changed in 11 years.


*Jumping off soapbox*


  1. AMEN, nuff said.

  2. yeah....as an alumni and fan for 30 years....I am so dissapointed in Bobo (and Richt) on the play calling. Walsh was such a let down this season. It's just hard to accept that we have an average at best offensive mind.

  3. In a ideal world, UGA would hire Chip Kelly as head coach and pay him $5,000,000/year. Since money is not important to Mark Richt and he wants the best for UGA, he would step down to offensive coordinator and head of recruiting at $300,000/year. Coach Kelly would make Coach Richt run his innovative offense! UGA would have to expand Sanford Stadium to 120,000 seats!

  4. How has nobody realised that Murray is the same player that Joe Cox was. He is just playing on a team with a lot more weapons and a much better defense. Also, we have a star running back in Crowell, but someone needs to get his injury situation right. I can not believe how often that kid gets hurt.

  5. Injuries are the absolute least of the "situation" Crowell has. Since the Honeymoon candles burned out in camp, the kid has been nothing but a time bomb. Injuries are the only thing that have kept him out of more trouble. He has spent time in the rehab room. To all future recruits: DO NOT buy into the "Next #34" stuff. It is a dangerous as the Madden Curse and as real as unicorns. Just show up ready, play hard and keep your nose clean. Go Dawgs!!

  6. Injuries do matter. I had a high ankle sprain - took months and months to get over over - this was years ago. I still "tweak" it when I run.

    Crowell has the talent and is a bona-fide RB. He has some maturity issues - but the injuries hurt him this year. The high ankle sprain did him in. Kudo's for him giving it a go.

    The rest of our RB's are servicable - but not spectacular.

    The huge issue is the O-Line and the "not to lose" play calling that bit us in the ARSE!

  7. no problem with the OT call but really felt we needed an extra 1st down before end of regulation

    where was Orson Charles????

  8. Folks, we have another kicker. A very good kicker. I know Richt was trying to save face for Walsh, but I thought at some point you had to give Bogatay a chance. My gosh, Walsh missed 14 field goals this year. What did we have to loose, except the game.

  9. Get used to it UGA fans. Unless McGarity grows a pair, this is going to be a yearly occurrence. Richt as a head coach and Bobo as an OC are out of their "envelope" of competence.

  10. Fans the only hope we have is McGarity. Only he can lead us out of mediocraty.