Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tweet O' The Day: Wideout Possibly Moving to the NFL?

Nah, not really. Though it seems as though Chris Conley stewed over the possibility for a long, long time before coming to a very reasonable conclusion.

I must say, however, Conley had a very nice season with more than a few HUGE catches. I would've expected quite a bit less than 16 for 288 and 2TDs from him after game two, but with Malcolm Mitchell's injury he made the most of his chance when given it.

Wideout was one of a couple positions where we started off the season with nothing but a few starters and a bunch of question marks. After looking back on this year and now looking forward to 2012, WR looks to be one of the strong points for the Dawgs.

Considering we don't lose anyone from this year's unit and look to gain a recruit or two in this class, we should be very deep. You'll also add Wooten, who missed most of the year with a concussion. Top to bottom we'll probably have the best WR corps that we've seen in Athens since 2002 with Brown, Edwards, Johnson, Gibson and (I guess) Raley.


  1. You forget Damien Gary in that 2002 receiving crew, although injuries destroyed that season for him. But he was still, until injuries took effect, a dynamite kick returner and excellent slot reciever.

  2. I am just glad he prayed about it. Gary was one of my all time favorites after that Tennesee Game