Monday, January 2, 2012

Tweet O' The Day: Thanks For the Memories!

For Aron and all the other seniors that will be moving on with the next phase of their life, thanks for all the jubilant moments and improbable plays, as well as the not so good moments that I won't recall with poetic banter. I can't say enough about #81, as from all outside impressions, he's been the consummate student-athlete - winning in the classroom, out of the classroom, and on the field.

For the rest of you guys who are moving on, both graduates and otherwise, thanks for choosing to go to the University of Georgia. You've given me a hobby and something to needlessly ramble on about endlessly for the last year and a half and you've given the entire Bulldog Nation a team to root for on Saturdays in the fall.

That's the silly non-meaningful parts of your tenure in Athens. The best parts will be the lessons learned and the hardware (degree) that you tote out of their with your Nintendos and big-screen TVs. They were for me and I didn't have all that other sports-related stuff to go with it.

Thanks and best of luck, fellas - you're going to need it.

I'd like to send a special notice to DeAngelo Tyson, who was ruled out of the game yesterday by CMR and will be part of this group as well. Really hoping the best for DT, as he's had a tough road to get this far. Get your degree big fella.

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  1. Come on Aaron, beat a ranked team for the first time since 2009.

    Surely beating up on little guys like New Mexico State hasn't left the Seniors satisfied?