Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tweet O' The Day: NEW TEAM Workouts

They're bringing back the MATS!

Here's the thing about MAT drills, they sound terrible, everyone hates them, and you hate yourself at the end...

Sounds like a good thing to me. I know that every time I dread doing something, it's usually going to benefit me in the long term (in terms of physical activity). In sixth grade, I dreaded running the mile and making a certain time - in 9th grade, I dreaded "Parkways" (AKA "Blue Ride Parkways") - two years ago, I dreaded my first triathlon. In the end, I was tired and hated myself, but I was proud.

Yeah, I'd probably bitch and moan about those if I weren't a part of the most shredded CrossFitters on the planet, but yeah, I laugh at those little MAT drills that they're doing ONCE A WEEK.

***Totally kidding about the fitness stuff. I'd throw up and curse my mother if subject to those drills, but I gotta make a point somehow, plus these guys are like way more athletic than I am and they get a free education for working out and getting decent grades, so I don't feel bad.***

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