Friday, January 6, 2012

Tweet O' The Day: An Important Backup Possibly Transferring

This has been rumored for a while, but it's possible the first time that I've seen Hutson mention it on the Twitters.

All grammatical errors aside, it looks to me like Murray's right-hand man is having a difficult time mulling over a possible transfer. I know some of you folks will say, "Well we were the only ones that gave him a scholly - he should be grateful."

To you I'd say, "Go jump off a bridge."

While I won't say that I know Hutson, he seems like a good kid who has the ability to play quarterback at the D-1 level. Given that and the fact that he and Murray will graduate together, he probably won't have that opportunity at UGA.

I know if I love playing football, I'm finding a Big East/Big Ten/Conference USA team that would take me. He's played in the spread before and has a redshirt year still left, so why not go to a school that runs something like that, get a degree, and then start working on a graduate degree in your senior year?

All makes A LOT of sense to me. Personally, I wouldn't blame him at all. He'll still be a DGD in my book.


  1. MVD, I certainly agree with you. If Mason were to transfer, it would be hard to blame him. I think all of this is telling me that LeMay is turning into the real deal, and Mason realizes he's going to be the odd man out. Good luck to him if that what he decides to do.

  2. Mason should redshirt this year, so he can start his senior year.

  3. ya let him start as a senior, joe cox II. just what we need!

  4. need to start recruiting Deshaun Watson I know that Clemson is on him daily we better start recruiting these kids earlier

  5. Mason has mentioned a few time son twitter how tough the decision is, this isn't the first time, probably the 3rd or 4th time.

    Kid is 3rd in SEC in 2nd half in passer rating, tough to watch him sit while Murray turns the ball over 9x against M St, LSU, & SC.

  6. I'd say the qb position is pretty much up for grabs given murrays performance this year. He gave just as many points to our opposition and kept games alittle too close than they should have been because of all his turnovers. If I was mason , id work my tail off and take the starting spot. I'm done with Murray.

  7. Seriously, I don't get the Mason love. VegasBob mentioned some stats that, while impressive, came in the second half against Coastal Carolina and New Mexico State. How can you believe that those numbers will translate to the SEC schedule?

  8. Guess who has a higher passer rating and completion ratio against unranekd teams in the 2nd half?

    Aaron Murray or Hutson Mason?

    Hutson Mason.

  9. Guess who's 1st and last in the SEC in interceptions?

    Hutson Mason or Aarron Murray?

    Hutson is ranked #1 with 0 interceptions
    Murray is ranked last

  10. Hutson's beaten Murray's passer rating and accuracy HEAD TO HEAD against unranked teams.

    Mason did this playing with the BACK UP receivers and lineman and runnign backs.

    Imagine how bad he would have whooped Murray's butt if he'd played with the first string?

  11. Honestly, I think Mason needs to take a long hard look at Notre Dame and vice-versa. They need a QB and run the spread. Couldn't hurt to look.