Monday, January 9, 2012

Tweet O' The Day: The First of the Defections

This announcement could be the first in a deluge this week, but hopefully better news is on the horizon.

I can understand Jordan's decision. He's most likely been supplanted on the depth chart and he still has two years to play two, so you can't fault him. With Boykin and Love already scratched for next year and Shawn Williams, Rambo, and Branden Smith submitting paperwork to the NFL, we could be in for a hurting considering that we have EXACTLY ZERO corners committed for the 2012 class.

From what I hear, we're "already full" at the position according to some recruits. For what reason I can only fathom - the die hard recruitniks will surely say that it's because of some "silents". Who knows for sure?


  1. i've heard from a former student athlete still close with alot of the players(roommates with some of the players considering leaving) that our entire secondary is gone next year. word is that bsmith has eligibility issues, williams and rambo are gone. also that commings is strongly considering leaving because the coaches are talking about moving him back to safety but he doesnt want to do that. key point with this though is that he wants to stay but not at safety.

  2. Judging on his tweet...adios, don't let the door hit you on the way out. Sick and tired of the thug mentality. Play football, not gangsta.