Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tweet O' The Day: Boo Malcome... You've Earned an ATTABOY!


Precisely why you give your players (most of them) the opportunity to win. They play their asses off.

Ken Malcome, I'll never say another non-complimentary word about you. I certainly can understand why you might have considered a transfer after riding the pine and giving a rip about being a part of the TEAM. I would've probably thought the same thing considering a similar situation.

For those of you out there trying to pin yesterday's game on a player, just consider the above. That and they were somewhat handcuffed.


  1. I always felt the whole year that Boo gave us the best chance at a positive run.

    He hits the hole and he falls foward. He is tough obviously, and is the definition of a "workhorse."

    He just doesn't get used properly with Bobo. Stop the shotgun reads. They didn't work against Boise in the first game of the year, they aren't working in the last game.

    Keep getting stronger Boo. You were our most consistant runner on the team this year.

  2. Don't give up on Crowell. He is young and will get even better next year. He is an awesome talent who needs to get stronger physically.