Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tweet O' The Day: Amarlo Sets Aim High

This is the kind of attitude we need... and a lot of it.

It was brutally apparent that everyone in that game last night wanted to be on the field for every snap. What was also apparent was the bloodlust displayed by virtually everyone on the field. That's the kind of mentality that wins championships, not this "Hey we won ten games and the East. I FEEL GREAT!"

I really felt like every kid out there really wanted to hurt the guy across from him - not in a dirty way, but in a respectful "Your Mother Wears Combat Boots" type of way.


  1. Everybody wants to second guess Bobo and Richt, but last nights game proved there was plenty of room to question Les Miles decision to stick with Jordan Jefferson at QB. Jefferson was shell shocked the entire first half. There's a legitimate reason for questioning why Miles did not insert Jared Lee into the game. Bad offensive play calling is not mutually exclusive to UGA.

  2. Anon 11:28.... +1

    Ask the Atl Falcons about how their game plan went up in NY last weekend...

  3. There seems to be a lot more action on twitter than on the field action. If I was CMR, I'd tell my guys to shut the hell up and start playing football. I'm tired of hearing our players talk about how they are playing harder, studying more video, 'finishing the drill", working harder for the fourth quarter, blah, blah, blah. shut the hell up and play. p.s. Aaron Murray, quit spending so much time studying video and learn not to throw to the opposing team or fumble the ball when someone arm tackles you.

  4. Dawgs need to learn to "run the clock out" with a lead and only 3 plus mins on clock!