Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Signing Day Central: LIVE

In order to keep you guys abreast of all the important signings and whatnot tomorrow, we'll have an H2H rep down at Butts-Mehre scoping out the faxes as they roll in off the presses. Speaking of faxes, couldn't the NCAA just have a nice little automated PDF for something like this? You know, there is something these days called "email". But I digress, the NCAA is way ahead of the times anyway... (cough, cough).

We'll be livechatting and should have some video of the festivities, as well as pictures, and we'll keep a tracker going of all the commits as they come in, so you'll have the most up-to-date info possible. I mean, it'll almost be like being there.

So, where do you come for all of this coverage and what is the steep, no frills price point that we've decided is neglible enough on a monthly basis that your automatic payment won't be noticed by the wife? Just make your way to the HOMEPAGE and hopefully the FREEdom that you'll find will be FREEly appreciated from the FREElance folk at H2H. (That was a, "Hey, you ain't gotta pay for this" joke.)

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