Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sanders Commings Garners Support From Team

When you don't have all the details, you're quick to judge. I didn't comment on this story yesterday because these are serious charges/allegations that shouldn't be tossed around lightly. First off, we don't know any details, other than what has been provided in the police report. Secondly, we're not privy to the details of a downtown Saturday night. Let's be frank, it's a less than civil atmosphere in the beginning.

Furthermore he seems to have gotten a lot of support from his teammates:

Domestic violence is a serious deal. I don't know what happened and I'm not taking sides, but can we PLEASE stop dragging his name through the mud? From all accounts, he's been a good student and citizen thus far, so let's reserve judgment until someone actually gets convicted of a crime. I know it's a new thing to a lot of people, but I promise, you'll feel better in the end.

I find it pretty funny that 20 year olds seem to have more sense than a bunch of grown men. If he did it, then call him names and talk about suspensions/bootings/gallowsry.

And yeah, I know there's that whole O.J. thing, but NO - that doesn't count.


  1. Such is the nature of a witch hunt.

  2. Sanders lived with one of my lifelong friends last year 1290 as troupe says in the above tweet. The girl involved is his ex gf and they still keep in touch. According to friends that were there when the situation went down the girl was drunk and mad at sanders n was like pushing, screaming, scratching, clawing at him, Doing things that if a man did to a woman everyone would immediately call him Chris Brown. Sanders pushed her off of him, She didnt fall to the ground or anything. That was the whole situation, This girl is like 5'3 120 so for her not to even fall should tell you right there that obviously the athlete didnt push her that hard. Some folks have said he hit her in the face, yet there were no physical signs of that. once again, if sanders hits someone in the face you're going to be able to tell that he did that. Supposedly the girl feels bad about everything now..

    Sanders has always been one of the more soft spoken nice guys on the team that Ive met through my friend.. I feel bad for him. as you said, His name has been tarnished by people who have no idea what happened. thanks for taking a higher road when talking this story