Thursday, January 26, 2012

RECRUITING: 2012 Final Class Prediction (Surprises)

Firstly, I won't claim to be a recruitnik. I follow it just enough to know the names and situations. Because of this, I'll just say that a lot of the predictions that I'm making go on three standards:
  • Common sense
  • Situation at the other schools said recruit is considering
  • My sense of their attraction to UGA
With that being said, all of these change from minute to minute with guys that are 17 and 18, so we really can't possibly have all the info or really feel great about any one single recruit. There are far too many moving parts here, but I'll give it my best shot.

Considering the guys that we currently have on board, I don't believe that we'll lose any more of them, so let's just put a big check mark beside the 16 that are already committed. On to those who aren't (to the Dawgs)...

Sean Price, TE, Citra, FL (USF): He's currently committed to the Bulls, but Mark Richt was in town to visit Tuesday and the family is making the trip to Athens this week to check out campus. Prediction: Gets my hopes up, but still ends up in Tampa.

Josh Harvey-Clemmons, LB, Valdosta, GA: FSU makes the late push, but Richt tells Jimbo and Muschump to eff off.
Prediction: Didn't I just do that?

Avery Young, OT, Palm Beach Gardens, FL: At this point we look to be in the drivers seat with Auburn trying to grab the wheel and yank it into the big white oak in that curve up ahead.
Prediction: We need tackles too bad and Auburn... Did you see them last year?

Josh Dawson, OLB, Tucker, GA: This one was interesting for a while, but this just feels like one that the message board crowd will end up bitching about.
Prediction: "What the HELL? He went to Vandy? They're obviously cheating!"

Kenderius Whitehead, OLB, Lithonia, GA (NC State): He surprisingly committed to lame-O'Brien up in Carolina last week on a whim, but Grantham and Daddy Richt were in-house yesterday.
Prediction: This one ain't over just yet. We get a "flip" on NSD because he (and father) just can't start chocking that UGA room full of NC State gear.

Will Redmond, CB, Memphis (MSU): Lifelong Dawg fan and MSU? commit, can't get over the appeal of Athens. We need cornerbacks in the WORST way.
Prediction: I can't predict that a CB recruit will pick the Bizarro Dawgs over us.

Sheldon Dawson, CB, Memphis (Memphis): Larry Porter? Really?
Prediction: See above.

Cordarelle Patterson, WR, Hutch Comm. College: This one is an instance where everyone seems to think we're way out front, but we bite the curb in the end. He's considering a team in disarray at every position (save QB) which means the depth chart looks MORE THAN favorable at his position.
Prediction: Another to bitch about. WHY IS HE WEARING ORANGE?

JaQuay Williams, WR, Tyrone, GA (Auburn): Been committed to the Barners for a minute, but Dawgs have put on the heat recently and showed him where downtown was this weekend. I fear "The Towel Mongerer" has waved it in his face too much, however.
Prediction: That daggum towel strikes again.. for a minute, then he changes his mind all because of one thing... 8e's Bar!


Brandon Greene, OT, Ellenwood, GA, (Bama): I just get a sneaky feeling about this guy. There's a lot of scuttlebut that we'll get a guy on signing day that is committed to another school, but he wants to keep it quiet so as not to offend the other team. Can't think of anyone else I'd want a recruit to offend more than Nick Saban, so...
Prediction: Had way, way to much fun in Athens a few months ago.


  1. So are you saying that we don't get either of the TN CB's? I sure hope that's not the case....Whitehead comes to UGA too?

  2. No, he's saying we get the memphis kids. However, he needs to check UT's depth chart at WR.

  3. SFLC,

    Yes, originally that was the way the article was mistakenly written. It has been amended to reflect my original thought, which anon 8:33 pointed out.

    Speaking of Anon 8:33 - Yes, I have seen their depth chart. Hunter and Da'Rick are all they have. Zach Rogers? This cat would definitely start in 3 wide sets. Can we say that so confidently if he found himself in Athens? I'd say MOST DEFINITELY NO.

  4. what a stupid ass article