Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Randy Shannon to Tennessee?

I'm not quite sure if there's any truth to this, but UTk's kicker thought it would be a good idea to tweet some news out of Knoxville.

This seems like a terrible idea, especially all the mess at Miami that could end up following him wherever he goes. No matter what happens, the Tennessee program is a complete dumpster fire. Assistants are going to get canned and Dooley isn't doing anything with the players he currently has on roster. The ongoing saga of DeAnthony Arnett is also a complete mess, which Doolander isn't handling worth a darn.

I really hate it for them.


  1. Tennessee is still ahead of georgia in recruiting with more 4 star players committed. If Tennessee closes well - then this class will be rated ahead of georgia's.

    What's more important - is that Vols are addressing needs - Four 4 star WR's highlight this balanced class.

    Ahead of georgia???? How can that be???? The sky is falling .... the sky is falling!!!!

    Vols are moving in the right direction - need the media to quit whipping the crap up.

  2. Thanks for your unbiased opinion. Tennessee hasn't been relevant in a long time and that hurts when you really on out of stare recruiting for most of your big-time players.

    Georgia will close strong and have a better class than Tennessee(as usual). ESPN has UGA at #7 at this point so I'd say we're doing just fine in that area.

  3. UT is no longer relevant in SEC football. Other teams like South Carolina, Arkansas, etc have taken their place. It was a nice run, but 4 losing records in 7 years. ha.

  4. The Vols are coming back! Tighten up your chin straps. Don't matter if you like it or not...it's coming!