Wednesday, January 18, 2012

NEW Todd Gurley Highlights

Wow...that Todd Gurley is so hot right now. Actually, thinks he is REALLY hot right now. Included in the newest recruiting rankings on Rivals are some interesting...and somewhat controversial details:
  • Gurley has jumped from the #29 ATHLETE in the country -- a modest three star player -- to the number 42 OVERALL PLAYER! This has to be one of the biggest jumps ever. 
  • Keith Marshall -- on Rivals -- has dropped to the #48 player overall. Yes, they are saying that Todd Gurley is slightly better than Keith Marshall...very strange indeed. It should be noted that ESPN still has Marshall as the #6 overall player in the country.
The difference in the recruiting rankings between these two players is indeed strange, but does it matter? Not to me, because we got both of them. 

Now, back to Gurley. Here the newest video I have found, which was taken from his state championship game...a pretty impressive performance to say the least:


  1. If only we can get on offensive line to block for him. Don't get too excited people.

  2. How can you not get excited about this guy? I agree that our OL needs to get better but the 2011 guys blocked well enough for IC to rush for over 800 yards despite him missing a few games.

  3. Because ALL those guys from last year had playing experience and THREE of the O linemen next year won't.

  4. This clip really highlights his field vision. Yes, it is against HS competition, but he can tell what defenders are going to do before they do it. If he can adapt to the speed of college quickly, we'll have three very strong rushing options next season.

  5. Todd Gurley is one of the best athletes on and off the field georgia has ever seen. Amanda Vanderpool