Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Commit in Action: In BEAST Mode

Dawson becomes the 17th and newest member of the Dawg's 2012 class. Don't know about you, but a CB with a RB mentality sounds like a good thing to me. Guess Coach couldn't "Freeze" him out over there in Oxford.


Height: 5'10.5''
Weight: 170
40: 4.48
Vert: 31.5
Hulkamania: 16 reps with 185 - KUNTRY STRONG!

Being that this is no less than the 12th time you've seen this video, what are we getting? To me it looks like a bigger corner who can run and is strong enough to press/jam bigger guys off the edge. In my estimation, he'll contribute this year - maybe just special teams, but, heck, we need as much as we can get at this point.

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  1. This kid is gunna fit right in with the rest of the talent Georgia has soaked up the past few years! Go Dawgs! Checkout Amanda