Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hoops Thoughts To Date

Like many of you, I really wanted to punch my television Tuesday watching that mess from the O-Dome. Yes, Florida is good. Yes, we really don't seem to be very good. I can understand your frustration because I share it as well. I've endured enough bad teams to realize that you really shouldn't make a big deal out of losing a few basketball games - especially when you're coming off of a NCAA tourney appearance and the loss of approximately 45% of your minutes and 65% of your offense.

Last year was a good year by Georgia basketball standards. Unlike football, the expectations aren't to compete for championships (just yet... or maybe ever... not quite sure on this one yet). Mark Fox is trying to build a program and made the nice step last season, with a few very talented college players.

Honestly, I don't realize why so many people are put off with the team. Did you really expect to beat Florida at their place or an extremely talented Bama team at home? We're very deficient on the block in terms of size, which hurts in a lot of other areas.

We all knew this year would be predicated on guard play. And it hasn't been there for the most part (with the exception of KCP consistently).

There have been some surprises. Nemi and Caldwell-Pope look like solid players for the future at worst. Donte flashes moments of offensive ability and shows a lot of athleticism, he just gets swallowed because he still hasn't grown into his frame. Thornton still looks lost with the basketball, but in the limited minutes we've seen from him, he gives a lot of effort on the defensive end. Vincent Williams has been a pleasant surprise.

The point is, don't get all up a knot about this team. You knew that it was going to be a long season going in. It hasn't changed. I will say that I thought that we'd make some hay and progress a little more than we have, but playing 60 minutes cleanly with the problems that we have is very tough to do. I know the recruiting is sometimes frustrating, but we're getting some quality guys for next year.

If you're still mad, just watch the games and look for Jay Rome to come in. It'll cheer you up.

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