Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hoops Recruiting Update

I thought that a little update was in order, considering that we've been grossly neglecting the second half of our site's namesake. That hasn't been overlooked, we've just been overwhelmingly understaffed the last month or so. I won't go into why, but it's safe to say that circumstances have dictated such (for the most part).

Anyway, enough with the excuses.

First off, let's try and close the book on 2012. It looks like the only play we're going to make is for PF Charles Mitchell. If I had to pick a recent Bulldog that reminds me of him, it'd most likely be Jeremy Price. He's a big body, but is a little more developed in terms of athleticism and scoring ability. He'd be a nice addition to a team that is very undermanned in terms of beef down low.

With that said, I'm not really sure that we're putting the "heat" on him, so to speak.  I'm not certain what the deal is, but I don't see him landing in Athens. While it's possible, I get the feeling that we gave the other guys at his position too much attention and got in with him a little too late. I'd estimate the longer he waits, the better our chances are, however.

On to 2013...

The state of Georgia is extremely down next year in terms of elite talent. Really the only top-flight big man is Jarquez Smith of First Presbyterian. He's comes in at about 6'8-6'9 and 220 and really excels as a face-up four. He's long and athletic, but could use some of the weight room (have we heard this before) and tends to shy away from grinding in the paint. That's really not that surprising to me though, as a lot of guys who can shoot decently well in HS try and show it off.

All that said, he's a MUST get. With virtually no other big men in-state for 2013, that means "FULL COLISEUM PRESS".

At this point, the only other guys that I can really safely say are on the list of possibles for 2012 are 5-star PG Solomon Poole and 4-star PG Detrick Mostella. Poole has a brother that was at Kentucky and has since transferred to Tech, so our chances don't increase any with that move. He has said that he wants to "have his own basketball legacy" so it might appear that his brother's move to Nerddom won't be that big of a deal.

Either way, Poole is a thick kid who has a lot quicks and can also score, which is a great combo if you ask me. He also seems to be a standup kid - that never hurts either.

Mostella is a very wiry kid, but is off the charts athletically and can score at will. He'll more than wow you with his offensive talent, but hasn't shown a compelte game at both ends thus far. Like Mark Fox says, "You can teach someone to play defense. Scoring the ball is natural." See play below... Per Dan McDonald of UGASports, we're currently at the top of his list.

Why do we want him?

If you have any other hoops recruiting questions, just let us know. We'll see if we have an answer.

Oh yeah, and don't forget to make it out to the Stege tonight at 8. We'll see you there.

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