Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hoops Recruiting Update: UGA With a New Offer on the Table

I'm sure you'll recognize the name, but in case you don't, the late Alec Kessler's nephew Houston was offered a scholarship by Mark Fox yesterday (per Dan McDonald of UGASports). He's a 6'8 PF out of Landmark Christian who has good size (vertically), but could and most likely will receive a redshirt next season, should he follow in his uncle's footsteps and make his way to Athens.

We've certainly got the room to sign him, as it looks like we're gonna miss on the big names in this year's massive crop of big time in-state PF's.

There's one other shot at an in-state guy at that position, which would be Wheeler's Charles Mitchell. He certainly has the size to compete early at 6'8 and 250, but has't gotten a ton of attention from Fox and staff. It's most likely that he's not quite the athlete that Fox likes, but a guy that can rebound, play big, and show some offensive prowess is someone that I wouldn't mind having in my hip pocket.

Mitchell has been getting a lot more attention lately, so there's at least a shot that we can get some ink on paper in our favor.

Should we strike out with these two, I guess it's possible that Fox would go the JUCO route again, but I just think we'll hold onto them. It doesn't look like we'll be losing any guys down low anytime soon, so it would make sense. With a pretty thin class of PF's in Georgia next season, that decision could get dicey in the long run.

Either way, we GOTTA have some big men who have an offensive game get into the program pretty soon. That and a wing player with some WOW factor. Here's to hoping Kenny Gaines and Brandon Morris can provide some pizzazz next year.

Speaking of Kenny, there's an outside shot that I may get to Whitefield's game next Tuesday at home against Paedeia. If I can make it over there, I'll hopefully have a little video for you and some thoughts on Gaines. Stay tuned.


  1. Houston is Chad Kessler's son. Alec was his uncle.

  2. Really a sad state of affairs when it comes to UGA hoops recruiting. I don't know what's worse, recruiting a JC guy like Florveus who clearly was not going to have an immediate impact(and will almost certainly never have any real impact) or getting very marginally talented players directly from high school who will take up a roster spot for 4 years. Even if our existing guys are coached up over the course of time, they just don't have the ability to compete against the better players in and out of conference. Caldwell-Pope was a big get for Fox, but he needs help and Fox and his staff have struck out on every other blue chip player they have pursued. I really like Fox, but "recruiting is the lifeblood of a program" and he's not getting it done in that area.

  3. What, in your estimation, is the source of Fox's struggles on the recruiting trail. I know he comes from outside the region, but in hoops that's not nearly as important as in football, given all the national tournaments these kids play in thru AAU and such. He certainly seems to have the kind of personality to make for an excellent recruiter, and I thought that hiring Pearson would immediately bridge any remaining regional divide, but I'm stumped. There is absolutely no reason for Georgia to not be a consistent tournament participant, and possibly more. I fear that if Fox doesn't pull a rabbit out of his hat in next year's class that we'll be looking for a new coach again in a couple of years, and that would suck.

  4. Coach Fox can't coach and can't recruit! We need to cut our loses and move on. Ever since the Florida game last year at home and the Alabama game at the SEC tournament, convinced me of his inability. No excuse for not getting some of these recruits. GT gets the blue chippers, why not UGA!

  5. Kessler has a beautiful jumper. He is very skilled for his size. Just saying...

  6. Kessler scored 41, 33, & 35 in his last 3 games. High character kid & great student. Can fill it up from perimeter for a kid 6'8.