Friday, January 13, 2012

Gurley Decides (And Other Tidbits)

Will they be in the backfield together as well?

Be sure and tune in to our Twitter feed (@hedges2hardwood) at 2pm today as we follow the announcement of Tarboro, NC athlete Todd Gurley. I'm sure you know the ins and outs of Gurley's game by now and where he'll go and what he'll do and what flavor of ice cream he likes etcetera, etcetera ad nauseum.

Gurley's a good kid and also happens to be a great "football player", which unsurprisingly has become much more valuable to me than being a great "athlete". As you may well know, if you've been watching Georgia football lately, those "great athletes" usually get shuffled around and have a hard time finding a niche on the field through no fault of their own. He also has a great head on his shoulders, which I'm always a HUGE fan of when it comes to kids that play a position that gets a lot of attention.

Whatever team that happens to land him (most likely down to Clemson and Georgia) will have another total STUDENT-athlete to claim for their club.

If he happens to choose the Dawgs, which seems to be the prohibitive favorite despite recent comments, he'll be a welcome addition to a somewhat embattled backfield next season (with the exception of Keith Marshall). Some folks seem to think that he wouldn't want to come here with the depth chart as it currently sits, but I couldn't disagree more with that viewpoint.

If you haven't noticed, our RBs have been hurt, suspended, or contemplating transfer more than I can ever remember. "Thin" isn't a good way to describe the flux that the Dawgs are experiencing at tailback, even if we do have like 5 guys on the roster. Remember what happened last season? How far from reality is another occurrence like that?

Precisely what the coaches are thinking as well. That's why they've pulled out the stops for this kid. They sure hope he picks up the Red and Black hat. While he says that he's dreamed of playing for Clemson, the allure of Georgia and playing with his ***BUDDIES*** (notice that's plural) can't be denied.

***We've heard some chatter and seen a few things that lead us to believe that recent Notre Dame decommit (and Gurley/Marshall homeboy) Ronald Darby is a possible pull for the Dawgs as signing day approaches. He's very close friends with the two and the curious situation with our CB recruiting leads me to believe that he may, in fact, have an offer despite published reports. I've heard some things from Marshall that lead me to believe he thinks/knows that Darby will be joining him in Athens, so it won't be a huge surprise if he inks with the Red and Black on NSD.


  1. With Davis visiting this weekend, my hunch is Gurley goes elsewhere.

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