Monday, January 2, 2012

Dawgs vs. Spartans: Our KEY Advantage Nobody's Talking About

The last time they played an SEC team, their quarterback left the game with a "severe headache" after the fourth sack and a 28-0 3rd quarter deficit. Jarvis, Kwame, and the crew feels another one of those coming on for him.


***By the way, we've been a little slack here lately with the holidays, but expect a fully restocked and restored staff this week and a jam-packed 2012 coming. As always, thanks for reading and GO DAWGS!***


  1. Wasn't the LSU game the last SEC game we played?

    I expect to have good quarter, and then Murray will commit three or four turnovers like he did against LSU, UF, UCF, SC, special teams will make 2 or 3 big mistakes like they did against SC, LSU, and same ole story, we go 0-4 vs. ranekd teams.

  2. Mr. Georgia Football Returns....

    Errorn Intercepta-Murray is back against ranked opponents......again! Richt has to take the responsibility for Walsh and Murray....they lost the game.

    Murray was a turnover machine! Walsh couldn' hit the broad side of a barn.