Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Signing Day Central: LIVE

In order to keep you guys abreast of all the important signings and whatnot tomorrow, we'll have an H2H rep down at Butts-Mehre scoping out the faxes as they roll in off the presses. Speaking of faxes, couldn't the NCAA just have a nice little automated PDF for something like this? You know, there is something these days called "email". But I digress, the NCAA is way ahead of the times anyway... (cough, cough).

We'll be livechatting and should have some video of the festivities, as well as pictures, and we'll keep a tracker going of all the commits as they come in, so you'll have the most up-to-date info possible. I mean, it'll almost be like being there.

So, where do you come for all of this coverage and what is the steep, no frills price point that we've decided is neglible enough on a monthly basis that your automatic payment won't be noticed by the wife? Just make your way to the HOMEPAGE and hopefully the FREEdom that you'll find will be FREEly appreciated from the FREElance folk at H2H. (That was a, "Hey, you ain't gotta pay for this" joke.)


This Saturday, come out to the Buckhead Theatre and join the crowd for a good time for a GREAT cause. For details and ordering info see DawgsforJT.com. Here's a few more details from the site on the festivities:

Join Dawgs for JT at the Buckhead Theatre for a fun evening benefiting JT's recovery. Ticket prices are only $25.00 per person and 100% of the price goes to JT. Here is quick glimpse of what is happening at the event!
  • Hosted bar (8pm - 9pm)
  • Cash bar (9pm - 11pm)
  • Live music provided by the Kurt Thomas Band
  • DJ services provided by DJ Jobe
Make a donation of $250 or more and earn a place on the event Host Committee. Click here to make a donation above and beyond the event ticket price.

The best thing about this is that 100% of the ticket price goes directly to JT's benefit.

New Commit in Action: In BEAST Mode

Dawson becomes the 17th and newest member of the Dawg's 2012 class. Don't know about you, but a CB with a RB mentality sounds like a good thing to me. Guess Coach couldn't "Freeze" him out over there in Oxford.


Height: 5'10.5''
Weight: 170
40: 4.48
Vert: 31.5
Hulkamania: 16 reps with 185 - KUNTRY STRONG!

Being that this is no less than the 12th time you've seen this video, what are we getting? To me it looks like a bigger corner who can run and is strong enough to press/jam bigger guys off the edge. In my estimation, he'll contribute this year - maybe just special teams, but, heck, we need as much as we can get at this point.

Tweet O' The Day: What the Coaches Do During the DEAD Period

If I were a football coach, I'd certainly like getting away from the meeting rooms during a time like this. If you're not privy to the "Dead" period, it means the time right before signing day that coaches cannot talk to recruits. More specifically, per NCAA regulations, it means:

Dead period (n) [ded peer-ee-uhd]: a time when cheaters cheat (see Bruce Pearl), wait sorry... the time when a college coach may not have any in-person contact with the prospective student-athlete or the prospect’s parents at any time. The coach may write and telephone during this time.

It's a time that you can't travel, so there's a few moments to catch up on a friendly game of H-O-R-S-E or if you've really got your danger pants on, P-I-G. It looks like Coach Bobo has his on.

CMB far left, dark gray shirt.

I don't blame them. I just hope they're wearing proper shoes for ankle protection.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Tweet O' The Day: Robinson is a BAG MAN?

And not just half of it either...

I'll admit, a whole bag of pizza rolls is not something out of the question for a Sunday afternoon (or Thursday evening in Athens). I'd estimate that he probably does a little more of this type of thing (below) to help defray the calories than I did.

And, yes I did just goof you into reading this. YOU MAD BRO? It's FRIDAY, FRIDAY... live a little. Besides you can't be too mad after being witness to the silky smooth narration of Mark Summers. Also, notice what Summers is wearing - tuxedo with white tennis shoes. How could a job get any better than that?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

RECRUITING: 2012 Final Class Prediction (Surprises)

Firstly, I won't claim to be a recruitnik. I follow it just enough to know the names and situations. Because of this, I'll just say that a lot of the predictions that I'm making go on three standards:
  • Common sense
  • Situation at the other schools said recruit is considering
  • My sense of their attraction to UGA
With that being said, all of these change from minute to minute with guys that are 17 and 18, so we really can't possibly have all the info or really feel great about any one single recruit. There are far too many moving parts here, but I'll give it my best shot.

Considering the guys that we currently have on board, I don't believe that we'll lose any more of them, so let's just put a big check mark beside the 16 that are already committed. On to those who aren't (to the Dawgs)...

Sean Price, TE, Citra, FL (USF): He's currently committed to the Bulls, but Mark Richt was in town to visit Tuesday and the family is making the trip to Athens this week to check out campus. Prediction: Gets my hopes up, but still ends up in Tampa.

Josh Harvey-Clemmons, LB, Valdosta, GA: FSU makes the late push, but Richt tells Jimbo and Muschump to eff off.
Prediction: Didn't I just do that?

Avery Young, OT, Palm Beach Gardens, FL: At this point we look to be in the drivers seat with Auburn trying to grab the wheel and yank it into the big white oak in that curve up ahead.
Prediction: We need tackles too bad and Auburn... Did you see them last year?

Josh Dawson, OLB, Tucker, GA: This one was interesting for a while, but this just feels like one that the message board crowd will end up bitching about.
Prediction: "What the HELL? He went to Vandy? They're obviously cheating!"

Kenderius Whitehead, OLB, Lithonia, GA (NC State): He surprisingly committed to lame-O'Brien up in Carolina last week on a whim, but Grantham and Daddy Richt were in-house yesterday.
Prediction: This one ain't over just yet. We get a "flip" on NSD because he (and father) just can't start chocking that UGA room full of NC State gear.

Will Redmond, CB, Memphis (MSU): Lifelong Dawg fan and MSU? commit, can't get over the appeal of Athens. We need cornerbacks in the WORST way.
Prediction: I can't predict that a CB recruit will pick the Bizarro Dawgs over us.

Sheldon Dawson, CB, Memphis (Memphis): Larry Porter? Really?
Prediction: See above.

Cordarelle Patterson, WR, Hutch Comm. College: This one is an instance where everyone seems to think we're way out front, but we bite the curb in the end. He's considering a team in disarray at every position (save QB) which means the depth chart looks MORE THAN favorable at his position.
Prediction: Another to bitch about. WHY IS HE WEARING ORANGE?

JaQuay Williams, WR, Tyrone, GA (Auburn): Been committed to the Barners for a minute, but Dawgs have put on the heat recently and showed him where downtown was this weekend. I fear "The Towel Mongerer" has waved it in his face too much, however.
Prediction: That daggum towel strikes again.. for a minute, then he changes his mind all because of one thing... 8e's Bar!


Brandon Greene, OT, Ellenwood, GA, (Bama): I just get a sneaky feeling about this guy. There's a lot of scuttlebut that we'll get a guy on signing day that is committed to another school, but he wants to keep it quiet so as not to offend the other team. Can't think of anyone else I'd want a recruit to offend more than Nick Saban, so...
Prediction: Had way, way to much fun in Athens a few months ago.

Tweet O' The Day: Watts on FASHION

I have a pet peeve, which involves a type of mostly black, tight leg-ged garment that, seemingly all college aged young women wear these days. They are conspicuously similar to this (in fitment, of course, but not necessarily hue)...

Have you been distracted and possibly nauseated by such a sight while minding your own business? Well, so too has Watts Dantzler, purveyor of fine leggings and dealer of wisdom in the areas wherein.

This seems like a simple rule, but for some odd reason, people just don't get it (see above). Furthermore, I'd argue that no one, regardless of size or stature, should wear tights as pants. There are a few reasons why:
  • Something called "moose knuckle". Believe me, all those guys aren't laughing at your super chic new Louis Vuitton that your mom bought you for Christmas.
  • Eventually you're going to end up griping when some dude downtown that you describe as a "total creeper" tries to put the moves on you and refers to the lack of "delineation among the Southern hemispheres". I leave you to figure that joke out. (HINT: It doesn't involve your "super-lame" geography class)
  • I don't go out in public in boxer-briefs and a 4XL neon t-shirt. Neither should you.
  • Not buying that they're "JUST SO COMFY". At no point have I ever felt such constrictive and impractical habiliments anything less than uncomfortable - that's the opposite of "COMFY".
So, in summation...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

UGA Hoops Commit Shows His Musical Side

Kenny Gaines, a 6-4 shooting guard, is one of three signees for Georgia's 2012 basketball recruiting class. Most of you that follow the blog should know his name by now. He should provide an athletic -- and long -- shooting guard that we desperately need.

One thing I'll bet you didn't know (and neither did I) is that he has other mad skills...tickling the ivories:

As I mentioned earlier, he will be a much needed help in the backcourt. If you don't believe me, just tune in to ESPN tonight at 9pm. The Dawgs host #1 ranked Kentucky. The last time we hosted  a #1 ranked team was against Florida in 2007 (a 71-61 loss). So, watch with an open mind because if you haven't seen UK play this season, WOW.

VIDEO: Dobbs Earholes Tyler Sash

This is ridiculous... Demarcus Dobbs is making the most out of his time in San Fran.

Courtesy of Richie Rich. You know who you are and I'm welcome.


Tweet O' The Day: NEW TEAM Workouts

They're bringing back the MATS!

Here's the thing about MAT drills, they sound terrible, everyone hates them, and you hate yourself at the end...

Sounds like a good thing to me. I know that every time I dread doing something, it's usually going to benefit me in the long term (in terms of physical activity). In sixth grade, I dreaded running the mile and making a certain time - in 9th grade, I dreaded "Parkways" (AKA "Blue Ride Parkways") - two years ago, I dreaded my first triathlon. In the end, I was tired and hated myself, but I was proud.

Yeah, I'd probably bitch and moan about those if I weren't a part of the most shredded CrossFitters on the planet, but yeah, I laugh at those little MAT drills that they're doing ONCE A WEEK.

***Totally kidding about the fitness stuff. I'd throw up and curse my mother if subject to those drills, but I gotta make a point somehow, plus these guys are like way more athletic than I am and they get a free education for working out and getting decent grades, so I don't feel bad.***

Sanders Commings Garners Support From Team

When you don't have all the details, you're quick to judge. I didn't comment on this story yesterday because these are serious charges/allegations that shouldn't be tossed around lightly. First off, we don't know any details, other than what has been provided in the police report. Secondly, we're not privy to the details of a downtown Saturday night. Let's be frank, it's a less than civil atmosphere in the beginning.

Furthermore he seems to have gotten a lot of support from his teammates:

Domestic violence is a serious deal. I don't know what happened and I'm not taking sides, but can we PLEASE stop dragging his name through the mud? From all accounts, he's been a good student and citizen thus far, so let's reserve judgment until someone actually gets convicted of a crime. I know it's a new thing to a lot of people, but I promise, you'll feel better in the end.

I find it pretty funny that 20 year olds seem to have more sense than a bunch of grown men. If he did it, then call him names and talk about suspensions/bootings/gallowsry.

And yeah, I know there's that whole O.J. thing, but NO - that doesn't count.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

NEW Todd Gurley Highlights

Wow...that Todd Gurley is so hot right now. Actually, Rivals.com thinks he is REALLY hot right now. Included in the newest recruiting rankings on Rivals are some interesting...and somewhat controversial details:
  • Gurley has jumped from the #29 ATHLETE in the country -- a modest three star player -- to the number 42 OVERALL PLAYER! This has to be one of the biggest jumps ever. 
  • Keith Marshall -- on Rivals -- has dropped to the #48 player overall. Yes, they are saying that Todd Gurley is slightly better than Keith Marshall...very strange indeed. It should be noted that ESPN still has Marshall as the #6 overall player in the country.
The difference in the recruiting rankings between these two players is indeed strange, but does it matter? Not to me, because we got both of them. 

Now, back to Gurley. Here the newest video I have found, which was taken from his state championship game...a pretty impressive performance to say the least:

Tweet O' The Day: Ray Drew Speaks His Mind

Today's tweet is short and to the point. And I completely agree.

Those schools are full of a bunch of panty-waists. 6'5, 245-pound ones that are more scary than bengal tiger on coke in room full of knives on fire.

Hoops Recruiting Update

I thought that a little update was in order, considering that we've been grossly neglecting the second half of our site's namesake. That hasn't been overlooked, we've just been overwhelmingly understaffed the last month or so. I won't go into why, but it's safe to say that circumstances have dictated such (for the most part).

Anyway, enough with the excuses.

First off, let's try and close the book on 2012. It looks like the only play we're going to make is for PF Charles Mitchell. If I had to pick a recent Bulldog that reminds me of him, it'd most likely be Jeremy Price. He's a big body, but is a little more developed in terms of athleticism and scoring ability. He'd be a nice addition to a team that is very undermanned in terms of beef down low.

With that said, I'm not really sure that we're putting the "heat" on him, so to speak.  I'm not certain what the deal is, but I don't see him landing in Athens. While it's possible, I get the feeling that we gave the other guys at his position too much attention and got in with him a little too late. I'd estimate the longer he waits, the better our chances are, however.

On to 2013...

The state of Georgia is extremely down next year in terms of elite talent. Really the only top-flight big man is Jarquez Smith of First Presbyterian. He's comes in at about 6'8-6'9 and 220 and really excels as a face-up four. He's long and athletic, but could use some of the weight room (have we heard this before) and tends to shy away from grinding in the paint. That's really not that surprising to me though, as a lot of guys who can shoot decently well in HS try and show it off.

All that said, he's a MUST get. With virtually no other big men in-state for 2013, that means "FULL COLISEUM PRESS".

At this point, the only other guys that I can really safely say are on the list of possibles for 2012 are 5-star PG Solomon Poole and 4-star PG Detrick Mostella. Poole has a brother that was at Kentucky and has since transferred to Tech, so our chances don't increase any with that move. He has said that he wants to "have his own basketball legacy" so it might appear that his brother's move to Nerddom won't be that big of a deal.

Either way, Poole is a thick kid who has a lot quicks and can also score, which is a great combo if you ask me. He also seems to be a standup kid - that never hurts either.

Mostella is a very wiry kid, but is off the charts athletically and can score at will. He'll more than wow you with his offensive talent, but hasn't shown a compelte game at both ends thus far. Like Mark Fox says, "You can teach someone to play defense. Scoring the ball is natural." See play below... Per Dan McDonald of UGASports, we're currently at the top of his list.

Why do we want him?

If you have any other hoops recruiting questions, just let us know. We'll see if we have an answer.

Oh yeah, and don't forget to make it out to the Stege tonight at 8. We'll see you there.

GREAT VIDEO: AJ and Michael Irvin

This is one of the best you'll see. It's a little lengthy, but gives a lot in the way of the minutae of running a route.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tweet O' The Day: Marshall vs. Mitchell: Who's Faster? VIDEO!

Now this is some hella good TWOTD material - actual video of lightning on a football field. We all know both of these guys are fast, but just HOW FAST are they?

You've come to the right place folks...

Please click the PICTURE FOR LINK. Sorry, for some reason the HTML from yfrog wouldn't let me embed. If any of you are internet wizards and can point me to a way of doing this, I'd be forever indebted to you.

Well, didn't take long for Keith's legend to take shape.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Tweet O' The Day: Team Found with CONTRABAND

Mark Wahlberg, despite all the whispering, is a pretty good actor. He kind of gets pegged for one type of role, but isn't an Oscar-nominated actor because he's always stealing stuff and running around with his shirt off. His movies are pretty much all entertaining at the least and I'd have to say that I'm a fan of his works, both as an actor and as a producer.

The team just so happens to be as well.

Here's the thing Hunter, doesn't everyone want to be Mark Wahlberg a little bit? Well, he gets to be a movie star, work out all the time, show off his junk and have a name like Dirk (AND it's ok), AND start a hamburger joint. What's bad about that, besides you have to be about 5'7?

Oh yeah, you get to have whisper fights...

Bama and UT Coach Swapping

If you didn't know, The University of Tennessee's football program is a complete dumpster fire right about know. Dooley's on the hot seat, recruits are flying the coop, and so are the coaches. Sal Sunseri was hired to be the defensive coordinator this weekend for Doolander after Justin Wilcox moved on and Lance Thompson, formerly with Saban, was hired back by the Tide to man the vacancy left by Sunseri.

If you don't remember the name Lance Thompson, he was the guy that was at the center of the UT hostess program that put Kiffykins recruiting tactics straight in the crosshairs of the NCAA. For more info, check HERE.

That means that, in total, Tennessee has retained only THREE of it's assistants from last year's staff. Check THIS for a comprehensive overview of the staff changes. So what, may you ask, do the Vol fans think of all this turnover? Oh that's what happens when you have a great staff...

Are these people really that naive?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mike Davis COMMITS!

To the Gamecocks of South Carolina. From What I've read, he's been silently committed there for a week, or so he says.

Friday, January 13, 2012

What the Returning Juniors Means For Next Season

In case you haven't heard, the slew of UGA defenders that were taking a peek at the next level, have decided to stay put. Bacarri Rambo, Shawn Williams, and Cornelius Washington have all said they will be back next season. That means NINE defensive starters will be returning for next season, of which ALL will be juniors or seniors. What it also means is that Georgia will be a sure lock for a preseason top 10 ranking, and this is what scares me...

The last time we had expectations like this was 2008 (if you don't remember, this is the season in which we were preseason #1 and ended up getting shellacked at home by Alabama, throttled by Florida, and just for good measure, blew a 16-point halftime lead to Tech in the pouring rain...not good memories to say the least). The only real question mark for next season personnel-wise is the offensive line and kicking game...but they were sort of question marks this season too so...whatever. My main fear is that -- despite our "easy" schedule on paper -- we will crap the bed just like '08.

What this ALSO means is that the microscope will be focused squarely on Mark Richt. Although he won many of our hearts with our SEC East run, the last two games -- LSU and Michigan State -- more than quelled the praises given toward the head man. Instead, we were left with the knowledge that the best team we beat all season (probably Auburn) finished with 5 losses. Two of our losses were in our back yard -- and neither were close. I know...I'm just venting at this point so I'll stop.

SO...what will it be for next season? Another case of lofty expectations only to leave us disappointed OR will the Dawgs FINALLY break through with CMR and reach the pinnacle (and no...I'm not talking about just an SEC Championship)? Based on my history as a Dawg fan, I'll have to see it to believe it.

Gurley Decides (And Other Tidbits)

Will they be in the backfield together as well?

Be sure and tune in to our Twitter feed (@hedges2hardwood) at 2pm today as we follow the announcement of Tarboro, NC athlete Todd Gurley. I'm sure you know the ins and outs of Gurley's game by now and where he'll go and what he'll do and what flavor of ice cream he likes etcetera, etcetera ad nauseum.

Gurley's a good kid and also happens to be a great "football player", which unsurprisingly has become much more valuable to me than being a great "athlete". As you may well know, if you've been watching Georgia football lately, those "great athletes" usually get shuffled around and have a hard time finding a niche on the field through no fault of their own. He also has a great head on his shoulders, which I'm always a HUGE fan of when it comes to kids that play a position that gets a lot of attention.

Whatever team that happens to land him (most likely down to Clemson and Georgia) will have another total STUDENT-athlete to claim for their club.

If he happens to choose the Dawgs, which seems to be the prohibitive favorite despite recent comments, he'll be a welcome addition to a somewhat embattled backfield next season (with the exception of Keith Marshall). Some folks seem to think that he wouldn't want to come here with the depth chart as it currently sits, but I couldn't disagree more with that viewpoint.

If you haven't noticed, our RBs have been hurt, suspended, or contemplating transfer more than I can ever remember. "Thin" isn't a good way to describe the flux that the Dawgs are experiencing at tailback, even if we do have like 5 guys on the roster. Remember what happened last season? How far from reality is another occurrence like that?

Precisely what the coaches are thinking as well. That's why they've pulled out the stops for this kid. They sure hope he picks up the Red and Black hat. While he says that he's dreamed of playing for Clemson, the allure of Georgia and playing with his ***BUDDIES*** (notice that's plural) can't be denied.

***We've heard some chatter and seen a few things that lead us to believe that recent Notre Dame decommit (and Gurley/Marshall homeboy) Ronald Darby is a possible pull for the Dawgs as signing day approaches. He's very close friends with the two and the curious situation with our CB recruiting leads me to believe that he may, in fact, have an offer despite published reports. I've heard some things from Marshall that lead me to believe he thinks/knows that Darby will be joining him in Athens, so it won't be a huge surprise if he inks with the Red and Black on NSD.

Tweet O' The Day: Mason Decides

Just check these two tweets from him over the past couple days...

It would occur to me that, as we've said before, this is a very tough decision for the backup QB. From the context clues it looks like he'll stay, as it wouldn't make a ton of sense to be enrolled at a school from which you're transferring. This isn't a new dilemma - he's seen it coming for months (if not longer), so you'd have to think that he'd have made the decision to jet if he were going to before starting the semester.

Then again, the conclusion that my intuition and plain common sense lead to may well be wrong. I'd say though that it's highly likely that he'll be hanging around considering the above. Whatever the case may be, he has to do what's best for him.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tweet O' The Day: Wideout Possibly Moving to the NFL?

Nah, not really. Though it seems as though Chris Conley stewed over the possibility for a long, long time before coming to a very reasonable conclusion.

I must say, however, Conley had a very nice season with more than a few HUGE catches. I would've expected quite a bit less than 16 for 288 and 2TDs from him after game two, but with Malcolm Mitchell's injury he made the most of his chance when given it.

Wideout was one of a couple positions where we started off the season with nothing but a few starters and a bunch of question marks. After looking back on this year and now looking forward to 2012, WR looks to be one of the strong points for the Dawgs.

Considering we don't lose anyone from this year's unit and look to gain a recruit or two in this class, we should be very deep. You'll also add Wooten, who missed most of the year with a concussion. Top to bottom we'll probably have the best WR corps that we've seen in Athens since 2002 with Brown, Edwards, Johnson, Gibson and (I guess) Raley.

Hoops Thoughts To Date

Like many of you, I really wanted to punch my television Tuesday watching that mess from the O-Dome. Yes, Florida is good. Yes, we really don't seem to be very good. I can understand your frustration because I share it as well. I've endured enough bad teams to realize that you really shouldn't make a big deal out of losing a few basketball games - especially when you're coming off of a NCAA tourney appearance and the loss of approximately 45% of your minutes and 65% of your offense.

Last year was a good year by Georgia basketball standards. Unlike football, the expectations aren't to compete for championships (just yet... or maybe ever... not quite sure on this one yet). Mark Fox is trying to build a program and made the nice step last season, with a few very talented college players.

Honestly, I don't realize why so many people are put off with the team. Did you really expect to beat Florida at their place or an extremely talented Bama team at home? We're very deficient on the block in terms of size, which hurts in a lot of other areas.

We all knew this year would be predicated on guard play. And it hasn't been there for the most part (with the exception of KCP consistently).

There have been some surprises. Nemi and Caldwell-Pope look like solid players for the future at worst. Donte flashes moments of offensive ability and shows a lot of athleticism, he just gets swallowed because he still hasn't grown into his frame. Thornton still looks lost with the basketball, but in the limited minutes we've seen from him, he gives a lot of effort on the defensive end. Vincent Williams has been a pleasant surprise.

The point is, don't get all up a knot about this team. You knew that it was going to be a long season going in. It hasn't changed. I will say that I thought that we'd make some hay and progress a little more than we have, but playing 60 minutes cleanly with the problems that we have is very tough to do. I know the recruiting is sometimes frustrating, but we're getting some quality guys for next year.

If you're still mad, just watch the games and look for Jay Rome to come in. It'll cheer you up.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What We Need: The "Have-To" and HGH

I'm not insinuating that Alabama's players are on PED's, but there's obviously something in the water down there. You see that they're players are really large, but just how large is insane.

The thing about it is, not only are they massive, they're also as fast as your guy who's playing safety. While their d-line is really, really good, when you have a linebacking corps that's bigger (and I'd argue as fast) as anyone in THE NFL***, you stand a pretty good chance of winning.

I know this is old news, but it really didn't occur to me until last night just how good those guys are.

***I'm gonna check on this and make sure, but I can't think of a bigger group of linebackers in THE LEAGUE. I'll get back to you on this matter.

Tweet O' The Day: Amarlo Sets Aim High

This is the kind of attitude we need... and a lot of it.

It was brutally apparent that everyone in that game last night wanted to be on the field for every snap. What was also apparent was the bloodlust displayed by virtually everyone on the field. That's the kind of mentality that wins championships, not this "Hey we won ten games and the East. I FEEL GREAT!"

I really felt like every kid out there really wanted to hurt the guy across from him - not in a dirty way, but in a respectful "Your Mother Wears Combat Boots" type of way.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Tweet O' The Day: The First of the Defections

This announcement could be the first in a deluge this week, but hopefully better news is on the horizon.

I can understand Jordan's decision. He's most likely been supplanted on the depth chart and he still has two years to play two, so you can't fault him. With Boykin and Love already scratched for next year and Shawn Williams, Rambo, and Branden Smith submitting paperwork to the NFL, we could be in for a hurting considering that we have EXACTLY ZERO corners committed for the 2012 class.

From what I hear, we're "already full" at the position according to some recruits. For what reason I can only fathom - the die hard recruitniks will surely say that it's because of some "silents". Who knows for sure?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Tweet O' The Day: An Important Backup Possibly Transferring

This has been rumored for a while, but it's possible the first time that I've seen Hutson mention it on the Twitters.

All grammatical errors aside, it looks to me like Murray's right-hand man is having a difficult time mulling over a possible transfer. I know some of you folks will say, "Well we were the only ones that gave him a scholly - he should be grateful."

To you I'd say, "Go jump off a bridge."

While I won't say that I know Hutson, he seems like a good kid who has the ability to play quarterback at the D-1 level. Given that and the fact that he and Murray will graduate together, he probably won't have that opportunity at UGA.

I know if I love playing football, I'm finding a Big East/Big Ten/Conference USA team that would take me. He's played in the spread before and has a redshirt year still left, so why not go to a school that runs something like that, get a degree, and then start working on a graduate degree in your senior year?

All makes A LOT of sense to me. Personally, I wouldn't blame him at all. He'll still be a DGD in my book.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tweet O' The Day: They Said What?

Yesterday was a pretty quiet day in the Twitterverse. As such, I will post a few curious tweets and randomly comment about them. Please forgive my non-funny funniness.

How to Spend Your Life Savings at Taco Bell

$10 at Taco could consist of the following:
- 4 Cheesy Gordita Crunches
- 6 Bean and Beef Burritos
- 2 Meximelts
- 6 Soft-shell Tacos
- Large Mountain Dew Code Red
- Grilled Stuft Burrito, Chicken
- 2 Caramel Apple Empanadas, for flare

They Play Football?

West Virginia, they slowly lull you to sleep during the season, then eat your baby come BCS time.

Yabo Dabo... DON'T

I still don't understand why folks like this guy. For TK it's understandable because of his family history, but WTF?

Why do I suddenly feel like I'm in a glass house?

Yet Another Junior Thinking About the NFL

As we still wait to see what draft-eiligible players will forgo their senior season, we must add yet another possible candidate to the list. Here is what UGAsports.com's Anthony Dasher tweeted yesterday:

Well, apparently getting an interception in a bowl game can greatly impact your decision to make the leap. Personally, I think some of these underclassmen (like Williams and Cornelius Washington) are getting "NFL Fever" and may make a very miscalculated choice. Now, with Williams's name floating out there, let's go through the entire list of underclassman who have mentioned an early exit:

  • John Jenkins/Jarvis Jones -- Say they are returning to UGA next season.
  • Bacarri Rambo -- Said he is still "50-50". Personally, I think he is gone. Hope I'm wrong.
  • Orson Charles -- Not that it was all his fault, but he didn't exactly help himself in the bowl game. I still think he will make the jump.
  • Branden Smith -- Sent his name to the NFL advisory board, but I think he will return. 
  • Cornelius Washington -- I THINK he will return, but at this point, I would label him as a complete wild card. 
  • Shawn Williams -- Haven't seen enough quotes from him to get a good read. If I was advising him, I would tell him to return. 
It would make for quite a formidable defense next season if all of them return. I also think Orson could play himself into possibly a first round pick if he returns. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening. But guess what? Having a top-tier SEC defense usually doesn't breed players that stay all four years. It's the world we live in. The elite players only need three years. The question is, are these Georgia players really elite?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hoops Recruiting Update: UGA With a New Offer on the Table

I'm sure you'll recognize the name, but in case you don't, the late Alec Kessler's nephew Houston was offered a scholarship by Mark Fox yesterday (per Dan McDonald of UGASports). He's a 6'8 PF out of Landmark Christian who has good size (vertically), but could and most likely will receive a redshirt next season, should he follow in his uncle's footsteps and make his way to Athens.

We've certainly got the room to sign him, as it looks like we're gonna miss on the big names in this year's massive crop of big time in-state PF's.

There's one other shot at an in-state guy at that position, which would be Wheeler's Charles Mitchell. He certainly has the size to compete early at 6'8 and 250, but has't gotten a ton of attention from Fox and staff. It's most likely that he's not quite the athlete that Fox likes, but a guy that can rebound, play big, and show some offensive prowess is someone that I wouldn't mind having in my hip pocket.

Mitchell has been getting a lot more attention lately, so there's at least a shot that we can get some ink on paper in our favor.

Should we strike out with these two, I guess it's possible that Fox would go the JUCO route again, but I just think we'll hold onto them. It doesn't look like we'll be losing any guys down low anytime soon, so it would make sense. With a pretty thin class of PF's in Georgia next season, that decision could get dicey in the long run.

Either way, we GOTTA have some big men who have an offensive game get into the program pretty soon. That and a wing player with some WOW factor. Here's to hoping Kenny Gaines and Brandon Morris can provide some pizzazz next year.

Speaking of Kenny, there's an outside shot that I may get to Whitefield's game next Tuesday at home against Paedeia. If I can make it over there, I'll hopefully have a little video for you and some thoughts on Gaines. Stay tuned.

Tweet O' The Day: Star Freshmen Duo Involved in Accident

There are two very lucky young fellas in Athens this morning, or wherever they happen to find themselves. Corey Moore and Damian Swann need to count their many blessings, name them one by one...

Glad to hear that the two seem to be completely unharmed. It's not very many times that you get whacked like that and get the opportunity to walk away. I hope the other party involved in this was also able to get away with no major complications.

Be careful out there. NO TEXTING AND DRIVING!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Randy Shannon to Tennessee?

I'm not quite sure if there's any truth to this, but UTk's kicker thought it would be a good idea to tweet some news out of Knoxville.

This seems like a terrible idea, especially all the mess at Miami that could end up following him wherever he goes. No matter what happens, the Tennessee program is a complete dumpster fire. Assistants are going to get canned and Dooley isn't doing anything with the players he currently has on roster. The ongoing saga of DeAnthony Arnett is also a complete mess, which Doolander isn't handling worth a darn.

I really hate it for them.

Tweet O' The Day: Boo Malcome... You've Earned an ATTABOY!


Precisely why you give your players (most of them) the opportunity to win. They play their asses off.

Ken Malcome, I'll never say another non-complimentary word about you. I certainly can understand why you might have considered a transfer after riding the pine and giving a rip about being a part of the TEAM. I would've probably thought the same thing considering a similar situation.

For those of you out there trying to pin yesterday's game on a player, just consider the above. That and they were somewhat handcuffed.

Why Everyone Is Mad - The Truth Hurts

First I'll start with the play of the year. Why it's the play of the year, I'll get to shortly.

Bowl games really don't mean anything. They're completely pointless with the exception of revenue and as really a glorified exhibition. Money grab, you might call it. That doesn't mean a damn to me because it's a game that the Georgia Bulldogs are playing and I want to win. Period. So, if you want to win and it doesn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things, what should one do?

I'd posit, just like in Billy Madison, "Let it all hang out."

That's where I come to the video above. It was second and nine, we had to make a play, so someone in the booth or on the field nutted up and called something that was COMPLETELY unforeseen by everyone who witnessed it. Gary Danielson's words, "Not believing they're going to throw the ball - maybe a quarterback draw."

It's not something that we've done (along with beating Florida) in a very long time, so I'm thinking...

We've got a new attitude.

We're Georgia and we're going to WIN games and not PLAY TO AVOID LOSING anymore. Players will make plays. That's what big teams do.

We got hosed.

Let's face it, we all thought that the conservative guy might have bellied up to the bar after a call like that.  Then there's three straight runs and a punt to Michigan State. We've seen this before. 


Pickoff in OT.


Missed FG.


We're not mad that we lost (maybe). We're all mad that we were fooled... AGAIN. I'm not a coach and I usually don't critique play calling, but had you asked anyone on the field with the exception of Richt and Bobo what they'd have done on both of those series, would the same plays have been called? 

Give the guys the chance to WIN; don't snatch it away from them by telling them, in effect, you don't believe in them enough to get the job done and running it up the gut three times or pinning it on your kicker who's had (at best) a rough go of it all season.

I heard it put well after the game by a dear friend of the blog, "It's the psychological part of the game that I can't see any member of the offensive staff understanding." Come out and stick it to someone. Don't wait on your haunches and wait for it to happen - CAUSE IT WILL!

It hasn't changed in 11 years.


*Jumping off soapbox*

Monday, January 2, 2012

Dawgs vs. Spartans: Our KEY Advantage Nobody's Talking About

The last time they played an SEC team, their quarterback left the game with a "severe headache" after the fourth sack and a 28-0 3rd quarter deficit. Jarvis, Kwame, and the crew feels another one of those coming on for him.


***By the way, we've been a little slack here lately with the holidays, but expect a fully restocked and restored staff this week and a jam-packed 2012 coming. As always, thanks for reading and GO DAWGS!***

Tweet O' The Day: Thanks For the Memories!

For Aron and all the other seniors that will be moving on with the next phase of their life, thanks for all the jubilant moments and improbable plays, as well as the not so good moments that I won't recall with poetic banter. I can't say enough about #81, as from all outside impressions, he's been the consummate student-athlete - winning in the classroom, out of the classroom, and on the field.

For the rest of you guys who are moving on, both graduates and otherwise, thanks for choosing to go to the University of Georgia. You've given me a hobby and something to needlessly ramble on about endlessly for the last year and a half and you've given the entire Bulldog Nation a team to root for on Saturdays in the fall.

That's the silly non-meaningful parts of your tenure in Athens. The best parts will be the lessons learned and the hardware (degree) that you tote out of their with your Nintendos and big-screen TVs. They were for me and I didn't have all that other sports-related stuff to go with it.

Thanks and best of luck, fellas - you're going to need it.

I'd like to send a special notice to DeAngelo Tyson, who was ruled out of the game yesterday by CMR and will be part of this group as well. Really hoping the best for DT, as he's had a tough road to get this far. Get your degree big fella.