Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Vegas Odds: Looks Like the Heisman is Already Decided

With the football season pretty much over (except for our bowl game a month from now), one of the few college football traditions left this season is to award the Heisman. Although it seems I generally grow less interested in the award every year, it will be talked about frequently on the 24/7 news cycle and is still a prestigious award. So...who is the front-runner? After all, the ceremony is this Saturday. Well, the five finalists have been announced:

  • Robert Griffin QB -- Baylor
  • Trent Richardson RB -- Alabama
  • Andrew Luck QB -- Stanford
  • Montee Ball RB -- Wisconsin
  • Tyrann Mathieu CB -- LSU
If you look at recent history, typically the Heisman winner is a player of a team playing in the BCS title game. The only exceptions in the past 10 years are Tebow (2007) and Carson Palmer (2002). Every other winner has gone on the compete in the title game. Thus, you would expect either Trent Richardson or Tyrann Mathieu to win, right? Well, according to the oddsmakers, we have another front-runner, and it doesn't appear to be close. Look at the current Heisman odds:

1/6 odds? That means you have to bet $6 to win $1 (get paid $7). In other words, this means two things:
  1. RG3 is a big favorite right now
  2. Martin Van Dawgin will be the happiest guy in the Western Hemisphere if he wins

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  1. richardson is definately the best in my opinion .
    He carries 10 people into the end zone on his back.