Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tweet O' the Day: Shawn Willaims Getting Paid?

I wasn't aware that Shawn was the burgeoning financier that he apparently is, but word is he's turning stacks and stacks of cash into real estate holdings...

 Here's a few tips Shawn:
  • Never, under any circumstances, buy a utility and always, under every circumstance, gobble up those railroads.
  • Only buy properties to complete a monopoly, or keep your homies from getting one themselves.
  • Orange properties are your friend.
  • Make sure and don't play with real money. Ohio State can tell you what you get when stuff like that happens.
I hope that these tips come in handy next time you find yourself dominating a game of Monopoly - or better yet "Dawgopoly" which I'm about 100% certain is a real game.

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