Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Orson Talking Pros?

I have no news per se on Orson Charles looming decision this offseason, but maybe a curious little nugget. When you're a TE and you have a top-2 round grade, you usually won't be sticking around. It seems like a really good TE isn't a coveted thing these days and with most teams having a pretty good one, stats play that generalization out.

At any rate, Orson is neck and neck with Dwayne Allen for the top draftable TE this season. While I don't have any definite information on his leaving, this tweet sure doesn't give me a rosy feeling that he'll stick around for his senior campaign:

While Orson isn't technically "talking to the pros," he's talking to a "pro". That can only mean a couple of things and most of those probably don't sign toward staying at Georgia. Then again, he could just be looking for some advice from a guy who stuck around for his senior season and was the most valuable player on his team.

Who knows? Honestly, if you had to ask me who I thought would come back given their respective draft grade, I'd think that Orson would be the most likely of Jones and Charles. For some reason I'm holding out hope that Richt and his best chum Aaron Murray will get him to stick around for another season.

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