Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Murray Re-Injures Leg After Practice

Looks like this could be quite a serious blow to Murray's ability to move in the pocket for the bowl game... That bandage looks imposing.

The most painful part of this injury will likely be the removal of the Johnson and Johnson stick em' on the back of that band-aid. Just to be safe, there's probably a few things that he should do to make sure the wound doesn't become septic:
  • Tell all the nursing majors that you can find, you need help STAT.
  • Bactine is your friend.
  • Milk it for all it's worth. "I think it's infected. I can hardly walk. Can you please help me with these books?"
  • NO peroxide. That stuff hurts, you think from 2nd grade.
  • No, "I got this at Longhorn" talk. You were snapped at by a rabid gator whilst trying to rescue a special needs puppy.
Trust me. At least two of those will work.


    1. let mason play. Let him start next year.

    2. Is that his leg

      or, his arm ?