Friday, December 9, 2011

Tweet O' the Day: The Life of A College Student

Just in case you miss the care-free days of college and want to get a little nostalgic, here's a great example of why being there is better than what you're slogging through currently...

So what does that look like to you? I'll have to say, I spent my fair share of time at ECV, as Dawgola and two other of my homies lived there, but I can't remember that being in the elevator. Maybe because they lived on the bottom floor....

Anywho, why wouldn't you just go ahead and stick a couch in there with one of those gentlemen who accosts you at the mall for a massage every time you walk past? It would really get you relaxed for those long hours of Super Nintendo and COD. Eh, maybe you throw in a little studying around finals, but otherwise, you're golden.

Man, it was just awful in those days.

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