Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Dawgs to Bring Out the Combats Again?

Here at From Hedges to Hardwood, we make our paychecks on speculation, negative articles that we only pen for clicks (To sell stuff - I guess???), blatant homerism, random pics of naked celebritie... (woah, got side tracked there for a min), and the occasional small tidbit of actual lucid insight into anything hedges or hardwood related.

But is all that last part really any fun? It's nice to look at for a while, but do stats and breakdowns really interest you for more than the span of time you're reading it or telling your buddy? Eh... Do you really think that I'm that much of a square?

Anywho, it seems as though our fans feel it necessary to start rumors at the mention of any big game now. Sometimes they're founded, sometimes they seem like some guy ate too many paint chips while cooking meth in an opium tent in a field of shrooms...

And thus the newest uniform rumors. Are they true?


So according to Aron, there's no chance of another Pro-Combat PWNAGE on Peachtree. Can we put that one to bed folks?

On another note, we've officially entered the "No Chance in Hell" ESPN Zone, which means that pretty much no one is giving us a snow cone's chance on the surface of the Sun to beat LSU due to the massive push for a LSU/UA National Championship rematch. Personally, I like this for a few reasons...
  • All the pressure is on LSU. If they lose, they may still get in the MNC, but that'll surely make 'em sweat a little.
  • We're playing with house money. If you lose, everyone expects it. If you win, you're ranked number two the next season behind the team you beat to end the year, even though you have virtually the same players and they're well, LSU.
  • My head will explode (see the second part of the first bullet). If medical professionals can piece the gray matter back together, I can get some time off from these Tweet O' The Day articles.
  • I get to shamelessly make fun of a bunch of Cajuns INSIDE (key word here) the friendly confines of the Georgia Dome - with plenty of security personnel.
  • A date with Case Keenum in New Orleans. By "date" I mean Jarvis Jones decapitating him from the blind side on the third play of the opening drive. I'll pack a sympathy card.
Anyway, Blair Walsh has some unsurprising stats on just how few people think we'll survive the Jungle Cat boogey.

Snakes make a living of doing this kind of thing.

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  1. Richt addressed the uniform thing yesterday. And it all came about bc richt told them if they make it back they can wear those awful unis again. But hey - keep blogging away BRO.