Monday, December 12, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: BIG Day for Austin Long

Today is a big day for the big guy from Memphis and the more aged and wise of the dynamic duo of Long know affectionately as "The Frat Pack" by me...

So a big Happy Birthday wish to Mr. Long from the H2H crew. I'm sure that you did none of the things that are directly associated with being 21. NONE of them.

I'm positive that there were no parties downtown with random squirrels that all clamor about while you yell, "Hey, I'm 21 BUY ME A DRANKKKK!" After all, it's finals week and there would be NO WAY that you could do anything like that....


Anyway, you only have a 21st birthday once in your life, so enjoy it. And while enjoying, try and keep it low key. Otherwise you'll be a direct target for crazy message board people.

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