Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Star Receiver Possibly Switching Positions

***I don't usually comment on message board rumors, but I thought that I would give my thoughts/opinion on what is quickly becoming the hottest of interweb topics. I do not have knowledge of this rumor nor will I attempt to validate or debunk it.***

First off, I thought that it would be a good idea to give you a few stat lines of notable receivers in their freshman year of college:

2007: Michael Crabtree: 134 for 1962 and 22 TD (150.9 yds/gm) - Still not sure if this wasn't from NCAA 07.
2007: Jeremy Maclin: 80 for 1055 and 9 TD (75.4 yds/gm)
2008: AJ Green: 56 for 963 and 8 TD (74.1 yds/gm)
2008: Michael Floyd: 48 for 719 and 7TD (71.9 yds/gm)
2008: Julio Jones: 58 for 924 and 4 TD (66.0 yds/gm)
2009: Alshon Jeffery: 46 for 763 and 6 TD (58.7 yds/gm)
2010: Robert Woods: 64 for 786 and 6 TD (60.5 yds/gm)

Why am I listing all of this? Well, just take a look at our freshman's stats from this year:

2011: Malcolm Mitchell: 38 for 614 and 4 TD (61.4 yds/gm)

SO, would it have made much sense for Lane Kiffin to move Robert Woods from receiver to corner because he was POTENTIALLY a really great corner at the college level?

While I realize that this is just a rumor, it's possibly the silliest thing that I've ever heard. I'm not trying to kill the messenger (and this may be the truth), but it makes ZERO sense for one major reason...

If someone has the potential to score 6 points on any given play they're on the field, do you put them on defense? It doesn't matter that he COULD be a great corner, he's ALREADY a great receiver - and those guys put points on the board.

This is kinda like moving an All-SEC running back to linebacker because "he projects better there". To Hell with the game-breaking ability and difference that he can make for the offense AND the defense.


The kid has already proven that he's our best wideout, so I guess now he's a lock to get top-flight CB money, which is SO MUCH more than WR money.... Or is it?

From Darren Rovell


  1. business decision for m.m. 6-1 receiver in the nfl is easy to find

  2. Steve Smith, Roddy White, Anquan Boldin, Reggie Wayne, Greg Jennings - those names ring a bell?

    They represent half of the top-10 highest paid receivers in the NFL, and they're all 6'1 or less.

    Also, check the amended post above for further evidence that the "business decision" that's so obvious really isn't.

  3. julio and aj were 1st 2 wr picks,both 6-5. if LSU would have put peterson at wr he would have been great but not top 2 great, plus the wrs martin listed are much stronger than m.m. body type.we also have more depth at receiver and could get cordarelle

  4. HE'S OUR BEST WIDEOUT! Why don't we just put TK and Marlon over there too - heck we COULD get some guys to commit. 6'5 cornerbacks are EXTREMELY RARE!

  5. iLOVE m.m. at receiver; i hope he stays there, but he was recruited for either position and if he thinks it is in his best interest,he should be allowed to switch. champ bailey could play receiver but at d.b. he is top 5 all time .he would NOT be in hall of fame at receiver

  6. In the AJC it says he's considering playing some CB but his primary position will still be WR.