Thursday, December 8, 2011

So...About the Basketball Team

The H2H guys made the trek to Athens last night for the GT game, and let me tell you, I wish we had stayed home. A loss at home is always painful, but losing to the Nerds -- a team that hasn't won in Athens since the 70's -- makes it that much worse (yes, I realize they played at the old Omni for many years). After watching every game in person or on TV this season, I have MANY concerns about Fox and this team:

  1. Our inexperienced low-post players do not appear to be getting any better. You would expect inexperienced players to struggle but you also expect them to improve exponentially as the year moves along. This does not appear to be happening.
  2. Although Gerald Robinson did have a nice game last night, I am pretty disappointed in how our two senior guards have played this season. One problem is that no defensive players are collapsing on our big men so our guards are getting very few open looks. Robinson appears to be the only guard that can create his own shot, and even KCP disappears at times.
  3. Marcus Thornton = Richard Samuel: Very hyped but doesn't seem to have a position. 
  4. The team appears to have no sense of urgency or will to win. In the last two games, we have had the lead in the 2nd half only to give it away and never get it back. Can't have this when you play your in-state rivals.
  5. Fox can't seem to find the right lineup combination. Granted, there might not be ANY "right" combination this season, and you can tell he is getting frustrated with our horrendous scoring droughts in the 2nd half of games.
  6. Our recruiting classes continue to be "meh". Signing KCP is like Bobby Cox winning one World Series; Fox gets a pass temporarily but we need a whole lot more than one elite in-state player to compete against the big boys. 
  7. At no point during Fox's tenure at UGA have our players looked extremely comfortable running the offense, and that includes last year's NCAA Tourney team (this year is the worst in this regard). I'm beginning to think that high schools do not put much emphasis on running half-court sets because our players have the look of uncertainty and visibly have no confidence on offense. 
Again, all of these problems can be cured with better talent. It will be interesting to see if we improve during our 10-day layoff before our December 17 game against USC. Let's hope so because watching this team in person right now is painful. 


  1. Brantley doesn't need to see the floor. The reason he was able to make a few 3's last season was because we had an inside-out game (also see pointt #1). Very disappointed in CMF's recruiting ability. Love him as a coach, but in the South and SEC, you gotta be able to recruit.

  2. Good points. One thing I will say in defense of last year's team is that Trey's injury in the preseason really threw them off. Even when he came back, he was obviously bothered by it for a good portion of the season.

    In my opinion, Fox is shuffling too many guys in and out of the game. It's okay to do that when you actually have 10 or so good basketball players. In our case, we need to keep our best players in the court as much as possible. KCP shot the ball very poorly last night, but our only hope against decent competition is for he and Gerald to have big games
    and have some of the big guys make a few baskets each. Some of the lineups that Fox throw out on the floor are destined for failure...the scoring droughts are predictable when you have 5 guys on the court who all average less than 6-7 points per game.

    Sadly, I don't see our front court players getting appreciably better over the course of this season. As a group, they are completely out of their league against even decent competition. Miller and Holsey for Tech are a erase at best and even they had their way with our interior guys.


  3. Last sentence was supposed to say "decent" at best

  4. I have watch most of the games. Cannon has played well when he was in but Fox does not put him in much. I am not sure why. He is 6' 11" and has moves under the basket. Also he can shoot outside. Can you comment on him and why he is not playing much? Also when will we see Nick Marshall. He is a good shoot. KCP hit some shoots but not for a high percentage. Thanks

  5. I actually saw Nick at the game last night, of course not dressed out. I've heard that he may not play at all, but if he did, I'm sure it wouldn't be until after the bowl game. Anything on Jay Rome hooping it up this season?

  6. Anon 12:43
    Not sure what to say about Cannon...he played well in the Xavier game but hasn't seen much of the floor since.

    Anon 1:15,
    Jay Rome was on the sideline so I would expect to see him get some PT once he gets some more practices under his belt...same for Marshall.

  7. I agree somewhat with the analogy, but the fact that Richard Samuel doesn't have a position isn't his fault. He's done everything the coaching staff asked him to do.

    Thornton is a whiner, his body language is awful, he doesnt appear to know the offense, and mentally takes plays off.