Monday, December 12, 2011

So, Here's What We Got With Keith Marshall

We haven't made any posts about Keith Marshall since his commitment, so I guess some thoughts are in order. First of all, for the second year in a row, we got a commitment from arguably the best high school running back in the country. Unfortunately, I have to quell my excitement a little we saw this season, sometimes the superstar can have issues (I'm mostly referring to injuries btw). There is one thing I will say about Marshall though: I would be surprised if attitude is a problem. He is an exemplary student (4.2 GPA) and says all the right things. And IF Crowell finds a way to keep from (a) getting suspended again, (b) staying injury-free, and (c) working hard in the off season, we will have quite a duo at RB as soon as next season (no, I still haven't forgotten about Richard Samuel either).

As for Marshall, I realize North Carolina high school football isn't Georgia, so the competition might be slightly weaker, but WOW:


  1. I asked this to a friend and we really couldnt come up with a definitive answer...

    Just in terms of the tape you see on marshall vs crowell last year, how do you compare the 2 kids(on field only in HS)?

    I was thinking that marshall looks really patient hitting the hole and has very nice lateral movement but doesnt seem to break alot of tackles and so it seems like he doesnt have alot of breakaway runs on the hs level.. It seems like he's the type of runner that will pick his way thru the defense for 5 or 6 yards consistenly when running up the middle and will end up with 100 plus yards but wont have many wow runs by the end of a given game.. what are your thoughts?

  2. ok nevermind, i had previously only seen the last half of the junior year tape.. can you say reggie bush lol!?

  3. Joe,
    You are not the first person I've heard compare him to Bush (maybe a slightly poor man's version for now). He is a good bit lighter than Crowell, so that is probably why he doesn't break more tackles. I think the consensus is that he needs to gain about 15 pounds, but my fear would be him getting slowed down by the weight. Anyway, can't weight until he gets on campus.

  4. Weight can be gained and actually increase speed. Good weight (muscle) will only help Keith and Isaiah. Exciting times.

    Like Herschel though, there will not be another Bush. He is the next Keith Marshall and I hope he plays like a legend and we can mention him right next to Herschel. Man...that would be nice.

    Go Dawgs!

  5. Wondering if he'll run so upright through the middle when D1 players start hitting him.....