Monday, December 5, 2011

Possible 2012 Hoops Semi-Recruit?

Stacey Poole
This news is a bit old (about a week), but it is certainly worth mentioning as it pertains to UGA's current state of basketball talent. Stacey Poole, a 6-5 wing player who is currently enrolled at Kentucky, has decided he is transferring at semester's end. Poole, who is from Jacksonville, was a highly regarded 2010 recruit, and was heavily recruited by Felton's old staff. Although there was not an official reason given for his decision to transfer, the unofficial reason seems to be clear: there are too many blue chippers at UK in front of him.

It seems as though Calipari will give him a full release, which means he can attend any school that will take him (sometimes schools will put stipulations on a player's transferring options, like not allowing him to attend an intra-conference or arch rivals school). So...let's assume UGA and Poole have mutual interest. Here are his transferring options:

  1. He could transfer here for the spring semester, but would be ineligible to play AND would not get a scholarship in the spring because our current 13 are filled and promised through the end of the year. Also, I THINK he would not be eligible to play until the 2012 fall semester is over. 
  2. He could transfer to a JUCO for the spring, and then transfer in for the summer or fall. He would be eligible for the fall but I think he would lose a year of eligibility (so he would be a junior).
  3. Some cool thing I haven't thought of yet.
I'm sure he will transfer somewhere at semester's end, as I see no reason for him to stay at Kentucky for the spring semester. 

Another key note: we are heavily recruiting his brother, 2013 PG Solomon Poole, so you would have to think Stacey playing at UGA would help our chances.


  1. His dad played at Florida. Considering that fact and the proximity of Jacksonville to UF, you'd think they'd be high on the list as well...if they want him/need him. If course, very few teams have more of a need on the front line than we do.

  2. Let's hope his AAU connects know a friendly JUCO willing to give him a redshirting home for a semester in exchange for future favors. We get him next year and he keeps his years.

  3. Anon 7:15,

    The only question RE: Florida is whether they even want him. Generally Donovan recruits enough elite players to not need to bring in transfers. Hopefully that is the case because otherwise you would expect UF to be high on his list.