Thursday, December 1, 2011

Performance of UGA/LSU vs. Common Opponents

You can certainly get trapped saying things like "this team beat Team X by 14, and then Team Y beat Team Z by we should win by..." -- you get my point. But I did think it would be interesting to see how LSU and Georgia performed against common opponents this season. Below I have outlined each team's performance based on a few important statistics:

vs. Mississippi State
LSU: won 19-6
UGA: won 24-10

LSU: 361 yards of offense
UGA: 315 yards of offense

LSU: 193 yards allowed
UGA: 213 yards allowed

LSU: 5.55 yards per play
UGA: 4.26 yards per play

LSU: 3.27 yards per play allowed
UGA: 3.18 yards per play allowed

vs. Ole Miss
LSU: won 52-3
UGA: won 27-13

LSU: 458 yards of offense
UGA: 475 yards of offense

LSU: 195 yards allowed
UGA: 183 yards allowed

LSU: 7.9 yards per play
UGA: 5.79 yards per play

LSU: 3.2 yards per play allowed
UGA: 3.27 yards per play allowed

vs. Tennessee
LSU: won 38-7
UGA: won 20-12

LSU: 383 yards of O
UGA: 366 yards of O

LSU: 239 yards allowed
UGA: 269 yards allowed

LSU: 5.55 YPP
UGA: 5.81 YPP

LSU: 4.88 YPP Allowed
UGA: 4.27 YPP Allowed

vs. Florida
LSU: won 41-11
UGA: won 24-20

LSU: 453 Yards of O
UGA: 354 Yards of O

LSU: 213 Yards Allowed
UGA: 226 Yards Allowed

LSU: 7.19 YPP
UGA: 4.27 YPP

LSU: 4.44 YPP Allowed
UGA: 4.04 YPP Allowed

vs. Auburn
LSU: won 45-10
UGA: won 45-7

LSU: 393 Yards of O
UGA: 528 Yards of O

LSU: 248 Yards Allowed
UGA: 195 Yards Allowed

LSU: 6.66 YPP
UGA: 7.14 YPP

LSU: 4.28 YPP Allowed
UGA: 4.06 YPP Allowed

vs. Kentucky
LSU: won 35-7
UGA: won 19-10

LSU: 348 Yards of O
UGA: 317 Yards of O

LSU: 155 Yards Allowed
UGA: 165 Yards Allowed

LSU: 5.19 YPP
UGA: 4.23 YPP

LSU: 2.42 YPP Allowed
UGA: 2.89 YPP Allowed

Overall, I would say LSU had a better performance against Florida and Kentucky, and Georgia had a better performance against Auburn (not that LSU performed poorly). All of the other games are pretty close except for one VERY important factor: the score. This is where LSU's defense and special teams will absolutely kill you. I heard a crazy stat today: LSU's secondary has scored 6 touchdowns this season, while only giving up 6 passing touchdowns...all season. That is just stupefying. One stat I did not list is turnovers or special teams. In short, LSU has scored 7 NON-offensive touchdowns, and Georgia has only scored 1. Can we please protect the ball and cover kicks/punts please?


  1. Richt has a higher win % than Miles, so coaching edge to Georgia.

    Georgia has more talent, more top ranked recruiting classes over last 4 years than LSU. More talent.

    Head to head against common opponents, not much difference in team performance.

  2. Ace,
    Not sure I agree with your second point. In '09 and '10, LSU's class was ranked higher. And in '11, according to, we were ranked 5 and LSU 6. I think LSU has a slight edge over last 4 years but both teams have talent.