Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Odds and Ends: A.J. Green and Hoops Thoughts

If you didn't catch it yesterday, A.J. Green was one of two rookies selected to the Pro Bowl - the other being Denver's Von Miller, who is absolutely destroying right and left tackles. A.J. was voted in as a reserve for the AFC with Brandon Marshall, who will be behind starters Wes Welker and Mike Wallace.

AJ is leading all rookies in catches, yards, and TDs with 63/1031/7.

Check HERE for the complete roster.

On a hoops related note, the basketball game last night had to be one of the best I've seen in Athens in quite a while. When you're down by 4 with 15 seconds left and you come out with a W, it's a pretty good night, despite the fact that you played very lackadaisically for mostly the entire game. Fox talked about how terribly the team has practiced since Christmas after the game and that basically indicated to him how we'd play last night - sure enough that was the case.

Anyway, we probably shouldn't have won the game in the first place. Why do I say as much? Well take a look at something I didn't see either as Gerald threw in a layup to tie the game in the waning seconds...



  1. I hope you are joking about the jump stop. He picked up his dribble well above the top of the key and took at least 3 full strides before releasing the ball. Blatant walk, but we'll take it any way we can get it this season.

  2. Kind of, but not really. Watch again then, he's going for a jump stop, which he usually does well. Unfortunately he does a little skip instead. If he made a true jump stop, it wouldn't have been a walk, but the little skip was what made it a violation. Although, it's no worse (and is actually less steps if I recall correctly) than when we got hosed vs Bama a couple years back, so I'm not complaining.