Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fraternity of Misconduct Amongst LSU Quarterbacks?

First it was Jordan Jefferson doing his best Dalton from Roadhouse impersonation, now it appears that senior Jarrett Lee has decided that he is "too cool for school" possibly putting his eligibility in question for this weeks SEC Championship and LSU's bowl game.

So it would seem that the quarterbacks in Baton Rouge may have a bit of an attitude problem. Trouble runs in bunches for this group of signal callers. Just a few short years ago, promising quarterback Ryan Perrilloux was dismissed from LSU after repeated "violation of team rules".

Also former LSU gunslinger and number one draft pick JaMarcus Russell was arrested just last year for possession of codeine without a prescription. Maybe he had a deadly cold, or perhaps he wanted to make some "Purple Drank" I don't know, but to each their own.

Then this off-season Jefferson was involved in a late night bar fight in which he is accused of kicking a patron in the parking lot. Now obviously I don't know what happened, maybe he has just looking to practice his Tae bo on the young man. However, as Dalton would put it, Jefferson could just be "too stupid to have a good time".

And now comes the news, or lack thereof, of a possible suspension for former starter and Darryl Gamble's favorite quarterback Jarrett "Pick 6" Lee. Maybe he's just attended one too many Toga parties this semester. So will he play or not, and does it really matter? I would argue that if he doesn't play and Jefferson is hurt, the LSU offense might well be in better hands with former UGA backup Zach Mettenberger at the helm. Oh and lest we forget his past run in with the authorities.

Maybe its a prerequisite for LSU quarterbacks to either have a record of noncompliance or to procure one after graduating. Anyway in honor of Jefferson's kicking prowess and Lee's new found academic rebellion, here are a few short picture shows.

Patrick Swayze doing his best Jordan Jefferson, or is Jefferson the dumb patron?

Emphasis on the first play, Gamble had one more in this game

Lee's grades apparently just aren't good enough

Maybe LSU should allow Lee to compete in an Academic Decathlon in order to regain his eligibility

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