Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 SEC Schedule: Not As Easy As You Think

With the new 2012 SEC schedule FINALLY being revealed, most Dawg fans probably let out a collective "hmm, this is very doable". Indeed, the entire schedule is -- on paper -- one of the weakest I can remember in all my years as a fan:

Sept.1  Buffalo
Sept. 8 at Missouri
Sept. 15 Florida Atlantic
Sept. 22 Vanderbilt
Sept. 29 Tennessee
Oct. 6 at South Carolina
Oct. 13 Open
Oct. 20 at Kentucky
Oct. 27 Florida (Jacksonville)
Nov. 3 Ole Miss
Nov. 10 at Auburn
Nov. 17 Georgia Southern
Nov. 24 Georgia Tech

Before I temper our initial excitement, let's first point out the good news:

  1. Florida and Tennessee continue to take one step forward and two steps back. Their programs are reeling right now. I still don't feel comfortable completely dismissing the Gators, but if we are going to strike, it needs to be now. 
  2. Still no Alabama, LSU, or Arkansas on the schedule (and as we saw at the end of 2011, playing one of these teams is not ideal.)
  3. Very little chance we will lose a non-conference game, which hasn't happened since 2007. 
  4. Our LIKELY main adversary, South Carolina, has the following three-week stretch next season: Oct. 6: UGA, Oct. 13 @Florida, Oct. 20 @LSU. Ouch. And they play Arky at the end of conference play.
Now for the bad news:
  1. The opening conference game at Missouri terrifies me. I fear we are running into a team that wants to prove they "belong". Their starting QB, leading rusher, and leading receiver all return next season, and I just don't know if I can take another early season loss.
  2. We play our three likely top competitors in the East -- Missouri, S.C., and Florida -- all away from home. I think we need to win at least two of these because...
  3. ...we also play Auburn on the road, and -- although they are in complete turmoil right now -- that one should never be called a "gimme".
  4.  Expectations will be EXTREMELY high entering next season and -- as we saw in 2008 -- our team might not handle the attention very well. 
Yes, I will gladly take our schedule over anyone else in the conference. But I also wanted to point out one thing that rings true every year when evaluating a given team's schedule: No schedule is as hard as you think and no schedule is as easy as you think. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Dawgs Attend WHAT in Tampa?


Apparently it was sold out as well. That town can't sell out a home football game, but they can stack folks like cord wood in a hockey arena on a Tuesday night? What am I missing here?

I guess it could be worse... like a soccer game or something.

Odds and Ends: A.J. Green and Hoops Thoughts

If you didn't catch it yesterday, A.J. Green was one of two rookies selected to the Pro Bowl - the other being Denver's Von Miller, who is absolutely destroying right and left tackles. A.J. was voted in as a reserve for the AFC with Brandon Marshall, who will be behind starters Wes Welker and Mike Wallace.

AJ is leading all rookies in catches, yards, and TDs with 63/1031/7.

Check HERE for the complete roster.

On a hoops related note, the basketball game last night had to be one of the best I've seen in Athens in quite a while. When you're down by 4 with 15 seconds left and you come out with a W, it's a pretty good night, despite the fact that you played very lackadaisically for mostly the entire game. Fox talked about how terribly the team has practiced since Christmas after the game and that basically indicated to him how we'd play last night - sure enough that was the case.

Anyway, we probably shouldn't have won the game in the first place. Why do I say as much? Well take a look at something I didn't see either as Gerald threw in a layup to tie the game in the waning seconds...


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Star Receiver Possibly Switching Positions

***I don't usually comment on message board rumors, but I thought that I would give my thoughts/opinion on what is quickly becoming the hottest of interweb topics. I do not have knowledge of this rumor nor will I attempt to validate or debunk it.***

First off, I thought that it would be a good idea to give you a few stat lines of notable receivers in their freshman year of college:

2007: Michael Crabtree: 134 for 1962 and 22 TD (150.9 yds/gm) - Still not sure if this wasn't from NCAA 07.
2007: Jeremy Maclin: 80 for 1055 and 9 TD (75.4 yds/gm)
2008: AJ Green: 56 for 963 and 8 TD (74.1 yds/gm)
2008: Michael Floyd: 48 for 719 and 7TD (71.9 yds/gm)
2008: Julio Jones: 58 for 924 and 4 TD (66.0 yds/gm)
2009: Alshon Jeffery: 46 for 763 and 6 TD (58.7 yds/gm)
2010: Robert Woods: 64 for 786 and 6 TD (60.5 yds/gm)

Why am I listing all of this? Well, just take a look at our freshman's stats from this year:

2011: Malcolm Mitchell: 38 for 614 and 4 TD (61.4 yds/gm)

SO, would it have made much sense for Lane Kiffin to move Robert Woods from receiver to corner because he was POTENTIALLY a really great corner at the college level?

While I realize that this is just a rumor, it's possibly the silliest thing that I've ever heard. I'm not trying to kill the messenger (and this may be the truth), but it makes ZERO sense for one major reason...

If someone has the potential to score 6 points on any given play they're on the field, do you put them on defense? It doesn't matter that he COULD be a great corner, he's ALREADY a great receiver - and those guys put points on the board.

This is kinda like moving an All-SEC running back to linebacker because "he projects better there". To Hell with the game-breaking ability and difference that he can make for the offense AND the defense.


The kid has already proven that he's our best wideout, so I guess now he's a lock to get top-flight CB money, which is SO MUCH more than WR money.... Or is it?

From Darren Rovell

Tweet O' The Day: CRAZY Sighting in Tampa (WON'T BELIEVE IT)

If you've ever been to Tampa you know that you'll, without a doubt, see a few things including:
  • Strip Clubs
  • Cigar shops (it's not the Cigar capitol of the world for nothing)
  • The Sunshine Skyway Bridge (one of the best bridges in the world)
  • Fruit smashing comedians

Does anyone really think that guy is funny?


Not unique to this city in Florida, but Christian Robinson nonetheless witnessed a common occurrence in the state itself (and of fans who enjoy wearing orange and blue on Saturdays) yesterday.

It's always a good time to make fun of the Gators, even if we are celebrating the joy of the birth of the baby Jesus.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wes' Weekly Crush

Here at H2H we pride ourselves on our impeccable taste in women, okay well maybe just our infatuation with them. From time to time a particular member of the opposite sex catches your attention and no matter what you do, you can't get her out of your head, a crush so to speak. That's why I am debuting a new segment today entitled Wes' Weekly Crush. So just bare with me and understand that this is not Dawg related in any way and will contain little to no journalistic integrity.

So just who is our first Weekly Crush? She is a voluptuous dark haired 28 year old actress from Roehamption, England, (no stereotypical crooked teeth here) currently living in LA. After a promising young career across the pond on both the stage and screen she made the jump to Hollywood and is on the fast track to becoming one of cinema's brightest young leading ladies.

Her stunning looks and British accent give her a kind of regal air, but her sense of humor, uncanny wit, and beautiful smile make her relatable. All of this combined with the undeniable talent she displays on the silver screen (and the fact that I just watched both The Adjustment Bureau and The Wolfman) has made Emily Blunt my first Wes' Weekly Crush.

Okay you get the point, you can Google image the rest of her pics for yourself. There is only one catch here though, I missed her by about six months, as Emily had to go and get married to The Office star John Krasinski (I thought he and Pam were together) at George Clooney's Lake Como villa. I mean come on!

Look even if you don't like Matt Damon or "romantic thrillers" (at least that sounds better than "romantic comedy") do yourself a favor and watch The Adjustment Bureau, seeing Blunt at her best is worth the $1.00 at your local Redbox. Blunt currently has three films in the works. Look for great things and possibly a major award or two to come this one's way in the future.

Tweet O' The Day: Why Can Murray Hold His Head High?

It has a lot to do with this score:

Just in case you don't get the reference, I'll let young Murray spell it out for you via the twitters...

I can also agree with Aaron. I don't have to sit in traffic all day and look at Gator paraphrenalia and remember how we got PWNED the last October and pretty much looked uncompetitive for about 3.5 quarters.

How's those 6 losses feeling you ugly Blue and Orange swamp reptiles?*

*As Marty thumbs his nose and chants, "Na-na-na-na-boo-boo."

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tweet O' the Day: Shawn Willaims Getting Paid?

I wasn't aware that Shawn was the burgeoning financier that he apparently is, but word is he's turning stacks and stacks of cash into real estate holdings...

 Here's a few tips Shawn:
  • Never, under any circumstances, buy a utility and always, under every circumstance, gobble up those railroads.
  • Only buy properties to complete a monopoly, or keep your homies from getting one themselves.
  • Orange properties are your friend.
  • Make sure and don't play with real money. Ohio State can tell you what you get when stuff like that happens.
I hope that these tips come in handy next time you find yourself dominating a game of Monopoly - or better yet "Dawgopoly" which I'm about 100% certain is a real game.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Murray Re-Injures Leg After Practice

Looks like this could be quite a serious blow to Murray's ability to move in the pocket for the bowl game... That bandage looks imposing.

The most painful part of this injury will likely be the removal of the Johnson and Johnson stick em' on the back of that band-aid. Just to be safe, there's probably a few things that he should do to make sure the wound doesn't become septic:
  • Tell all the nursing majors that you can find, you need help STAT.
  • Bactine is your friend.
  • Milk it for all it's worth. "I think it's infected. I can hardly walk. Can you please help me with these books?"
  • NO peroxide. That stuff hurts, you think from 2nd grade.
  • No, "I got this at Longhorn" talk. You were snapped at by a rabid gator whilst trying to rescue a special needs puppy.
Trust me. At least two of those will work.

    Hoop Dawgs vs. Mercer Tonight

    If you have a chance, drop by the Stegasaurus tonight as the hoops team returns to action in Athens versus the Mercer Bears. The Dawgs are coming off of a decent road win in LA over the weekend, so it should be a nice contest.

    Festivities start at 7:00 pm and will be televised by CSS and ESPN3.

    Monday, December 19, 2011

    Tweet O' the Day: Branden Smith Reaches Milestone

    Actually, I would argue that one's 22nd birthday might be an anti-milestone, as you realize that really the only things left are - 1. Being able to rent a car and 2. Getting a hotel. It's not nearly as kewl as 21 because, well you know...

    Either way, Happy Birthday to a DGD Branden Smith. 

    Friday, December 16, 2011

    Tweet O' The Day: Lynch Breaks Leg

    It's extremely unfortunate news about our backup TE...

    I reckon they'll just have to ask for some new dining room chairs for Christmas.

    On a related note, what the hell are they feeding our TE's - babies and HGH?

    Thursday, December 15, 2011

    NEW FB COMMITMENT: What Does It Mean?

    Mark Beard
    In case you haven't heard, Georgia got it's 16th commitment in the 2012 class, in the form of 6-5 290 junior college (Kansas) offensive tackle Mark Beard. Although he does have a great last name and it's always great to get commitments (and O-Line depth), Beard was not exactly a highly coveted recruit. Here is what concerns me:
    • Why are we settling for JUCO players when we only had 15 commitments prior to this one?
    • Is it a good thing that we want to sign six o-linemen in 2012, and Beard -- a JUCO player -- is only our 4th?
    • The only other major schools to give him scholarship offers were Arkansas and Mississippi State.
    • It's not a great sign when he only has ONE highlight video, and even it is from high school
    Okay, those are somewhat pessimistic remarks, but you get my point. Hopefully we found a diamond in the rough.

    The connection to Beard is from current UGA O-Line coach, Will Friend. Friend recruited Beard out of high school when he was an assistant at UAB, and undoubtedly kept up with Beard during his time playing JUCO ball. As for what impact Beard will have next season? He is an early enrollee and Richt has said in the past (particularly when he recruited John Jenkins) that he typically only recruits JUCO players that can play immediately. Beard will have three years of eligibility left so we may get to see a lot of him before his time is up. Remember, our only real problem area for next season will be offensive line (and possibly running back)...I hope he's a good one.

    ***UPDATE 12:50 PM***

    A very awesome H2H reader has found and emailed us some JUCO video of Beard in action: MARK BEARD JUCO HIGHLIGHTS

    Tweet O' The Day: Chris Burnette Meets An Interesting Character

    It's probably safe to say that Chris thought this guy a little prickly - maybe it had to do with being wrapped in Christmas lights or having a big-a$$ red bow around your neck. Who knows for sure?

    What was the person who designed this decoration thinking? Maybe they weren't. Imagine if you were that guy trying to convince your boss... "Hey, we really need this Man-Deer-Tree. Otherwise we're going to completely lose the market for weird, unpurposed, completely non-sensical, Christmas decorations! That Santa Claus bi-plane blow-up yard ornament is poised to take our spot, should we leave this niche. C'mon man! Every park bench needs one of these."

    Either way, I guess this is my long-winded way of telling all you folks out there MERRY CHRISTMAS, because it's Christmas time and I refuse to do all that "Happy Holidays" business. It's well-intentioned. If you're Jewish or Nigerian and reading this, I hope you can understand that it's my observed holiday and I'm trying to spread some cheer to everyone. I'm not trying to poo-poo on your holiday or be insensitive.

    Quick Trey Thompkins Check-In: VIDEO

    The hubub surrounding the blockbuster Chris Paul deal has overshadowed the big surprise of Clippers camp this season - Trey Thompkins. It appears that the staff and everyone else at practice have been very surprised at what they've seen from the second round selection. Great shape, good shooting, and the ability to catch and distribute the basketball.

    It looks like he may get a shot, albeit a small one with the guys looming in front of him. Click the picture below to link to the video with an interview from Howard himself. Honestly, I'm a little surprised by this. He's a good player, but 2nd rounders usually don't get much of an opportunity early. Hope to see him get a crack at it.


    SEC Football Scheduling Update (GOOD STUFF)

    For more than a few reasons, we've been interested in how the SEC schedules will play out next year. There have been some early indications that the two new schools to the conference (TAMU and Mizzou) have already "leaked" some hints as to who they'll be facing on the 2012 docket. That seemed to be somewhat credible at first, but it appears now that those "leaks" may just have been complete fabrication.

    Here's a statement regarding the previous information on Texas A&M and Missouri's respective schedules for 2012 (per Jeff Long - Arkansas AD):

    "...beware of previously reported schedules based on other schools unofficial schedules. 2012 SEC schedule has not been released yet."

    And as for when they might be released, here's something that's a little surprising:

    "Before Christmas..."

    As soon as the member school confirms it's own schedule, there's no gag order from the conference, so dominos will start to fall when one school releases an official schedule. The SEC will most likely release an aggregate of all of these in the spring, but I'm sure we'll know all the matchups way before that is thrown out. I'd reckon if Long isn't shooting us a bunch of bull (which he has no reason to), we'll know pretty succinctly who/where we'll be playing by the New Year, if not a few days before that.

    Wednesday, December 14, 2011

    Two Guys May Go Pro That, Perhaps, Shouldn't?

    (Just in case you missed yesterday's post)
    The football season is over but the H2H guys march on. As usual, we have a little "Trimming the Hedges, some "College Football Nation", and of course, "Wes Goes Hollywood". (P.S., Kwame Geathers IS a redshirt sophomore).


    Tweet O' The Day: Star Linebacker Moving to QB?

    I know this sounds outlandish, but just take a look at Robinson's form (don't mind the 1982 kicker-looking head protection)...

    Were I Ron Jaworski, I'd have a few things to say about Christian's mechanics:
    • Certainly looks like he's been tutored well for QB in THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE.
    • Holds the ball high - great for THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE.
    • Great awareness it looks like. Should be perfect for THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE.
    • As a quarterback in THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE, he looks like he could have great footwork.
    • Having a lot of experience at the position, THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE has a penchant for big QB's that ooze playmaking ability. This guy obviously has IT. Who needs highlights for predicting what a signal caller will look like in THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE. CLEARLY!
    I mean, this is exactly what I thought. When you look like that with a hypothetical ball in your hand, why play defense? Ummmm....

    Tuesday, December 13, 2011

    Hedge Talk Episode 22: What Juniors Might Leave Early?

    The football season is over but the H2H guys march on. As usual, we have a little "Trimming the Hedges, some "College Football Nation", and of course, "Wes Goes Hollywood". (P.S., Kwame Geathers IS a redshirt sophomore).


    Tweet O' The Day: Orson Talking Pros?

    I have no news per se on Orson Charles looming decision this offseason, but maybe a curious little nugget. When you're a TE and you have a top-2 round grade, you usually won't be sticking around. It seems like a really good TE isn't a coveted thing these days and with most teams having a pretty good one, stats play that generalization out.

    At any rate, Orson is neck and neck with Dwayne Allen for the top draftable TE this season. While I don't have any definite information on his leaving, this tweet sure doesn't give me a rosy feeling that he'll stick around for his senior campaign:

    While Orson isn't technically "talking to the pros," he's talking to a "pro". That can only mean a couple of things and most of those probably don't sign toward staying at Georgia. Then again, he could just be looking for some advice from a guy who stuck around for his senior season and was the most valuable player on his team.

    Who knows? Honestly, if you had to ask me who I thought would come back given their respective draft grade, I'd think that Orson would be the most likely of Jones and Charles. For some reason I'm holding out hope that Richt and his best chum Aaron Murray will get him to stick around for another season.

    Monday, December 12, 2011

    So, Here's What We Got With Keith Marshall

    We haven't made any posts about Keith Marshall since his commitment, so I guess some thoughts are in order. First of all, for the second year in a row, we got a commitment from arguably the best high school running back in the country. Unfortunately, I have to quell my excitement a little we saw this season, sometimes the superstar can have issues (I'm mostly referring to injuries btw). There is one thing I will say about Marshall though: I would be surprised if attitude is a problem. He is an exemplary student (4.2 GPA) and says all the right things. And IF Crowell finds a way to keep from (a) getting suspended again, (b) staying injury-free, and (c) working hard in the off season, we will have quite a duo at RB as soon as next season (no, I still haven't forgotten about Richard Samuel either).

    As for Marshall, I realize North Carolina high school football isn't Georgia, so the competition might be slightly weaker, but WOW:

    Tweet O' The Day: BIG Day for Austin Long

    Today is a big day for the big guy from Memphis and the more aged and wise of the dynamic duo of Long know affectionately as "The Frat Pack" by me...

    So a big Happy Birthday wish to Mr. Long from the H2H crew. I'm sure that you did none of the things that are directly associated with being 21. NONE of them.

    I'm positive that there were no parties downtown with random squirrels that all clamor about while you yell, "Hey, I'm 21 BUY ME A DRANKKKK!" After all, it's finals week and there would be NO WAY that you could do anything like that....


    Anyway, you only have a 21st birthday once in your life, so enjoy it. And while enjoying, try and keep it low key. Otherwise you'll be a direct target for crazy message board people.

    Friday, December 9, 2011

    Tweet O' the Day: The Life of A College Student

    Just in case you miss the care-free days of college and want to get a little nostalgic, here's a great example of why being there is better than what you're slogging through currently...

    So what does that look like to you? I'll have to say, I spent my fair share of time at ECV, as Dawgola and two other of my homies lived there, but I can't remember that being in the elevator. Maybe because they lived on the bottom floor....

    Anywho, why wouldn't you just go ahead and stick a couch in there with one of those gentlemen who accosts you at the mall for a massage every time you walk past? It would really get you relaxed for those long hours of Super Nintendo and COD. Eh, maybe you throw in a little studying around finals, but otherwise, you're golden.

    Man, it was just awful in those days.

    Thursday, December 8, 2011

    So...About the Basketball Team

    The H2H guys made the trek to Athens last night for the GT game, and let me tell you, I wish we had stayed home. A loss at home is always painful, but losing to the Nerds -- a team that hasn't won in Athens since the 70's -- makes it that much worse (yes, I realize they played at the old Omni for many years). After watching every game in person or on TV this season, I have MANY concerns about Fox and this team:

    1. Our inexperienced low-post players do not appear to be getting any better. You would expect inexperienced players to struggle but you also expect them to improve exponentially as the year moves along. This does not appear to be happening.
    2. Although Gerald Robinson did have a nice game last night, I am pretty disappointed in how our two senior guards have played this season. One problem is that no defensive players are collapsing on our big men so our guards are getting very few open looks. Robinson appears to be the only guard that can create his own shot, and even KCP disappears at times.
    3. Marcus Thornton = Richard Samuel: Very hyped but doesn't seem to have a position. 
    4. The team appears to have no sense of urgency or will to win. In the last two games, we have had the lead in the 2nd half only to give it away and never get it back. Can't have this when you play your in-state rivals.
    5. Fox can't seem to find the right lineup combination. Granted, there might not be ANY "right" combination this season, and you can tell he is getting frustrated with our horrendous scoring droughts in the 2nd half of games.
    6. Our recruiting classes continue to be "meh". Signing KCP is like Bobby Cox winning one World Series; Fox gets a pass temporarily but we need a whole lot more than one elite in-state player to compete against the big boys. 
    7. At no point during Fox's tenure at UGA have our players looked extremely comfortable running the offense, and that includes last year's NCAA Tourney team (this year is the worst in this regard). I'm beginning to think that high schools do not put much emphasis on running half-court sets because our players have the look of uncertainty and visibly have no confidence on offense. 
    Again, all of these problems can be cured with better talent. It will be interesting to see if we improve during our 10-day layoff before our December 17 game against USC. Let's hope so because watching this team in person right now is painful. 

    Wednesday, December 7, 2011

    Vegas Odds: Looks Like the Heisman is Already Decided

    With the football season pretty much over (except for our bowl game a month from now), one of the few college football traditions left this season is to award the Heisman. Although it seems I generally grow less interested in the award every year, it will be talked about frequently on the 24/7 news cycle and is still a prestigious award. So...who is the front-runner? After all, the ceremony is this Saturday. Well, the five finalists have been announced:

    • Robert Griffin QB -- Baylor
    • Trent Richardson RB -- Alabama
    • Andrew Luck QB -- Stanford
    • Montee Ball RB -- Wisconsin
    • Tyrann Mathieu CB -- LSU
    If you look at recent history, typically the Heisman winner is a player of a team playing in the BCS title game. The only exceptions in the past 10 years are Tebow (2007) and Carson Palmer (2002). Every other winner has gone on the compete in the title game. Thus, you would expect either Trent Richardson or Tyrann Mathieu to win, right? Well, according to the oddsmakers, we have another front-runner, and it doesn't appear to be close. Look at the current Heisman odds:

    1/6 odds? That means you have to bet $6 to win $1 (get paid $7). In other words, this means two things:
    1. RG3 is a big favorite right now
    2. Martin Van Dawgin will be the happiest guy in the Western Hemisphere if he wins

    Dear Isaiah Crowell...

    This is a completely hypothetical piece. Please read with an open mind, as I've tried to write it with one.

    The Bulldog Nation is a very, very fickle bunch. You play well one game - we love you. You miss a block and get the QB injured for four weeks, in which span we play Alabama and Florida, then fumble it away when trying to rush to the middle of the field for a game-winning field goal - you hear the boo birds and everyone starts to doubt you.

    Then, on top of some on-the-field misfortune, there are some incidents that get blown out of proportion because the public gets one side of the info and suddenly you feel like the bad guy. As such, you start doing the things that engender that message...

    Then there's message board rumblings that you're already considering your options...

    And before you know it - POOF! - you're searching for a place to start over. You're looking for a place that's a little more lax, a little less emphasis is placed on what it means to be a student-athlete, a little more is placed on making it to "the league".

    Then before you know it, the student-athlete part disappears, then "the league" part. Now you're looking for something that's passed you by - the door is closed.

    All of that hogwash is to say, you've probably read some message boards, you heard what I heard Saturday night, the radio is abuzz too. It's what happens when fans "hear rumors" and see what they believe corroborates those rumors on the field. We only get to see someone 60 minutes at a time and, frankly, that's all we can go on, plus the rumors that have been mentioned ad nauseum.

    So what's the answer?

    Like I said, we only see you (and every other player) in increments of 60. If that 60 is full of jump-cuttin', mad dashin', stiff armin', pass catchin', badassery no one will question the rest of that... well, unless of course you act like a goon.

    Case in point, do I know anything about Orson Charles? Is he really a good dude, or do I just surmise that because I don't see his name in the police blotter and he's on the field every week catching passes and running over folks? See...

    As fans, the small window that we see through is between the sidelines and endzone of a football field. You show some heart out there and we'll say that you've got it; you don't and it's not going to be pretty. Even though we don't know the guy on the field, that's all we have to go on. Besides, who really believes "my buddy who knows a former GA that's cousin is on the team"?

    All you gotta do is make the crowd love you in that sixty minutes and keep low-key. The talking heads will cease their drivel, the fans will stop their "mooing", and the boards will start another rumor about someone else.  They're not ready to write you off, despite saying such, they just see the talent and can't figure what's missing. Don't pay any attention to that.

    Take care of your bidness in the classroom and start running over people.

    We'll stop. I promise.

    Tuesday, December 6, 2011

    Tweet O' The Day: Orson Makes THE CUT

    In case you haven't heard Orson Charles made 1st team All-American. Here's a tweet from his buddy, who has some experience with awards...

    The twitters are pretty quiet with finals being this week and next, so I'm really scraping to find something here... as you can tell. Not that this isn't important, it just isn't in my normal tone.

    Congrats, Orson. I hope to see you making it again next season, though I won't be holding my breath that you'll be around for that.

    *A big congrats to those All-SEC'ers out there today as well. The Dawgs were well-represented, though I was a little disappointed that Murray and some of the d-linemen were "snubbed" as you might say.

    Hedge Talk Episode 21: Already Looking Ahead to Next Year!

    The H2H guys quickly get over the LSU game and discuss next year's team in "Trimming the Hedges". Also, Van Dawgin brings some "CFB Nation", and Wes caps the pod off with some "Wes Goes Hollywood".


    Keith Marshall Commits! LIVE STREAM

    Here is a live stream of Keith Marshall's announcement via If you are unable to watch, you can check our twitter page (on the right there is a link) to get updates. He is supposed to announce at 2:45 EST.

    Monday, December 5, 2011

    Tweet O' The Day: Houston Roughs Up the Establishment

    I noticed a few very good points made by Kolton Houston last night regarding the colossal eff ups the BCS made last night when selecting teams. Most notably those involved an ACC team and the Big East conference winner (I assume).

    Kolton makes a lot of very valid points here. I wasn't a BCS basher, but for Virginia Tech and West Virginia to be playing in the Sugar Bowl (yeah, I know the AQ rule), that's just horrible television. There aren't really any good alternatives, but that game will not move the ratings needle one iota.

    I could really care less about the bowl season now. It's just a money grab now - there's no real reward to it anymore.

    I'll be watching the Dawgs, but outside of that, meh.

    Possible 2012 Hoops Semi-Recruit?

    Stacey Poole
    This news is a bit old (about a week), but it is certainly worth mentioning as it pertains to UGA's current state of basketball talent. Stacey Poole, a 6-5 wing player who is currently enrolled at Kentucky, has decided he is transferring at semester's end. Poole, who is from Jacksonville, was a highly regarded 2010 recruit, and was heavily recruited by Felton's old staff. Although there was not an official reason given for his decision to transfer, the unofficial reason seems to be clear: there are too many blue chippers at UK in front of him.

    It seems as though Calipari will give him a full release, which means he can attend any school that will take him (sometimes schools will put stipulations on a player's transferring options, like not allowing him to attend an intra-conference or arch rivals school). So...let's assume UGA and Poole have mutual interest. Here are his transferring options:

    1. He could transfer here for the spring semester, but would be ineligible to play AND would not get a scholarship in the spring because our current 13 are filled and promised through the end of the year. Also, I THINK he would not be eligible to play until the 2012 fall semester is over. 
    2. He could transfer to a JUCO for the spring, and then transfer in for the summer or fall. He would be eligible for the fall but I think he would lose a year of eligibility (so he would be a junior).
    3. Some cool thing I haven't thought of yet.
    I'm sure he will transfer somewhere at semester's end, as I see no reason for him to stay at Kentucky for the spring semester. 

    Another key note: we are heavily recruiting his brother, 2013 PG Solomon Poole, so you would have to think Stacey playing at UGA would help our chances.


    It's a nice consolation prize for playing a good 24 minutes of football on Saturday. Yeah, I know there are a lot of folks out there screaming that we got passed over, but when your special teams get beat like a rented mule and and the scoreboard looks like that well, you cut your losses.

    Besides, when it's a bowl besides the BCS, does it really matter?

    Anyway, this post isn't meant to denigrate the season's accomplishments. It was a hell of a year - frankly one that I didn't think would materialize after the 0-2 start. And we're SEC East Champs, so that ain't half bad. 

    I'll give kudos to Richt here, as we didn't fold up like tent after the two devastating losses to start out. We stuck together and got to ten wins, which is no easy thing, despite the "easy schedule" that we rode out. Grantham and staff have absolutely coached their ass off, so they deserve a lot of credit here too.

    Hi, ho Tampa.

    Friday, December 2, 2011

    WOW. GOTTA SEE THIS... I was dumbfounded.

    Can we please have a white person dance to go with this?

    And BTW, if you read this blog and were part of this production, please email us at YOU HAVE A TALES FROM THE TAILGATE INTERVIEW SCHEDULED FOR TOMORROW.

    And here's the rebuttal...

    H2H Playlist: SEC SUPER BASS!

    It's that time of week again. I'll be bringing you the beats that should be blasting in your headset tomorrow. Or on your really huge tailgate speakers, if you're doing you thang at the Dome.

    Oh, the title of this post has nothing to do with Ms. Minaj, so don't fret.

    Without further delay...

    An oldie, but a goodie... and a reader suggestion. TIME FOR THEM DOWN SOUTH GEORGIA BOYS!

    Look at those pretty lights.

    Waka will be cheering for "dem boys". Seriously, check out the hat.

    Time for a literal dropkick provided by the Georgia defense.

    Had to get nostalgic, sorry. The title is appropo... and the song is well, a classic (and also the "Collins Mullet").


    If you can't get up for the theme from The Last of the Mohicans, you must have Xanex flowing through your veins.

    Really sounds like a piano... Who cares? It's the heat.

    Georgia vs. Cincinnati Hoops Tonight

    Yes, the calm before the storm elicits a somewhat intriguing hoops matchup for the Dawgs. Despite our shaky 4-3 start, we have a chance to knock off our second Big East team of the year (Notre Dame being the other) as part of the SEC/Big East Challenge. Game is in Athens at 7:00.

    Thursday, December 1, 2011

    Fraternity of Misconduct Amongst LSU Quarterbacks?

    First it was Jordan Jefferson doing his best Dalton from Roadhouse impersonation, now it appears that senior Jarrett Lee has decided that he is "too cool for school" possibly putting his eligibility in question for this weeks SEC Championship and LSU's bowl game.

    So it would seem that the quarterbacks in Baton Rouge may have a bit of an attitude problem. Trouble runs in bunches for this group of signal callers. Just a few short years ago, promising quarterback Ryan Perrilloux was dismissed from LSU after repeated "violation of team rules".

    Also former LSU gunslinger and number one draft pick JaMarcus Russell was arrested just last year for possession of codeine without a prescription. Maybe he had a deadly cold, or perhaps he wanted to make some "Purple Drank" I don't know, but to each their own.

    Then this off-season Jefferson was involved in a late night bar fight in which he is accused of kicking a patron in the parking lot. Now obviously I don't know what happened, maybe he has just looking to practice his Tae bo on the young man. However, as Dalton would put it, Jefferson could just be "too stupid to have a good time".

    And now comes the news, or lack thereof, of a possible suspension for former starter and Darryl Gamble's favorite quarterback Jarrett "Pick 6" Lee. Maybe he's just attended one too many Toga parties this semester. So will he play or not, and does it really matter? I would argue that if he doesn't play and Jefferson is hurt, the LSU offense might well be in better hands with former UGA backup Zach Mettenberger at the helm. Oh and lest we forget his past run in with the authorities.

    Maybe its a prerequisite for LSU quarterbacks to either have a record of noncompliance or to procure one after graduating. Anyway in honor of Jefferson's kicking prowess and Lee's new found academic rebellion, here are a few short picture shows.

    Patrick Swayze doing his best Jordan Jefferson, or is Jefferson the dumb patron?

    Emphasis on the first play, Gamble had one more in this game

    Lee's grades apparently just aren't good enough

    Maybe LSU should allow Lee to compete in an Academic Decathlon in order to regain his eligibility

    Performance of UGA/LSU vs. Common Opponents

    You can certainly get trapped saying things like "this team beat Team X by 14, and then Team Y beat Team Z by we should win by..." -- you get my point. But I did think it would be interesting to see how LSU and Georgia performed against common opponents this season. Below I have outlined each team's performance based on a few important statistics:

    vs. Mississippi State
    LSU: won 19-6
    UGA: won 24-10

    LSU: 361 yards of offense
    UGA: 315 yards of offense

    LSU: 193 yards allowed
    UGA: 213 yards allowed

    LSU: 5.55 yards per play
    UGA: 4.26 yards per play

    LSU: 3.27 yards per play allowed
    UGA: 3.18 yards per play allowed

    vs. Ole Miss
    LSU: won 52-3
    UGA: won 27-13

    LSU: 458 yards of offense
    UGA: 475 yards of offense

    LSU: 195 yards allowed
    UGA: 183 yards allowed

    LSU: 7.9 yards per play
    UGA: 5.79 yards per play

    LSU: 3.2 yards per play allowed
    UGA: 3.27 yards per play allowed

    vs. Tennessee
    LSU: won 38-7
    UGA: won 20-12

    LSU: 383 yards of O
    UGA: 366 yards of O

    LSU: 239 yards allowed
    UGA: 269 yards allowed

    LSU: 5.55 YPP
    UGA: 5.81 YPP

    LSU: 4.88 YPP Allowed
    UGA: 4.27 YPP Allowed

    vs. Florida
    LSU: won 41-11
    UGA: won 24-20

    LSU: 453 Yards of O
    UGA: 354 Yards of O

    LSU: 213 Yards Allowed
    UGA: 226 Yards Allowed

    LSU: 7.19 YPP
    UGA: 4.27 YPP

    LSU: 4.44 YPP Allowed
    UGA: 4.04 YPP Allowed

    vs. Auburn
    LSU: won 45-10
    UGA: won 45-7

    LSU: 393 Yards of O
    UGA: 528 Yards of O

    LSU: 248 Yards Allowed
    UGA: 195 Yards Allowed

    LSU: 6.66 YPP
    UGA: 7.14 YPP

    LSU: 4.28 YPP Allowed
    UGA: 4.06 YPP Allowed

    vs. Kentucky
    LSU: won 35-7
    UGA: won 19-10

    LSU: 348 Yards of O
    UGA: 317 Yards of O

    LSU: 155 Yards Allowed
    UGA: 165 Yards Allowed

    LSU: 5.19 YPP
    UGA: 4.23 YPP

    LSU: 2.42 YPP Allowed
    UGA: 2.89 YPP Allowed

    Overall, I would say LSU had a better performance against Florida and Kentucky, and Georgia had a better performance against Auburn (not that LSU performed poorly). All of the other games are pretty close except for one VERY important factor: the score. This is where LSU's defense and special teams will absolutely kill you. I heard a crazy stat today: LSU's secondary has scored 6 touchdowns this season, while only giving up 6 passing touchdowns...all season. That is just stupefying. One stat I did not list is turnovers or special teams. In short, LSU has scored 7 NON-offensive touchdowns, and Georgia has only scored 1. Can we please protect the ball and cover kicks/punts please?

    Tweet O' The Day: Dawgs to Bring Out the Combats Again?

    Here at From Hedges to Hardwood, we make our paychecks on speculation, negative articles that we only pen for clicks (To sell stuff - I guess???), blatant homerism, random pics of naked celebritie... (woah, got side tracked there for a min), and the occasional small tidbit of actual lucid insight into anything hedges or hardwood related.

    But is all that last part really any fun? It's nice to look at for a while, but do stats and breakdowns really interest you for more than the span of time you're reading it or telling your buddy? Eh... Do you really think that I'm that much of a square?

    Anywho, it seems as though our fans feel it necessary to start rumors at the mention of any big game now. Sometimes they're founded, sometimes they seem like some guy ate too many paint chips while cooking meth in an opium tent in a field of shrooms...

    And thus the newest uniform rumors. Are they true?


    So according to Aron, there's no chance of another Pro-Combat PWNAGE on Peachtree. Can we put that one to bed folks?

    On another note, we've officially entered the "No Chance in Hell" ESPN Zone, which means that pretty much no one is giving us a snow cone's chance on the surface of the Sun to beat LSU due to the massive push for a LSU/UA National Championship rematch. Personally, I like this for a few reasons...
    • All the pressure is on LSU. If they lose, they may still get in the MNC, but that'll surely make 'em sweat a little.
    • We're playing with house money. If you lose, everyone expects it. If you win, you're ranked number two the next season behind the team you beat to end the year, even though you have virtually the same players and they're well, LSU.
    • My head will explode (see the second part of the first bullet). If medical professionals can piece the gray matter back together, I can get some time off from these Tweet O' The Day articles.
    • I get to shamelessly make fun of a bunch of Cajuns INSIDE (key word here) the friendly confines of the Georgia Dome - with plenty of security personnel.
    • A date with Case Keenum in New Orleans. By "date" I mean Jarvis Jones decapitating him from the blind side on the third play of the opening drive. I'll pack a sympathy card.
    Anyway, Blair Walsh has some unsurprising stats on just how few people think we'll survive the Jungle Cat boogey.

    Snakes make a living of doing this kind of thing.

    Can I Get Some of This on Saturday?

    Check out this wallop on now WR, Russell Shepard by Reshad Jones. This proves that he can, in fact, use his arms when tackling.